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NHT Day 01 04 History and Culture

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Well, welcome back. Here we are, talking about the history and culture of this organization that we're dealing with. Now I saw something, I was reading your chats in as we're going through. Tomorrow, let me tell you what's going to happen tomorrow. I'll cover that at the end. I'll make you stay. I'll make you wait with anticipation. So at the end, I'll go over what's going to happen tomorrow. So we're going to talk about the history and culture of this organization. So who are we as a company and what are our values? What do our customers... There, you've got it. I was wondering, would anybody get that reference, but then Stormy got it, too, but then anticipation. So... You know, the history and culture of this one, this company has been doing right by our customers and taking care of our customers for a long time. We also do the right thing for the industry because we are an industry leader. I want to tell you, you know, we've been doing this, it was something, you know, we've been doing this since 1901 when we signed the first contract with E.A. Saunders. But there was something that went on during the 1990s, something called the termite revolution, where we lost a lot of the termiticides that were being used, the termite control chemicals that were being used, and we were left with a great deal of uncertainty as to what was going on. So a lot of the things like chlorinade, and heptachlor, and aldrin, went away those old termite chemicals, and we were left with some new ones. So we weren't sure how they were going to last, how long they were going to last, and then those started going away. And, you know, we got some other ones and weren't sure about those either. I can tell you, folks, that through the leadership of Rollins, this company of Mr. Rollins, we've always done right by the customer, we've taken care of the customer, we've lived up to our word and taken care of our customers even during this very tumultuous time of the 1990s. So we've done... We do what's right for the customer. We've displayed this customer-driven success, and professionalism, and work ethic, and integrity. That's the values that we want you to have. Now I want to show you a very short video... About a little... Specialist named Rick. Now Rick, hopefully, you'll see how he demonstrates our culture and prepares you for success. There's not anything special about what we're going to show you, this goes on in our branches every day. So let's take a look. Hi, I'm Rick and I'm going to tell you how I saved a 5 Year Account. Our branch services this restaurant. About three months ago, their owner Aubrey called and said he wanted a new specialist or he would cancel. Since then the restaurant was added to my route. I know I was treating the restaurant correctly, and I know I was using the right products, and I know I was placing them in the right locations. However, Aubrey kept calling the branch and complaining about German cockroaches in the storage area. As you can imagine, he wasn't happy and neither was my manager. If you can't solve my problem, I'll find someone else who can. After my second callback, the answer hit me like a lightening bolt... "Who brings your food supplies to the restaurant and what day do they come?" I decided to go back to the restaurant to watch the next delivery with Aubrey. As the boxes were unloaded, I opened one of them and several German cockroaches scurried out. Aubrey saw for himself that the roaches were being introduced by the vendor. We talked about removing the food from the boxes as quickly as possible, placing the items on the shelves, and discarding the boxes immediately. Finally, I offered to follow up with the vendor. And you know what, now Aubrey's happy, my manager is happy, and I'm happy to because now I had sold and serviced the vendor's warehouse. So that's our friend, Rick. Rick did some pretty good things there. So just chat in a word or two about what you think Rick showed there. What did Rick demonstrate there? Our friendly neighborhood Orkin man, although we have many Orkin women in here too, and we're happy to have you there. And Rollins women... That would be Jose in the video, so that's correct. Ingenuity, responsibility, integrity, communication, investigative skills, customer service, caring, and integrity, knowledge, above and beyond service... Knew what was right to do. So there's all these positives, all these positives and the words that Rick did. So it showed, on Rick's end, some really good things that he was doing. He took responsibility. Here at the Learning Center... Based in Atlanta... We have... Concepts of 100% responsibility, 100% accountability. No one is perfect. We acknowledge that. But when something messes up, you take responsibility for your actions... And then you fix them. So things will go wrong from time to time. This is not a perfect world, things will go wrong. And when things go wrong, you own up to whatever went wrong and then you're accountable to correct whatever went wrong. That's what we want from you. So what did Rick do? Well, Rick displayed professionalism and a good work ethic by applying the product correctly and developing a strategy to minimize the introduction of roaches from a vendor. So Rick was doing what he did. He displayed customer driven service by recognizing that the manager was not