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We're all Euronational Socialists now

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5 minutes for mr. Schulz. President. Ladies and gentlemen. We have seen an image over the weekend... ...that was historic in act and fact. We saw the worst American president in human memory... ...being confronted with the effective actions of the president of the European Council... ...and president of the European Commission,... ...who are responding with reason... the political reality of the European internal market. It's truely an historic occasion... ...and a major opportunity for Europe... ...for it to take an appropriate place in international politics. The policies of the Bush administration... ...that sought the full deregulation of world markets... ...and total laissez-faire... ...without regard to the people themselves. ...have gone utterly bankrupt. Europe now has the opportunity to fill this vacuum... ...with a new social market order for Europe and the rest of the world. That's the historic task that lays in front of us. Your first actions... Sarkozy, were good... ...they were necessary to help us out of the credit crisis. Our political faction supports you in this. We cannot hide the fact that we are indeed impressed... ...with the resolution you have shown. This also goes for mr. Barrosso... ...who should be personally thanked... ...for his resolve. However, we must make full use of the opportunity... ...when we are making these necessary actions... make a statement. Never again. What has happened now in the markets... ...should never happen again. The disaster in the international financial markets... ...that has extended into the real economy. It has to be terminated... it cannot happen again. It won't happen again if we introduce new regulation. You too have to help us in that regard mr. Barrosso. My colleague Poul Nyrup Rasmussen will detail... ...what is expected from you. We have to wait till the end of the year... see what your proposals will look like. But we have to act quickly, there is not much time left. Regulation should be the focus of this quick response. Not only regulation for banks, but also for hedge funds and private equity. This was already recognized here by a majority a few weeks ago. Have you noticed the social-democratic speeches? Nicholas Sarkozy... ...long-time leader of the UMP... ...conservative president of France... speaking like a true European socialist! My support he has. José Manuel Durão Barroso... ...reminiscent of his Trotskyist and Maoist past... talking like a real lefty! And when I hear Joseph Daul talk... ...he's talking about pure social democracy. They can pick up their socialist party membership cards at the exit. I will read you a quote. Listen carefully. In the last few decades... ...the member states of Europe and the European Union... ...have been overregulated and stifled. The overregulation undermines our competitiveness. It's a quote from the manifest of the European People's Party... ...from the year 2006. Sarkozy, Barrosso and Joseph Daul all signed this manifest. You're slow learners, but I'm happy to see you finally have arrived. I'm asking myself when I debate you... ...what happens in your discussion... the ordinary people of the EU? What happens to the tax payer who has to clean up the current disaster? What happens to the purchasing power we need to revive the economy? We risk a recession, unless we're already in one. We need that purchasing power. We not only need protection for the banks... ...we need to remove the uncertainty for the ordinary people. Because when we come with our plans for which there is no alternative. When we come with our plans... are the ordinary people in Europe who mostly pay the price... ...the workwoman and workman. That's why we need more rules and oversight. The member states need to protect the ordinary people... they have done for their own banks. That is the demand, which rests primarily on the member states. Now I want to read you another quote. The state must withdraw from social and economic policy. Angela Merkel... the CDU party congress in 2000. The state shall not withdraw, it shall intervene more in economic affairs! The state shall regulate more. Thank goodness Barrosso and Sarkozy are finally saying... ...that we need more oversight, that we need more regulation. They are on the right track. And they will stay on course... ...they will have our support... ...when they support the climate plan, which might create jobs... ...that allows sustainable development... ...but not when they make the climate plan subservient to the current financial crisis. Jean-Claude Juncker correctly stated... ...that when the financial crisis subsides, the climate crisis persists. It would be a mistake to play them out against each other. Sarkozy is right however when he asks for mutual solidary... ...between the strong and weak. It will require a solution by the parliament and European Council. President. Ladies and gentlemen. I thank you cordially. Also for the extra minute of speaking time. Luckily the clear mark of social democray will always remain. The values we pronounce here in parliament in this crisis... ...even though we don't have a majority because of your blockade... ...these values will remain the daily order. When you accept them, you will have finally learned. But you have to admit... ...that it were your mistakes that have led us here... ...and that we need more regulation. Thank you.

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Posted by: mmister on Apr 16, 2012

MEP Martin Schulz invites comrades Sarkozy and Barroso to the party.

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