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Every Role a Starring Role

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Kelly: Hi, my name is Kelly Jean and I'm parade performer at the Disneyland Resort Welcome to Every Role, a Starring Role. My role at the Disneyland Resort is a cymbal dancer in Aladdin unit in Mickey Soundsational parade. My very part of the unit that I'm in, is probably music and the fact that I also get to make music. There's a lot of like cymbals, and drums, and it's lot of fun.It's a six girls, and the genie. At the very beginning, when I show up to get started the first thing I do is I go to conditioning, re-stretch, and warm up. Then after that I do my makeup pickup my costume and then my beautiful fancy wig and then it's time to step up. To learn choreography for the parade, it takes about six weeks of rehearsal, usually have it by two or three finish learning it.Then it's just perfecting and going over and going over. I think the challenge associated with my role is probably wearing high heels dancing in town in Main street. take some practice, obviously everything is a big part of the show, just to be able to dance down Main street to see the faces of the guest, and how they light up and how they dance and maybe inspire to become a parade performer when they grow up.The training that it takes to do this role, definitely a background in dance, some sort of movement, or gymnastic, jazz top, ballet. I've dancing for probably 12 years, I started really getting into it when I was in high school, taking classes and I also went to a dance studio. I think the reason that Mickey Soundsational Parade is favorite so far is all the music, loud and live and all the colors on the floats, you cannot have good time doing this.Advisedly, we give somebody who wanted to start here would definitely just practice, and even if you aren't the best dancer technically, you can show people that you have ability to learn and become better. Good to show how much heart you have. We parade performers bring the magic to life, dancing down Main street USA.

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Posted by: chuckiedev on Apr 8, 2014

A performance dancer at Disney

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