happy. Again, it goes back to the mamma. If the mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. So recognize that the manager was not satisfied. He didn't give up. You're right. He cared more, he did extra, he assumed responsibility for solving the problem. I'm going to take care of this. And then Rick lived up to his... And our guarantee. So Rick promised that we're going to get this under control, our service guarantee... Said we're going to get it under control. And guess what we did? We had the integrity to do it right. And what we're asking here, this is... I want you to think of these concepts, I want you to think of these concepts... As a tool in your toolbox. It's sort of this logic, this way of thinking, this way of doing things. I want you to think of it as another thing that we can use, just like you would a sprayer or some product or material that we're putting out that this logic is another thing in the toolbox, just the way that we do things. Now what do you think of when you hear the name Orkin or see the Orkin Diamond or Rollins Diamond? Chat in a word or two as to what you think. Rick, reliable. Bugs, professional, number one, reliable, successful. Okay, so reliable, integrity... Bug guys, professional, pros, maybe quality in there, maybe gets the job done. Okay, so some good answers here. Now... We looked... Clear this out. We looked at... A marking study and we asked customers who had been with us seven years or more why they stayed with us. So we asked our customers why... And you know what they said? Well, I'd really like for you to tell me why you think that they said they stayed with us. So why do you think they stayed with us? Chat in. Don't call in on this one. Effectiveness, loyalty, quality, service... Reliable. Yeah, they like us. You know, one of the main reasons, and I normally don't get it but they like us. One of the main reasons is not me... It's not Stormy, although she's really likeable... It's not the regional manager, it's not Mr. Wilson, it's not Mr. Rollins, the main reason that they stay with us is you, you. They see you out there as solving their problems. They see you as providing quality service and professionalism. They see that in you. They don't get to see me, although, if they saw my singing, I'm sure they'd think I was a consummate professional. That'd be great. You. To our customers, you... Are Rollins. That's it. You, it's you, it's not me. So you have the biggest influence on our customers more so than me, more so than Stormy. So let's look at our objectives for this module. We want to discuss the effects of 50 years of advertising we have had and identify some examples of customer driven service and professionalism, and work ethic, and integrity. I'm going to chat about those things. And then we also want to be able to commit... To incorporating these things in your day-to-day actions. We will get to that, Gregory, we will get that. All will become clear. Now... Here it comes. Hold on one second. Okay, just had a little... There he is now. Okay, so what year did the Orkin Diamond make its first debut? Was it in 1908? Let's see what happened in 1908. When Otto Orkin signed his first pest control contract with E.A. Saunders... Hold on a minute, folks, we're not there yet. Was it in 1926 when Otto Orkin moved... Headquarters from Richmond, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia? Was it in 1947 when Orkin introduced the industry's first uniforms? Or was it in 1952 when General Motors declared Orkin the, excuse me, when Fortune Magazine declared General Motors... I'm gonna try this one more time, and hopefully, I'll get it out this time. When Fortune Magazine proclaimed Orkin, the General Motors of extermination. So an answer to your question, what year did Diamond make its grand debut, 1908, 1926, 1947, or 1952? Use your tablet to answer, please. Well, looking at our results, most people think it is 1947. But the correct answer is actually 1926, when Otto Orkin moved headquarters from Richmond, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia. Now 1908 was the first contract with E.A. Saunders, but actually Otto Orkin started a little earlier, selling rodenticides door-to-door, and trace it back to 1901. So that's where those answers come from, hopefully, Gregory, that answered your question. You know, when somebody asked Otto Orkin why he chose the diamond, he said, "We are the diamond of the pest control industry." That's a pretty bold statement but when you think about our commitment to customer driven service, and professionalism, and work ethic, you can understand how we could become the crown jewel of this industry. Now earlier, we covered, and in your pre-work you covered, the five performance metrics that your managers will use to judge you... You know, to see how successful you are going to be. But I want you to think about this, just think about this, we're one page three, if you're having trouble following along, we're on page three. How will making this same commitment affect your performance measurements? Chat it in for me. Marketing trend that works, increased productivity. Yeah, you're getting the concept. It'll grow. If you remember, consistency, strive for greatness, increase in profitability. All of these things that you have... Chatted in are correct. So it's really going to result in fewer cancellations, fewer callbacks, fewer allowances, more sales, and less bad debt, basically, money in your pocket. So