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International English for Communication (IEC) at SDSU's College of Extended Studies

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Before becoming a freshman at San Diego State University, I had spent one year at the American Language Institute for studying English. And it really helped me to get the right level of English for the real American university. Now, I really feel comfortable speaking English and people can understand me and I see that. And, i think the teachers at the ALI, they have a really nice and awesome attitude. They are always friendly, they are always ready to help you, answer all of your questions, which makes it really helpful and supportive for international people. And I think it was a really amazing experience for me to study at the American Language Institute. I've been to different places in the world, and I've been to different English Institutes. I've never found a better place to live and a better place to study than San Diego and the ALI. The combination of fun and education results in a truly unique experience! I chose the ALI because I heard it's a good program for foreign students to prepare them for for their future goals. My educational goal is to attend SDSU, San Diego State University. I would like to work in business, which explains my staying here because if you want to work in business, you have to be able to speak English fluently. I came here for improving my English skills and learning American culture and preparing my MBA course for some day. I want to learn to be a good speaker of English. The people here really want that you reach all the things that you want. I feel really comfortable in the classes because the teachers give you confidence to talk. The teachers are very friendly and they have a lot of experience. The teachers are very kind and passionate. So, after school, always, if I have a question, they are taking care of me. You are surrounded by many people from different countries that are in the same level like you, so you can talk and you can develop yourself. At the ALI, I met a lot of new students and friends from different countries and cultures and I made a really good relationship with them. All the people who I met here are really nice and very kind and they are helping me improve my English skills and learning many other things. I will always remember my good friends, the trips we did together and my excellent teachers. I would recommend this school to my friends because ALI has a really good program for international students to study English. I hope that in my family it becomes a family tradition to study in ALI because it is the greatest place to study English that I know. The American Language Institute is located at San Diego State University. Our address is 5250 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182 For more information, visit us online at call us at: (619) 594-5907 or email us at [email protected] We're looking forward to seeing you in San Diego!

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The International English for Communication (IEC) program is designed for students and professionals at all levels who want to develop and improve their practical English skills for a variety of purposes including:

* communicating with people from around the world,
* using English professionally,
* teaching English, and
* using English internationally in travel and social situations.

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