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Japenese Career Culture

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I am the Country Manager for Ivanti Japan. I'm Takahiro Ichida. It's been eight months since I joined the company this January. Ivanti is a company that has a history and a proven record. With various companies integrated, the product portfolio has expanded. It is like launching it anew or starting it up again. That is the atmosphere here and I find it interesting. First of all, Japan is a member of APAC. I stay in close communication with APAC employees. Even in our regular work, we have weekly meetings. I feel we are always working together. Also, the employees of the US headquarters help us occasionally. I feel that though we are in Japan, we are working in a global business environment. At Ivanti, veteran employees with extensive experience and young and energetic employees are mixed together in the company. Everyone has their own personality and demonstrates their own abilities for the company. That is the good thing about Ivanti. Well, sorry for my word, but there are many crazy guys that makes it a fun place to work. They are kind and help each other in tough situations. The environment allows them to go overboard occasionally. As I’ve been with the company for only eight months, I haven't experienced all the events. I went to a SKO in Salt Lake City soon after joining the company. There, I was able to interact with many employed people around the globe. I met with top management leaders who are usually hard to meet. I was able to interact with them and hear all kinds of stories from them. So far, I think it was the best event for me. Although Ivanti has been around for a long time, it is starting up again and trying to create a new company. Filled with a good spirit and passion, we can have fun working together. You can have good experiences in many ways, and the company has full of possibilities. It would be my pleasure to work together. I'm Takao Suzuki, an Ivanti Sales Engineer. It's been more than four and a half years. I like that I can work freely here. We use Emails or Teams. I like that everyone is friendly. It's different from other places. Everyone is kind to each other. I like the conferences before SKO. Anyone who wants to do anything, please come by all means. Welcome to Ivanti. Welcome to Ivanti.

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