incorporating these concepts into your day-to-day life is going to build you that loyal customer base that we talked about last time, that loyal customer, we want you to have loyal customers. When you deliver this exceptional customer service and deliver the best experience to each one of your customers, that's going to happen, it's going on day to day. So we're helping, I want you to think about this, you have a tremendous responsibility because we're providing services that help protect the health of our customers and the organizations, whether their organization is a family, whether it's a business, we're protecting that. So we're protecting the people in the family, we're protecting people in the businesses. We're protecting the homes and buildings that people own. That's pretty important, what we do. Now we've been... Advertising since the 1950s, we are one of the first ones... That really started ads, did a lot of ads. So I have a question for you. What effect has this ad had? What percentage of customers recognize the Orkin brand name? Is it 15%, 40%, 55%, or 70%? Looking at our results, most people say it's 70%, and most people would be correct. So when you look at this, as soon as my screen catches up, 70%, a lot of people know us, that's up there with, you know, brands like Ford Motor Company, you know, things like that. Recognize, you know, 70% of people know the Ford name or maybe Oscar Meyer. Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener or, my bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R. Probably, most of you recognize one or both of those silly little songs I sang. That's the power of advertising. So... Power of advertising. That's it. Yeah, but you all knew that or most of you probably knew that song, one of them, right, that's the power of advertising. So how does this 70% brand recognition help you? Chat it in for me. How is this going to help you? Chat it in for me. More customers, good reputation, longevity, one foot in the door. Basically, yeah, that's going to get us in the door. It's trusted, call us first, good reputation. So all these things that you're chatting in are true. They already know us. They trust us. But you know what, folks? We have to deliver on this, we have to deliver on it every day, like we were talking about in the last module, we have a great reputation. But we have to deliver on that promise, it gets us in the door but we have to deliver on it every time we go out to service a customer. Now I want to show you, sort of a look back memory lane probably, you know, before some of you, many of you were probably born, so '50s, '60s, and '70s. But I want you to look at it and I want you to chat in, I don't want you to chat in anything while they're going on, just watch it, okay. So turn to your participant guide, and as you watch these commercials, write down a word or two that really jumps out at you. Now I want you to remember that some of these commercials are 50 years old. And we say some things in there that we wouldn't probably say today, okay, probably, wouldn't say today. You may see one of our spokesperson, our first spokesperson, a former Miss America Bess Myerson, say, "Harmless to humans but deadly to bugs." Now we probably wouldn't say that today, okay. But consider the timeframe... That we're talking about. So let's take a look and just write down a word or two that jumps out at you and then I'm going to ask you to chat them in after the commercials are over. Let's watch. And nothing can stop us, except... Otto, the Orkin Man. We termites, today, are $100 million worth of damage. Why wasn't it more? Because of Otto the Orkin Man. You termites have earned your way, now let's swarm. The roaches are destroying my food. Right, the repulsive rat is wrecking my business. Termites are destroying my home. We want action now. Get Otto, get Otto the Orkin Man. An expert in this profession, the Orkin Service Man bring... They are harmless to humans but deadly to roaches. Your Orkin Man is not satisfied until the very last uninvited guest has packed up. Professionals... Highly trained... Experienced in dealing with the unique and sensitive problems of our crowded world... These are Orkin Men. I saw the guy in another vehicle... It's an inspection. I'd like to tell you how I can help keep your home a little cleaner and a little healthier. Through the years, Orkin used time wisely to develop and better manage and creating new ones. There have been a lot more people there in a lot of different ways. And I think we get a lot more of these unusual kinds of jobs simply 'cause people know us. Orkin is the largest pest control company. It's the largest 'cause we serve more people than anybody else. Pest control needs have changed. And we've changed to meet those needs. But one thing is still the same, Orkin Service is still the same professional and personal service it's been for 70 years. I've been servicing my residential customers for a long time now and I think they just really appreciate the job that we do for them. So there you have it, some of our old commercials. I believe we're on page four now. So... We've got some newer commercials, but that was a trip down memory lane perhaps again before some of you were born. You know, some of the... Kids of that era were a little disappointed when the Orkin Man or Woman would show up back in that time and the spray can wouldn't, the little cartoon spray can wouldn't get out and start spraying