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PreSonus StudioLive Mixer Replaces a Rack Full of Gear

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Let me tell you real quickly why I chose the StudioLive. The room that I mix Front of House in every single week is for a gathering here in Nashville, Tennessee, about 1,000 to 1,500 college students, and people in Nashville know their live sound. So I've got to have something killer. But the problem is, the room. It has a tile floor, we have concrete walls, we have a metal ceiling, and the wall behind the camera there is glass.

And. as if that weren't bad enough, the whole room is kind of shaped like this. So it's a horrible place to try to mix in. So, while the venue itself is a great place to be, it's horrible sonically. The people that let us use this place are incredible. No offense to them, but underneath this cloth right here, is one of the most popular digital mixers in the world. But it wasn't cutting it. So, I bought a <a href="">StudioLive</a> and from the first night, people were coming up wanting to know what I was using for Pres, Effects, dynamics, everything...and I tell them, this used to be full of external gear and it's all gone.

Everything you need is in here. And of course the band loves being able to use QMix to set their own in-ears and that of course leaves me free to mix. From ringing out the room to everything, it gives you absolutely everything you need and that's why I use it. It sounds incredible. But don't take my word for it. Take these guys' word for it..."THANK YOU PRESONUS!!! WoooHooo!" [Applause and Music]

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Year: 2013
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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jan 28, 2014

Aaron Sain, FOH Engineer for a large church in Nashville, TN, discusses how one PreSonus Studiolive produces better sound and replaced thousands of dollars in gear. Discover why these mixers are a great choice for churches.

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