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How It's Made Bread

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Multi-grain bread is made from several ingredients such as flaxseed, buckwheat, soya, and milet. This protective grill prevents foreign matter from accidentally falling into the recipe mix. A recipe calling for some 600 kilos of flour. The ingredients grind in mill are kept in these 36 enormous containers. We begin by mixing the ingredients together these needing troughs are used to ferment the yeast, a step which takes 3 hours The fermenting yeast makes the dough rise considerably. This huge mixer needs the dough for about 8 minutes. When thoroughly homogeneous the content is emptied into a large tub. The dough weighs 1000 Kilos that's almost a ton. The dough is loaded onto a slide situated above the dough divider At the bottom of the machine a small hole allows the dough to escape Two mechanically operated arms cut the dough pieces into equal lengths. It forms a 192 of these a minute the dough then falls on to a conveyor here dough pieces are rolled into balls which can be more easily worked the dough balls are floured to prevent them from sticking during the transport and when they are moulded. Here the balls of the dough leaves the divider and goes to the moulder. during transport the dough can rest allowing the yeast to act. The dough is then folded and rolled the machine can handle 3 per sec for a total of 11500 an hour. The dough is rolled out to the exact size and falls into baking bowls, here we see the making of hot dog rolls these little dough balls has to be shape lengthwise and fermented before moulding. Here the hot dog rolls are being machine moulded, dough pieces must not touch one another so they're spaced apart by a small mechanical arm. Now we go back to multi-grain bread production squatted down at the bottom of the moulds the dough pieces go into the proofer, where they rise for an hour at 42 degrees centigrade and it's 70% humidity then they bake for 20 minutes at 255 degrees. When finally baked the loaves end up with a nice golden colour. A vacuum system draws the loaves from their moulds they're then placed on a conveyor to cool. A guidance system takes care of carrying the breads to various sections of the bakery. When well cooled the breads go to the slicer, which cut 65 loaves a minute. they're sliced by 2 meter wide and 40 centimetre long steel saw blade. These blades are changed every 2 weeks. Sliced loaves are automatically packed at 65 per minute. They're now ready for shipping. some 5 and 1/2 hour are passed between preparation of the dry flour and packaging of the baked bread.

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How It's Made Bread

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