around. That's how effective our advertising was back in those days. So go ahead and chat in one or two words that jumped out at you from all of those ads. Professional, harmless to you and dead little bugs, okay, professionals, let's swarm, history, best, expert, Orkin Man, we want action, clean home, adaptable, professional, personable, innovative, experienced... Highly trained, number one, longevity, largest. Okay, so all those things that just jumped out at you. Now we will be showing you some of the more recent commercials in a few of our modules as we go through, so you can see some of the big bug commercials that are currently out. We've incorporated a few of them, not all of them obviously, a few of them into some of the current, just some of the other modules. Well-rounded. So again, folks, when you think about this, you are the Orkin spokesperson, you are Orkin, you are Rollins when you go out there. So when you put on the uniform, you are the Orkin Man or the Orkin Woman or the Rollins Man or the Rollins Woman. And they want you to be knowledgeable and dedicated and determined to solving their problems, okay. So you've got 100 years plus out there resting on your shoulders, rest, everyone. Okay. So there's a lot of history behind us. So when you look at our reputation, I want you to think into this, don't bother chatting in on this but I want you to think about just for a minute, don't bother chatting in, why is our reputation important? Okay, why is the reputation important? Well, you know, when we have a good reputation, it generates trust. And this trust equals loyalty. That's why our reputation is so important, because ultimately when the customers trust us, they're going to be loyal to us. It essentially makes us part of their lives 'cause they're relying on us to take care of their home or business, to keep that home or business pest free. And when it keeps them pest free, it keeps their customers healthy, it keeps their family healthy. So they've given us a big responsibility and we need to be up to that responsibility and take that responsibility very seriously. So we're fortunate many customers feel so strongly about us. But as I said earlier, we are the diamond of the industry. We need to live up to that reputation. Now they call us first because of our reputation. And sales, whether you're account manager or sales inspector, you know, this is a big advantage you have over your competitors 'cause they already know us, they know who we are, they know about Rollins and Orkin. Now I'd like to chat with one or two of you. I'd like you to call in, now you've all had a chance to do some ride-alongs or be out with your service manager or maybe CFT, you've been out in the field, and maybe some of you have had the experience to see some of our coworkers, our internal customers going that little extra mile for some of our customers. So I'd like one or two to chat in and tell me something that you've seen one of our employees doing that little bit of extra something to help a customer. So probably, a couple of you have seen that. Let's hear from one or two of you, what you've seen out there as you've worked with our internal customers, what have we seen, what examples have you seen of somebody doing a little bit something extra for the customer. Let's go first, and I'd like a couple more calls. So let's go first to Royce in Belmont. Royce, wait five seconds. Well, I've seen, you know, people clean up after the fact of their jobs, I've seen them to do general maintenance, which, you know, most customers actually like that type of stuff. Sure, absolutely. Treating the customers' home like their own. Ben in Scottsdale. Customer had a rat's nest in a pool heater and we helped him take it apart and clean up the rat's nest out of there, vacuumed it all out. He was very satisfied, helped put it back together. It was a very tight quarters and a very small building. Yeah, okay, so we went that little extra mile. And I'm not sure I'm going to say this name Jaquande, correct me if I said that wrong, in Fort Myers. It's Jackie. Okay, well, that's not the way they had it. Okay, go ahead. My manager actually helped out with things that aren't Orkin related, like changing the light bulb for an elderly couple or something like that, just going the extra mile, for customer service wise. Exactly, that's it. All of those are really good examples. And thank you for calling in and thank you for all my other callers, including the ones I didn't get to. Yeah, it's just doing those little extra things. It could be helping somebody take apart that motor or making sure we leave the home in its pristine condition as we find. Or maybe it's changing a light bulb for an elderly customer. You know, we go into places such as attics and crawlspaces that a lot of customers don't get into very often. If they have a burned out light bulb and it's just a matter of unscrewing another one, "Mrs. Smith, do you have another light bulb. I'd be glad to change it for you. It's burned out." "Oh, thank you so much." Maybe it's bringing in the paper or the trash cans on a cold rainy day for a customer, particularly an elderly, a senior citizen customer, customer with a disability, it's those little things that we do that put us just that much better above the competition. So we want to think of ourselves up here. Everybody else down here, we're up here, down here, up here. Okay, so keep that in mind. The little value added things