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SEDS Project for Awesome Video

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Will: Hey Nerdfighters! You all know that it's cool to increase the awesome and it's great to decrease the suck, but it's best to do both at the same time. And I can't think of a better way to do that than supporting space exploration. Space is what teaches us how to make tomorrow a better place and teaches us about our planet, what's going wrong and what's going right. If you care about space, the best way to support the future of space is by supporting students. And the number one organization in the world for that is SEDS, the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. I hope you'll consider pitching in, joining a chapter, founding a chapter, or spending your hard-earned dollars to help these kids do amazing things. Catie: SEDS is all about getting together with a group of people who share a common interest in space and exploring space. Deepak: SEDS, I believe, is an organization of students that want to see technology developed with space exploration. Alex: Yeah, SEDS for me is a group of, it's a student-run organization, for the students, to promote the development of space not only knowledge about space and it's not for people who just think space is cool but actually who want to develop it for human needs. Lindsey: It really helped solidify for me that space "is" for me. And I thought it was just for scientists at first. Like, oh yes, space is going to be for scientists, but it's not, it's for everyone. Daniel: SEDS is a group of enthusiastic young people that want very much to accomplish very big dreams and don't have the resources to do it. And SEDS helps us pool together our collective knowledge and skill-sets to do the things that we all want to do that the congress doesn't want to fund. Lindsey: So I went out to our fall fest, which is like a big club festival at the beginning of the year, and I knew I wanted to do space. So I was looking for space clubs and I saw that there was a painting of a rocket on this little club desk. I was like, "I've gotta go there!" Daniel: One day someone popped their head in the door and said "Hey, really quickly, we're the students for the exploration and development of space, we're having a meeting this Friday, come on by!" Chris: Actually it was part-way into my sophomore year, I saw there was a talk on campus and I went to that and I didn't know about SEDS before that and I met some of the members. And later that year I ended up going to one of their events and joining. Deepak: A lot of people don't know that most of their life, or many of the things that happen within their life actually revolve around technology that was developed for space exploration. Alex: It really is, it has been for a while, but it really is the final frontier. Humans are kind of utilizing Earth a lot to its limit and we need to extend our boundaries and space is the way to go. Lindsey: We need to go out and explore space and if you want human-kind to survive, then we need to go out and explore space. Catie: Space is our future, I mean, it's definitely going to need to have interest so that we can get into space because we're going to have to leave Earth someday. We're running out of resources we need. We're going to have to have to go out and explore sometime, eventually. My favorite part about SEDS is being able to be ... the learning, the education part of it. I've learned how to build rockets and weather balloons and I've been able to do so much more than I would have been regularly in college. I mean it's been a great experience for me and I'm sad to be leaving next year. Lindsey: You tend to think of space like, "Oh, it's just those weird kids who are really into space, yeah." "There's just a small group of them." But really, it's not, it's a lot of different people. Deepak: I think the best part about being a SEDS member is networking. We have a lot of things that we do at San Diego, but the biggest thing is to be able to meet all these other students that have a collective interest in what you want to do as well. Chris: That our goals are to put people in space and we all share that goal, and so everyone ... You know, really it just feels like a family. Hannah: There are a lot of people in this organization who work really hard. And we don't get paid for it and we try to do really big things, but really big things cost money. And we're students and as people may know, students do not have the biggest budgets for discretionary activities. So, I think for people to donate to SEDS it makes us able to do really amazing things and just pipe that back into the community so we can get more people to do awesome things so that we can all just grow together. There's a lot of benefit from all the activites that we do in terms of outreach, education, technical projects, just everybody wins. Lindsey: Go nerdfighters! I know this is for the Project for Awesome so nerdfighteria all the way!

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This is SEDS's 2013 entry to the Project for Awesome.

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