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A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas (2011)

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♪ [Nutcracker Suite music] On Blitzen, hah! [gun clicking] [gunshot] [groaning] I shot Santa Claus - in the face. He's real, and I shot him in the face. What the ... (girl) You want to see my room? Nah. Married. He's single though. Harold Kumar. Sorry, I don't date black guys. What? ♪ Bam-ba-lam Oh, black Betty ♪ What are you doing? What? My daughter's in their! What? Neil Patrick Harris. Welcome to heaven. I'm Jesus. Jesus...? Christ. I practically run this place. Oh. For reals? I mean, my dad owns it, but I'm kinda number one. You're one of those. Watch out! [cheers] Who are those guys? I think I'm starting to trip out a little bit. Those kids put something in here. Dude - we're claymated. Awesome! Oh my god. It's like that scene from "A Christmas Story". How did this happen? Oh is it? Is it like the scene from "A Christmas Story"? Aaaaah! I'm sorry dude. Just walk it off. I don't know. Hasn't the whole 3-D thing jumped the shark by now? You don't understand. It makes Avatar look Avatarded! It's gonna be a-mazing! Who are you looking at? ♪ [Christmas music] ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ How are you still alive? What are you talking about? We saw you get shot in that whorehouse? In Texas. You branded a prostitute. Remember? You have to be more specific. Why don't you take your sweater off. For a massage. Just a couple girlfriends Okay. Get off of me! Oh! I thought you were gay. I am gay. gay for that ... I got the munchies. [bells jingling] [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Oct 24, 2011


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