that set us, we claim we're a premium company. We charge a premium price, we don't try to hide that, we are a premium company. But we have to deliver that premium service every day. Otherwise, we are down here with everybody else. Okay. So you know, it's all those things, just those little things that we can do... That set us apart. You know, the customers will appreciate that. The customers appreciate us helping them take apart that pump in the pool house or changing that light bulb or making sure everything was cleaned up as much as possible after our treatments. So it's all those things. And when we do these things, when we do that, when we live this ethic, when we live this mentality, this logic of exceptional customer service, it will naturally result in fewer cancellations, fewer call backs, fewer allowances, more sales, and less bad debt. At the end of the day, it's going to help you make more money. Okay, so... Doing the right thing is so, so important. Now in the last module, I talked about this old mindset of if you are satisfied with our customer, you know, our customers were satisfied, yeah, they'd go out and tell two people, but if they were dissatisfied, they'd tell more. Yeah, they'd tell eight people. So 80% negative, 20% positive, so what's going on out there? But as we talked about, that's not the case today with social media where you can instantly share your thoughts with hundreds of people in just a few moments. And guess what, folks, negative comments on there tend to stay around, they don't go away along easily. They're gonna be on there for a long time. You can go back and find stuff 10, 15, 20 years old. At work, I changed an older gentleman's tire. So yeah, yeah, you're in the Orkin uniform. Yeah, he remembers that. We are people just like them. Okay, so just those little things. Now I want to introduce you to a guy named Jacob Morgan. Now he had a bad customer experience with FedEx, nothing to do with Orkin or Rollins. He had a bad customer experience with FedEx and people probably have bad experiences... You know, off and on with FedEx from time to time. Pardon me. Well, Jacob did something different. He went home, turned on his computer, and made a little video. Now I want to show you that video. Take a look at what Jacob said. So I think companies need to focus a lot more on hiring the brand evangelists and the brand ambassadors, right? When you hire somebody, you need to make sure that that person is excited, like they want to work there, they want to do what they can to help the customers, they want to improve customer service, and they're just, they're excited to see the company win. And I think a lot of companies don't do that, right? I mean, you hear that a lot at a lot places you go to, "I just work here, I don't make the rules." That's not answer to me, right? I mean, that doesn't help me, that doesn't help the brand. So I have the question for you. How many people do you think viewed Jacob's video in the first 48 hours? Was is 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000? Well, let's see what most people think. Most people think it was 10,000. And that would be correct. So the correct answer would be E, 10,000. More than 4,000 people watched it on his website, 'cause he had a big following, and it was embedded more than 7,000 times into other people's websites. In the first 48 hours, more than 10,000 people watched that video. Now as you can imagine... FedEx was probably just a teensy weensy bit concerned. So they contacted Jacob immediately and solved his problem. Not only that, they asked to use his video as part of their ongoing training, their customer service training. We want our customers to have great customer service experiences. When they think of us, they think of us in that very positive light. You have the chance to go above and beyond our customer's expectations every day, whether it's bringing in the trash can, or offering to change a light bulb, or helping that gentleman with a flat tire change it. That's the little things, that's the value added, that means wearing the diamond. That's the diamond. I don't have the diamond on today. I have the Rollins Learning on today. But that's the diamond. That's what it means to put on the uniform, that's who we are. Now I want to show you a little scenario about a specialist who has a situation that you are probably going to face sooner or later. So we're going to talk about Mrs. Smith who lives at 451 Avery Drive. Now the specialist is at the home servicing Mrs. Smith for her regular service, she's thrilled with the job that she's getting from us because she had a roach problem, we controlled it. Now her elderly mother has roaches as well, Mrs. Smith asked the specialist could she get a little bit of the product to help Mom solve the problem. So let's look at this situation and how the specialists handled it. Let's watch, shall we? I wanted to thank you so much for getting rid of those disgusting roaches. Those pesticides you sprayed have really been effective. In fact, I haven't seen a roach in two months. By the way, my mom lives down the street and is having the same roach problem you helped me with. Money is tight for her, I was wondering, could you leave a little of the pesticide so I could treat her house? Mrs. Smith, I'm pleased that you are happy us. The best option would be to sign your mom up to regular pest control service. Unfortunately, I can't leave any of our products with you