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Hello, my name is Nir Moatty. I am the Global Director of the Presales team for the Fraud and Risk Intelligence products. By now you should have been familiar with all of our product portfolio. Either with web threat detection, adaptive authentication, fraud action services and adaptive authentication for e-commerce. The next phase will be how we can benefit and learn from across product integration in order to bring a higher value proposition to our customer in enhancing their fraud detection. There are several integration points between our product portfolio. Let's start with our eFraud Network— Our largest community repository for confirmed fraud elements. For example, stopping 4 million dollars on an average for adaptive authentication customers or 1.3 million dollars on an average for our adaptive authentication for e-commerce customers. Let's continue with Web Threat Detection. Leveraging eFraud network feeds and fraud action services feeds of stolen credit cards. Imagine you can alert on a credit card that has been identified as stolen from a fraud action services. Or for example, alert in a confirmed IP that has been identified as fraudulent in adaptive authentication and has been shared through eFraud network. Let's move now to our web threat detection and adaptive authentication product. Leveraging the built in web threat detection integration with adaptive authentication, a new customer can leverage and enjoy seamless integration without investment on his part. Existing adaptive authentication customers can leverage the built-in web threat integration with the product in order to send more event types, resulting in higher fraud detection. Last but not least, the adaptive authentication ecoystem approach allowing our customer to provide third party feeds either from their systems or outside system, a higher fraud detection and providing a stronger and higher return on investment from their internal fraud tools into adaptive authentication. As you can see, we have provided several integration points between the fraud and risk intelligence portfolio. It shows our philosophy of 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts' and here you can start and sell the product with a higher return on investment for your customers.

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