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It's Time to Change: Politics

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Brian Kim - Oh, right John. Thanks, thanks. No, I'll just change... - Mr. President, in five, four, three, two... - Bla, bla, bla, bla... It's Time to Change: Politics Transcribed /Translated By: Brian Kim GEORGE CARLIN - FEBRUARY 1997 - Parents are full of shit, teachers are full of shit, clergymen are full of shit, law enforcement people are full of shit. The entire country is completely full of shit. In fact, this country was founded by a group of slave owners, who told us that all men are created equal. That is what's known as being stunningly... full of shit. And I think people show their ignorance when they say they want politicians to be honest. What are this people talking about? If honesty was suddenly introduced into politics, it would throw everything off. The all system would collapse. "Public Perceptions of the President... Confidence in Winning War on Terror... Increasing Attacks... March 112 SIGACTS..." JACQUE FRESCO - JULY 2010 - The management of your country and all countries are by stupid people. Very stupid. Now, I don't want you to take my word for it. Walk over to any politician. Ask: "How do you prevent cars from hitting each other?" "I don't know." "How can you grow more food for people are well fed?" "I don't know." "How can you prevent war?" "I don't know." "They don't know anything. Believe me." PETER JOSEPH - 2009 - All the governments in existence today, whether you recognize it or not, are institutional dictatorships. They are publically sanctioned power monopolies. And democracy as it is practiced today is simply a game that is played to give the public the illusion of control. Did you vote for the bank bailout? For the cabinet of a new president, for the tax increase, highways, power grids or any infrastructure goes? For the wars in Afganistan and Iraq? So, where is your real participation? - Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla. Zeitgeist Movement Portugal. Beyond Poverty, Politics and War.

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Posted by: pound on Oct 2, 2010

It's Time to Change: Politics [NEW]

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