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C6L4: Elusive Backhand Coil

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Ok so you look at a back hand a one hander like Federer and you gee I don't even see where all this power comes from but it seems so effortless in such a small space. Believe Roger has got one of the best going on Sampras really wished he had this backhand. So whats the difference well Rogers first move is so much better than anyone else's. He presses that racket head forward with that left hand see that. That racket head is actually set forward on his target and then from there he uses that as leverage and he pulls against it with his hips right he is coming into his figure 8 and his left hip is coming around. His head is still pushed forward and he is creating tension between the hips his lower body and the arm, the racket. Then when his hips finally slide forward and through around the other side of the 8. His arm has to catch up in the back and then immediately come back forward, come back into it. This is where the transition happens, this is where his racket finally gets to where his hips where and its an illusion, people think its racket back and from there his hips come through so now the arm tries to catch up so it snaps back around and through the hit. Look from here you can see look at that racket head that tip of the racket is, we're half way in the stroke and its still pushed slightly forward. See that the left hand is pushing it forward and he is using it at leverage against his lower body. Everyone takes the picture here and goes look at Roger Federer the rackets back. But you and I can see its an optical illusion its the inside of his body that actually twists around forward so it appears that his racket goes back, but it really doesn't go anywhere because he sets his racket look at this right here where that left hand, he hasn't done anything. He is pushing with that left hand, pulling with his left hip but he is pushing forward so he creates this tension against the hit. Then when he makes contact its really this little shake from his whole body a quiver so to speak and he has a monster backhand and everyone knows it. They say they try to play off it but there is not much you can do when the guy has got a complete game. Gasquet has another beautiful one hander. He has a little bit of a idiosyncrasy here they way he lays the head back. Look at that left hand its still pushing creating tension between the lower and upper body's. Now his hips have come around see that and the racket has to catch up immediately. Because it always wanted to stay at the 45 it was trying already to stay at the 45 so now it just snaps back into play. It even works for us amateurs. You can see even in slow motion which always makes people nervous. You can see the racket comes out of my coil out of my torqued position it comes out rather smoothly, if I just keep my feet on the ground. See that I push forward with the left hand create tension and then come around with my hips. Paul here has a beautiful one hander and there is plenty of power in the one hander. There is whole fallacy that you have to go to two hands is just another misunderstanding because you don't need strength to hit the one hander. You need tension in your coil and it all starts by pushing that head forward when you are pulling into your coil with your lower or your hips and no one does it better than Roger Federer.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 18, 2014

Discover the coil on the one hander.

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