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C6L8: Verticality and the Incline Board

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So the coil is not only about leaving the tip of the racket forward its also about rising up with the ball. That is rising with your hip, racket and shoulder everything rises up a little. Thats part of the coil there is verticality in this coil. See that, see how his hips are slightly sloped the right hip is a little higher than the left hip. The left knee buckles in a little bit, that shows verticality in the stroke some do it more than others. Agassi had quite a bit of verticality in his stroke and so does Federer. So to try and explain this verticality in the stroke this incline board is really worth its weight in gold. I mean it basically forces the player to do it properly. I would hit swinging volleys off the incline board and you can really feel how your racket is sort of always going towards the ball even though your lower body is coming in and out of the figure 8. This slope forces you to immediately come back down as soon as you rise up into the hit because its sloped you come right back down into the hit so there is no hesitation. I love the way it skews the hips and the shoulders just by turning right it forces you to rise in the back and slope in the front and get that verticality in the shot. You can use it with or without an 8 Board it doesn't really matter. These are incredible training tools to teach a player how to tighten the coil on their stroke. Once again how to get more hit out of less by using your entire body properly. Remember this coil is not about just leaving the tip forward as we have mentioned in the other lessons. Its about keeping the tip up and forward and rising up in to the hit. Also the thing is priceless, the incline board is priceless on the serve. Anything on the forehand side overheads as well because you want to feel this verticality right. You are coiling, squeezing down into the court. Then screwing up out of the court. You know we have talked a lot about how some players just bend their knees and just push up. Its more of a screwing down and screwing up. The nice thing about the incline board is with or without the 8 Board is when you turn your hips to the right to start the stroke you automatically are skewed in this slope this slope of verticality and that is key. It is sort of like a tornado, there is as much verticality as there is horizontal movement in a tornado.

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Training device to add the proper verticality in the stroke.

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