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Is There a Divine Plan to the Enormous Suffering in the World ? Sadhguru

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is existence perfect? the world is perfect right now? who said it's perfect? it's perfect? the world is perfect right now? it looks like you had a good breakfast and came you ask those fifty percent of the population on the planet who don't get to eat properly everyday you ask them if the world is perfect when stomach is full we make one kind of philosophy when stomach is empty we make another kind of philosophy...isn't it? is the world perfect right now? if you transform yourself you can do a lot with the world if you are unable to transform yourself you can only mess with the world, isn't it? you just look into yourself and see how much nonsense is there is it there or not? it's not there do you go through twenty four hours in absolute bliss life has not knocked you sufficiently yet...really life hasn't knocked you around sufficiently, you ask many of the people here those who have been knocked around by life they experience life in a different way you wait for sometime you married? (questioner)is this a blessing or a curse? so existence is perfect the world is perfect, everything is ok with me and the world, why any change? you must be living in a dream if you just open your eyes and look around you will see doesn't matter what's your philosophy, enormous suffering enormous suffering in the world, isn't it? too much if you if you relate yourself to people around you I'm not talking about that man in the slum even the so called well-to-do the level of suffering that they go within themselves is untold too much suffering is happening in the world nobody with eyes can say it is perfect if you look around you'll see lot of suffering isn't it so? I'm not trying to paint a negative picture but it's there, isn't it? many of these people work in hospitals, there are doctors here, you ask them their patient's suffering and their own suffering isn't it there, everyday? see, accepting somebody else's suffering is easy but when it comes to you that's when the problem is, isn't it? now when you are being eaten then you cannot talk with the same nonchalance, isn't it? isn't it so? see, this is all like sometime ago I'm in an international conference where discussions about poverty alleviation and things like this are going on so one very pious, religious looking person stands up...and says isn't this all divine plan why are we discussing about all these problems and trying to change all these things isn't this all divine plan? yes somebody's stomach is empty, it must be divine plan if your stomach is empty, you'll have your own plan, won't you?...won't you, yes? so half the people are suffering right now but it's okay, existence is perfect but if the suffering comes to you then it's not perfect, we want to do something about it isn't it so? so all the things that are happening in Madras city it is not perfect and if you allow it to be that way it will not be long before it catches up with you also isn't it so? yes or no? if you just allow it to be as it is it is not long before it comes and really catches up with you somebody is dying it's OK, it's natural, after all tiger eats a goat but tomorrow when your child gets eaten then things will come up, isn't it? so don't get into such philosophies, existence is a mess right now when I say existence, I'm not talking about larger existence let's say the world if man disappears from this planet, then everything is perfect that I would agree then it's just a natural process but now this is not a natural order of life this is a very unnatural order of life that we have created if a tiger eats a goat, it just eats one goat in fifteen days, do you know this? do you know a tiger eats once in twelve to fifteen days, not everyday it makes one kill next twelve, fifteen days it doesn't eat anything but man's nature is not like that he wants to make a kill every minute of his life isn't it so? so this is not a natural order of life if you went by the natural order stomach is full, you shouldn't touch anything in the world that's not how it is if your stomach gets full you want to get the whole world for yourself that's the way you are made so if you don't bring sense into yourself, know one man will rise one day, who is so powerful who won't let anybody live such things have happened in the past, hasn't it? even now, there are many including you, waiting for this but fortunately you are not so capable if all of them became industrious, six billion people if they became industrious the way we are going the type of activity that we are performing on the planet within probably twenty five years, the planet will be finished, if all the six billion people become extremely active half of them are lazy, the lazy are saving the planet that's not good, you know the intelligent should save the planet but the lazy and the useless are saving the planet that's not a good way to survive, isn't it? but that's how it is happening right now so perfection things will be perfect only if you and me are dead if you're alive there's no perfection, something can be done about it isn't it so?...yes? when you go to your grave you'll be perfect but as long as you stand here alive there is something we can do about it we just want to do that it's a sign of aliveness that we still believe we still see, there is room for enhancing the possibility of life now is this not enough actually within you there is something within you which will not settle for anything do you see this? is it there or not? you may try to kill it in so many ways with so many philosophies but you can't kill it there is something in you which won't settle which wants to everything, nothing less than everything less than the infinite, it will not settle so I'm saying why don't we give it a conscious expression anyway it is finding an unconscious expression why don't we give it a conscious expression, thats all yoga is about you are already seeking it unconsciously we you want to set up a process, so that you seek it consciously that's all the change we're trying to do is it better? to seek something consciously, than unconsciously its a better way to approach it?

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 Sadhguru discusses the many dynamics and perspectives of the enormous suffering currently happening in the world. (SaO48)

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