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4.The Importance of Being In Nature - Healing The Earth

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Okay. I thought I'd share with you today, just a few words about the value of being in nature. A lot of us, a lot of our population, a lot of the world, lives in cities now. Now, my understanding is why we live in cities is the ease; the ease of the shops, our friends, our families, the ease of work, certainly when I was a teenager. And, then in my early twenties, I moved to London, in order to get work, to be at University to study. And, once I finished my studies, well, that's were the jobs were. So, I stayed there. The ease and I certainly felt that this was the only place I could really find, a sufficient standard of living. Reaching on my level, it's okay, it's okay to see that. What I see now is that there is a real value of being in nature, of being in the beauty, there is, around me, here. That is around you. When I was going through my break down, I found that everyday I would go for a walk. No matter how I was feeling, I'd go for a walk. If I was feeling bad, I'd go for a walk. If I was feeling okay, I'd go for a walk. If I was feeling good, which was no ways that often, I'd go for a walk. And, what happened is the... is to somehow to get out of my head, just a little bit. I think, sometimes, we have huge battles in our heads. We're thinking negative thoughts, with doing this or doing that... Getting out, and being in nature is a bit like allowing Mother Nature. Mother, your mother holds you. Aren't we not feeling so good just being held? And, I see the, this again in my understanding is this... this connection with earth, with the Mother, with the father, Father Sky, all that is the Universe, because, we have disconnection. This is why we are destroying this earth, because, we have lost that connection. But, we are so in our head. It's not that the... human race's bad in any way. It's just that the human race is very much in their heads. What's the remedy for that? Well... during the practice's that I teach on this channel, meditation, breathing techniques, exercise, and getting out in nature, being still. You know our brains are... whether I have spoken about this, but, our brains are often times in Beta. Beta brain waves, which is like quite a fast frequency. I think it's between 16 to 32 cycles per second. So, it's quite fast. And, we really need to be in Beta brain wave. But, to be in it all the time, it means we become completely disconnected. So, it's really important to balance it out. So, that's why we sleep, so, we can have access to the other brain wave patterns. A lot of people find it hard to sleep is when they are not necessarily allowing themselves to access those other brain waves. And, I find being in nature helps me to access alpha brain wave, which is slower... which is about, I believe, 8 or 10 cycles per second. So, meditation... slowing down... If you've been out there in the woods for a little bit of time, and you sit, and you're still, and you hear other humans walking about, you can hear them a mile off, because, there's so much in their heads, it's still in beta brain wave. And, that is why animals, you know...I've hardly ever see animals, while the animals are out and about, when you are in beta, because, you're making so much noise, you're so much in your head. Disconnection... So, important for us, in this time of change in the earth, it is start to connect again with the earth. So, you live in a city. What can you do about that? There are parks, there are trees. One if the things that I used to do when I lived in the city in the south of England, is that I used to stand by a tree, waiting for the bus, and, I put my hand on it. I just feel the energy, feel the love, I just slow down. People just saw... I was just standing there with my hand on the tree. I was actually doing it like a ceremony; a ceremony of connecting. So, go out walking in a park. When I worked in the corporate world, I used to always go out outside everyday, probably three times a day. While I was at work, I'd afford a walk outside. I'd usually, in the summer time, sit outside in the park, and connect myself with the earth. And, feel the earth spinning. And, eat my lunch. And, I think it's very very important that we reconnect to this time. The Mother, the Mother Earth, she's fond of our love. And, she has so much love for us. So, in my next film, I'll talk a little more about how we can connect with Mother, with the Mother Earth. What we can do this time? This time of change? What we can do to connect with Mother Earth? She's so beautiful. I mean... after I finish this, I'll just... show you a bit of this area, I am in. It's magnificent. It's absolutely so beautiful. When we are in our beta brain wave, we don't see it, because we are thinking about yesterday, we're thinking about some more, we're thinking about what we did or what we didn't do. It's really important to let go, my friend, to be with what you are; you are amazing. Your mind, your colleagues, your parents, might be telling you different. But, there is a spark of you, which is divine. We know, that's from science now, that everybody is made up of the same essential elements, or, they call it the... the Plenum, the mind of god, energy. We're all made up of the same source. Whether you believe it or you don't understand it or care, it doesn't matter. You are my friend. And, you are divine. And, remember what you have to do is just feel good. So, get outside. Really this is my message, in this video is about getting outside, and, appreciating nature, sitting by a tree, listening to the birds, these beautiful birds who are singing. They are singing not to me, but to you. They are singing their beauty, their light, their joy, to you, to the world, lifting our vibrations, lifting how we feel. So, get out. Go out for a walk. Go to the sea side. Go to a... a woodland, a lake. And, enjoy, be in joy. Be well, be well.

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4.The Importance of Being In Nature - Healing The Earth

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