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Klassikaline pingvinoloogia

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Hello. Here at the Institute Professor Charles Pasarell, Dr Peaches Bartkowicz and myself have been working on the theory originally postulated by the late Dr Kramer that the penguin is intrinsically more intelligent than the human being. The first thing that Dr Kramer came up with was that the penguin has a much smaller brain than the man. This postulate formed the fundamental basis of all his thinking and remained with him until his death. Now we've taken this theory one stage further. If we increase the size of the penguin until it is the same height as the man and then compare the relative brain sizes, we now find that the penguin's brain is still smaller. But, and this is the point, it is larger than it was. For a penguin to have the same size of brain as a man the penguin would have to be over sixty-six feet high. These IQ tests were thought to contain an unfair cultural bias against the penguin. For example, it didn't take into account the penguins extremely poor educational system. To devise a fairer system of test, a team of our researchers spent eighteen months in Antarctica living like penguins, and subsequently dying like penguins - only quicker - proving that the penguin is a clever little sod in his own environment. Therefore we devised tests to be given to the penguins in the fourth set... I do beg your pardon, in their own environment. What is the next number in this sequence - 2, 4, 6... Did he say eight? What is... The environmental barrier had been removed but we'd hit another: the language barrier. The penguins could not speak English and were therefore unable to give the answers. This problem was removed in the next series of experiments by asking the same questions to the penguins and to a random group of non-English-speaking humans in the same conditions. What is the next number? 2, 4, 6... Hello? The results of these tests were most illuminating. The penguins scores were consistently equal to those of the non-English-speaking group. Soon these feathery little hustlers were infiltrating important positions everywhere.

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Posted by: jnpvr on Mar 27, 2011

Heade tavade rakendamine teaduslikus uurimistöös

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