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DLD Mercedes Prize

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You can see the children’s eyes shining. Proudly waving out of the new car. The Initiaive Lichtblick Hasenbergl had to get along without a vehicle for 15 Years. But finally 76 kids and teens are happy about their brand-new red Mercedes. Of course it is very hard if you first have to go with children to the bus, then from the bus to the underground and then taking the underground to get to the suburban train. In the end the children are completely exhausted arriving at their destination. But also if you like to do some shopping for 76 Children and teens, you definitely need a vehicle. For that reason, we are thrilled that we got this car. The initiative Lichtblick Hasenbergl takes care of children and teens aged between 6 and 15 years. The children are originating from socially disadvantaged and handicapped families. Besides of a healthy provision with basic supplies, the initiative also supports scholar aid and social training and it should not be a problem to go on excursions with that new red car in the future When I came in, I was glad to see the children sitting in the car and playing with the steering-wheel. Just now I have been told that the car-radio is working fine. Honestly I have the feeling the children are comfortable with the new car. The children and teens of Lichtblick Hasenbergl have to thank Mercedes Benz and the future conference of the Burda publishing company. The conference ist called Digital Life Design (in brief: DLD). Round about 1000 experts were asked to get involved with such a project as Lichtblick Hasenbergl. The initiative was started among others by Stephanie Czerny, who ist the founder of the DLD-Conference. My daughter was doing a social work experience there, as well as the daughter of Ms. Dr. Furtwängler. and in our opinion we believe that our children learned so much there and for the first time they also had the opportunity to get to know those children. They also could see that there is not only a bright side of life. They could also see that there are children who have a rough ride and who are thankful for any help provided. 76 kids and teens from Lichtblick Hasenbergl are saying many thanks. And finally the ride might start after having all children on board! By the way, one child wanted to head directly to Serbia.

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Posted by: rupert on Jul 18, 2008

Mercedes and DLD donated this new car to the Munich community initiative Lichtblick Hasenbergl. The DLD speakers and participants and the DLD Partner Mercedes were donating for Lictblick Hasenbergl during the DLD08 conference this January in Munich.

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