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Hotel Transylvania (2012)

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♪ Beautiful Mavis ♪ ♪ With Daddy you will stay ♪ ♪ And if a human tries to harm you, I'll simply say... ♪ [growl] ♪ Because you're Daddy's girl ♪ [girl giggles] (Dracula, narrating) Ever since she was born, I wanted to protect my little ghoul. So I created a place where all monsters could be safe. From them! (woman, nasal NY accent) Humans hate us. They're vicious! And they're very loud! (Mavis) Dad. Everyone here is ancient. (skull whispers) N-27 (woman over intercom) N-27 (Mavis) I want to go out and see the world. (Drac) Whoa, whoa, whoa, honey. You're too young. (girl) I'm 118 years old. (Dracula) Don't give me pouty bat face. This is Hotel Transylvania. All of our monster friends are right here. The Mummy. Wayne the Wolf (Wayne) Yea, it's a mess back there. And your Uncle Frank dropping in too. [air whistling] [tiny splash] Housekeeping! Hello? A human! How did you find this place? Oh, I was just mountain climbing with some dudes, and I heard this story about an awesome castle. Speaking of awesome, that cape thing is *killing it*! Look at these cool costumes. Check it out! I'm a franken-homey. Whoa! What's your name? My name's Mavis. (Frank) Drac's daughter's in love with... ...a human! [dull laugh] Go to the corner, you're in a timeout. I'm a grown man. Aaaah! [grunting] Seriously Dad? (knight) You are coming with us. I'm staying! Ooh! Why did that hurt me? (boy) Out of the way, grandpa. (Drac) Stay away from my daughter! (boy) I think your dad's really starting to like me. Hi. Now go and never return. (boy) Wait. Never return to the hotel? (Drac) What? I just used my powers to erase your memory. I looked straight into your eyes. Oh, maybe it's the contact lenses. What? Here, let me just and get 'em out real quick. Oh, that is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Almost got it. [Captions by]

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