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TXP Braille Menu

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Someone asked online, what do I when I go to restaurants? Does someone have to read you the entire menu? So let's call some places and see if they have a Braille menu. That'd be so much easier. So we have a list of a bunch of places right here in the neighborhood, you know, here in the area, We'll just make some phone calls. [beeping] [ringing] (restaurant) This is Rich, how can I help ya? (Tommy) Do you guys have a Braille menu for people who are blind or visually impaired, so they can know what they want to eat? (Rich) We do not have any Braille menus. [buzz] Awesome. Thank you very much. [ringing] (restaurant) I apologize, we do not. [buzz] [ringing] (restaurant) No, we don't have it sir, sorry about that. [buzz] [buzz] [ringing] (restaurant) Um, unfortunately we actually do not have a Braille menu. I'm sorry. [buzz] [ringing] (Tommy) Do you guys have a Braille menu? [restaurant din] Do you guys have a Braille menu? [buzz] [ringing] (restaurant) A brown menu? (Tommy) No, uh-uh. A Braille menu. For people you know, who are visually impaired or blind,. so that they can see what they want to eat? (voice) Um - let me ask for you, okay? I'm sorry. That's okay. [tick-tock] (restaurant) We actually do not have a blind menu, I'm sorry about that. [buzz] Didn't she sound sad about that? [ringing] (restaurant) We do actually have a Braille menu, yes. You do! [dinging, crowd cheer] That's incredible. Thank you very much. (restaurant) No problem [ringing] (restaurant) Yes! [dinging] You do! That's fantastic, thank you very much. (restaurant) You're welcome. [ringing] (restaurant) We don't, I'm sorry. [buzz] Cool, thank you very much. (restaurant) We will, like, have a server read to you, or something. Oh, you would? Okay. (restaurant) Okay. (Tommy) Perfect. Thank you. [ringing] Do you guys have a Braille menu? (restaurant) We do have a Braille menu. [dinging, cheers] (restaurant)...but it's very outdated... some of the stuff on it have, but a lot of it we... ...don't have anymore. They haven't given us an updated one. The prices are probably all different too, huh? (restaurant) Um, I - I don't know. (Tommy) Well, you know, maybe I'll come and find out. (restaurant) Okay. (Tommy) Thank you. So, 3 out of 10 places we tried, have a Braille menu. That's 30 percent. [laughs] So here we are, we're at Outback Steakhouse, and what do you know, a Braille menu. Check it out! ♪ [triumphant ta-da] And it starts with a table of contents, and this is everything you need, right here, to get you through, so you don't have to go reading through the entire menu. You can just have a look, and see what you want. Now they told us that it was a little outdated, so let's see here. Look, there's a New York Strip Classic, seared and seasoned, $3.99 ♪ [bumper music] (restaurant) Uh - I believe we do, let me double check with our manager, just to make sure. (Tommy) Thank you. (restaurant) You're welcome. Oh, this is exciting. Apparently he went to the Queens location to go ask the manager, but... It's okay. He's up Northern Boulevard, in Jamaica. That's just Flushing, excuse me. I might get my sight before this guy comes back with the, uh...

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Apr 5, 2012


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