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Europe - The theft of democracy

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This month in Europe we're pretending to engage in democracy by holding elections for the European Parliament, a rubber stamp body as absurd and useless and any Soviet puppet assembly. The most important decision it will ever have to make is when to break for lunch. Being a member of the European Parliament is like driving a car from the passenger seat with a toy steering wheel. They're not allowed to initiate legislation. It's all decided for them in advance by a panel of commissioners who haven't been elected by anybody. All Parliament can do is say yes or no. If it's no, they just keep bringing it back until it's yes. It's the way they have to do everything in the European Union because they don't actually have the consent of the people they purport to govern. And this means that our laws in Britain are made by people who have not been elected and can't be removed by popular vote. Dictatorship by any other name. We can dress it up in fancy "progressive" terms like "integration" and "harmonisation", but if the unelected commissioners in Brussels decide that something is going to become law in Britain, it becomes law. And there's nothing our Parliament can do about it because the people in it have signed away their power, and ours, and left us at the mercy of an illegitimate regime that has no democratic mandate from anybody and has never even bothered to seek one. So why should be bother voting in this election if this Parliament is so weak and useless? Because the only people in it with any moral legitimacy are the ones who would vote to abolish it, given the chance, and the more of them we can elect the better. Independence parties are rising in the polls all over Europe, and with good reason. A vote for any one of them will send a message to the people who have stolen our democracy that we're serious about taking it back. Personally, I'll be voting for the UK Independence Party. You may not agree with all of their policies (I certainly don't) but if you believe, as I do, that nothing is more important politically than government by consent, there is literally nobody else in Britain to vote for. Our establishment politicians and senior civil servants have sold us out to an anti-democratic superstate, a new Soviet Union in the making, because it suits their careers to belong to an exclusive political club with all the other important well paid careers and their massive taxpayer-funded pensions. And it's costing us more than fifty million pounds a day to suit them, their careers, and their pensions. Big business loves mass immigration because it drives down wages for the poorest people, while not driving down directors' dividends. They call it healthy competition, but it's about as healthy, and as moral, as a cockfight. Meanwhile, small business suffocates under an avalanche of unnecessary petty EU regulation designed to impose uniformity and to stifle competition and initiative. And if you run a small business you know that's true. They keep telling us about the free market, but there's no free market for us in the European Union. We're not allowed to make trade deals with anybody outside it. In trade terms, we're prisoners of the EU, which actually needs us a lot more than we need it. We have nothing to be afraid of in Britain. We've got the sixth largest economy in the world and a history of global trade. We can punch our weight in anybody's company. Our financial sector generates enormous wealth, which is why the European Union wants to seize it, and to regulate and tax it into submission. European judges keep foreign terrorists and criminals in our country on the flimsiest of pretexts, yet any of us can be extradited on no evidence and held without charge in a foreign jail, thanks to the European Arrest Warrant. We're prisoners of a political union that's so innately corrupt its accounts have not been passed by the auditors in nearly two decades, and whose disastrous, fanatical one-size-fits-all policy has led to collapsed economies, massive youth unemployment, an artificial currency held together with gaffer tape, an economic north-south divide as brutal and unnecessary as the Berlin Wall, and whatever we vote for, we can't have it because our votes don't count for anything. If you make a case for the European Union you have to make a case against democracy, otherwise you are lying. This thing was designed from the outset to keep the people out of the governing process because people can't be trusted to vote the way they're told, and that can be a real nuisance for anyone trying to impose an ideologically driven totalitarian grand plan. If we stay in, we not only sign away our democratic franchise but that of all future generations, and we have no right to do that. Democracy isn't perfect, as we know, but it is an essential safety valve. If we let the political class close it, as they want to, for their own convenience, you don't need to know much about human nature to know that the explosion is only a matter of time. Far from preventing war in Europe, as is often falsely claimed, the European Union is likely to be the cause of the next violent conflict because it doesn't have the consent of the people it claims to govern, and it doesn't even have the courage to seek it. Surely that tells us there's something deeply and profoundly rotten about this project. And doesn't it ring any alarm bells that nobody wants you to have your say? Look at the lies and evasions, year after year, the lengths that all three establishment parties in Britain have gone to to deny us our say. Broken promise after cast iron broken promise. They've strung us along like mugs, and they've colluded between them to neutralise what democratic franchise we have and make it worthless. Their crime is greater than that of the bankers with whom they colluded to strip us of our wealth. They've shown that they hold us, the people, in patronising contempt, and this election is a chance for us to show them what we think of them. This is our chance to tell these political criminals and their media friends that they can misrepresent us and call us all the ugly hateful names they like, but we've had enough of their lies and slippery evasions. We want our sovereign democracy back, and we are not taking no for an answer.

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Do you want to live in a sovereign democracy or a federal dictatorship?

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