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Teach you Eternal Life: Self Trust as Self Honesty

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Solution of - Self Trust as Self Honesty This is the..solution of self-trust as self-honesty. Self-Trust, the..'expression', of self.. that..manifest, in application as self, (breathe in) in every moment..(breathe out) of every breathe. Let me give you an example: As you have, heard..and seen.. in the word the interview with..'the design of trust as dishonesty' Tust, within this world..has been abused 'extensively' Human beings, are starting and beginning to realize.. that nothing and no one..can and may be trusted. an infinite 'expression'..of self. it's an infinite 'statement' of application, that remain as every moment, of every breathe. Self-trust cannot exist without..self-honesty. This does not mean..that self-trust and self-honesty is.. 'in a relationship' connection, with each other..within self. (shake head) No. I am, self-honest..and within and as self-honesty as me..'I trust me' So what am I actually saying? Self-honesty, and self-trust is equal and expression, and application. For instance: applying and living self-honesty. Self-honesty..would be, the application. Self-trust, would then be the 'expression', of the application..of self-honesty. All together, well..both self-honesty and self-trust 'as one', as example of self.. is who I am..(breathe in) here, in every moment (breathe out)..of every breathe. For instance: You're in a situation, and..there are.. human beings around you..amongst you, and you're participating. Yet within you, there is an extensive..'uncomfortableness'..that you have experienced.. let's say the evening before you were join everyone. You actually, 'would have prefered' remain home..and read a book..comfortable in bed. But you thoughts ran, said: 'no, let me go..and "Please" everyone else' and so you did. in that moment, is the application of self-dishonesty. You're being dishonest with yourself in the moment. Now, if you continue that self-dishonesty within you, in all such applications and ignoring what your're actually experiencing within you.. Later won't even 'know' anymore, what it is that is that you're actually experiencing inside you. You want to stay? do you want to go? Later becomes 'irrelevant', apparently..but it doesn't. You, have 'lost', that..expression of you of self-honesty. So you'll do what anyone else wants you to do. and in that inverting and suppressing yourself.. and in that, your trust has dispersed. and that's how self, that's how connected to relationships outside of define self by.. because self, has suppressed self's own self-honesty..and therefor no self-trust exist. and then you must..define your self-trust separate from yourself. because you have separated yourself..from you own self-honesty. Thought, if you had that self-honestly look within that moment.. and said, to the being: This is my expression, at this moment.. i'd prefer being, alone..with myself, reading a book. remain clear and stable and consonant within yourself.. for making with that statement, no movement.. then that's a statement of expression of your self! that is your, self-honesty in the moment. So, within that application of self-honesty.. how does the expression of self-trust..become you? That is when, no matter when who ask you, within you, look..self-honesty and you speak, and so you build trust..not even build..'express' trust, as you. Because it's your expression, 'this is who I am'.. and so you will trust no matter what situation you are, no matter what you are asked by anyone. Not taking anything else into consideration, but who you are as the experience of yourself 'in the moment'. So human beings, that is the solution: self-honesty. It is self, and from this..self-honesty in application as expression of self-trust.. you build self-certainty, you establish self-certainty. You establish who I am in every breathe. Thank you very much. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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