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Granholm Signs off on Sale of MSD

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Michigan's governor has officially signed into law, a bill selling the Michigan School for the Deaf property in Flint. And so that means plans can now move ahead on a $36 million project for the MSD, and Powers Catholic High School. That's where we find ABC 12's Cathy Shafron. She's live in Flint now, with the reaction. Cathy. Reaction is coming in from the developer, and also lawmakers who pushed this bill in Lansing. they are clearly excited by the governor's decision to sign the bill that will move the sale along. We reported earlier in the week, about some trepidation by the alumni from the Michigan School for the Deaf. They have some concerns, whether the developer was really promising a long term commitment to MSD Alumni and students. And as for those living near the property, Well, I'm happy. I've talked to several of my neighbors, and we don't see a downside to it (Cathy) Most we spoke with in the community viewed it as a positive impact on property value It's good for this area, yes, because it used to be quite an elite area, and then - I don't know, the last 4-5 years people have been losing homes. (Cathy) And they see development along a route that connects other parts of Flint, as positive as well. Well I'm excited, I think it's a great shot for the city of Flint, I think it will bring jobs, I think it's a great move, a great location, and I'll probably place my children at Powers when they open up. (Cathy) Young's son, who attended Powers in earlier years, sees the move as a potential draw for students here as well. Great experience, the kids are fun, the teachers are really funny, and they know how to teach, so it's just an overall good experience. Now, as for those concerns from the alumni here at Michigan School for the Deaf, the developer of this project told me today, he actually has a meeting planned with them January 10th, not only to talk about their concerns, but he also wants to hear what type of designs they would like to be worked into the new, state-of-the-art facility for them, He'll be talking both to the alumni, also some staff here, and he hopes to talk to students as well. As for the Powers elementary side of the thing, the developer says he's still waiting to hear if they have their finances worked out. Whatever happens, the developer tells me he still plans on moving ahead with the renovations here by June. Reporting live in Flint, Cathy Shafron, ABC12 News.

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