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WISSHH Travel Bag on Kickstarter

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Oh, hey, Kickstarter, my name is Merih and this is my multi-purpose bag, the "Wisshh Travel Bag". The idea behind the "Wisshh Travel Bag" is very simple. It's extra space, when needed, for everyone. Three years ago I was in Miami and instead of sipping margaritas on the beach I was running around having to buy just another carry-on bag for another airline standard. So, out of frustration I decided to design my own. And like many other things it ended up in a wish list. Six months later I was boarding a flight to Egypt and I was observing this older lady in front of me carring her clothes in a paper-bag. Well, the more she was walking the faster the bag was breaking. Than suddenly all of her clothes were on the floor. Well, as I was helping her gather her things, I asked her, how come she was using a paper-bag? The answer she gave me was not what I expected: she told me she could not afford a carry-on-bag. So in that very moment, I decided that my sketch drawing turned into a product and I started searching for suppliers. As I received the first batch of a thousand "Wisshh Bags", I handed those out to friends and family to test. As I received the second batch of 2 thousand bags well, something really interesting happened. People were posting their pictures with the "Wisshh Bag", they were chatting with each other, so I decided to open a blog for people to share their travel experiences. We now have a community of travellers who share places they love, in order for us to discover. And the one thing they ask me everyday is: can I have the "Wisshh Bag" in a different color please? So, the reason I am here today, is to ask for your kind help. I would like to bring the "Wisshh Travel Bag" in a store or in an airport near you. In different color and sizes. With your help we can offer an economical alternative to the more expensive carry-on bags. And we will try to connect travellers more and better. At this point I would like to thank you for your attention, and I would like to leave you with a recomandation and a reminder: life is short, travel more. Ciao!

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Posted by: gabriella61 on Feb 16, 2016

WISSHH Travel Bag on Kickstarter

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