because state and federal laws require that the person applying the product be certified. If you could leave some of that stuff, it would be great to help me and my mom. I promise I won't tell anybody. What I can do is work with you to develop an Orkin service plan that would work for you and your mom. But I really can't give you the product. If I did, I would be breaking the law and that could result in some very serious legal consequences. Maybe you would like to consider giving a regular pest control service as a Mother's Day present. To help you, I can give you a referral coupon to help reduce the cost. Does that sound good? I don't want to get anybody in trouble. Let me think about signing her up for a year of pest control. She has done a lot for me and this would be a nice way to say thank you. Can I call you when I decide? Absolutely, Orkin would love the opportunity to help your mom or anyone else you might want to refer. If you don't mind, I'll call back next week if I haven't heard back from you. Okay, so hopefully, all of you got to see it that time. Hopefully, it loaded up for you just fine. Now I want you to think about that because it's something all of you are going to face at some point in your career. Someone is going to ask you for some product or material. And they're going to couch it many times and something that makes it sound like it's going to help you. "I tell you what? Why don't you leave me a little bit of that stuff? And if they come back, I'll treat it myself, so you won't have to come back out. So I'd really be helping you out. Save you a trip. I don't want you to come back out here, you know, just for a little minor problem." You're going to get that, folks. You'll get that, I can almost guarantee it. So you know how, you now know how to handle that situation, which is a difficult one that you're going to encounter. So that service specialist displayed professionalism by letting Mrs. Smith know in a polite way that it would be illegal for her to have the material, for him to leave it and made them aware in the professionalism that there was a referral coupon that could help her out in the situation. But he showed integrity by refusing to leave the product even under pressure from her to do that. So we found a way to help Mrs. Smith's mother without violating any law. And then he followed up, calling Mrs. Smith back to make sure that the situation was handled. So you're going to face this, I can almost guarantee it. You're in this business long enough. Someone's going to ask you for some of that stuff you are using there. Yeah, that, "Yeah, can you just leave me a little bit of that stuff there? You know, it would really help you out. I'll give you a few bucks for if you want. Yeah, just..." Don't get caught in that trap, folks. Do not get caught in that trap. So now when we follow these things, as we've said before, it's going to lead to fewer cancellations, fewer call backs, fewer allowances, more sales, and less bad debt. Now Mrs. Smith is not just a character we dreamed up here. She's a real customer with real concerns. Don't panic, folks. You know how to handle this now. One of the more tricky ones, one of the more tricky situations you know now how to handle it, okay. They really do that nonsense, Royce, you're absolutely correct. But what we want you to be is a shining beacon of integrity, okay. You're a lighthouse. When you commit to this, it's going to help you navigate through these tricky situations by always doing the right thing, whether someone's watching or not. You will be that shining beacon of integrity and that lighthouse that's going to lead you the way to do that, do what's right. So we never want you to waver from what has made us successful as a company. We want you to provide the best possible solutions for our customers each and every day. But you have to do it in the right way, you have to do it according to all rules and regulations and company policies. Don't get caught in a trap. No, no, no, no, no, don't do that, okay. So when we follow these things, as I just said a moment ago, it's going to reduce your cancellations, it's going to reduce your call backs, it's going to reduce your allowances, and it's going to reduce your bad debt. Basically, folks... Hopefully, you've all got this by this point in time because basically, folks, when you do the right thing, the other things tend to take care of themselves. When you follow the rules of the company, when you follow state regulations and labels, when you do the right thing by our customers, by taking care of them in the legal ways, the other things of cancellations and bad debt and call backs tend to take care of themselves. So you do what you know to do, you become that beacon, you become that lighthouse. You're the bright light out there. Do the right thing. The rest of the stuff tends to take care of itself. So you know, this isn't just, you know, a one-hour module that we do and we never talk about it again. We want you to live this, we want you to embrace it, we want you to take it into you, have it become part of you. It's the way of life for this company that you're working for. This is our culture. This is who we are. And we want you to be a part of that culture and be part of this family. So if you can live up to those expectations, those ideals, you're going to fit right in. So again, when we do the right things, it's going to help us increase our customers, increase our referrals, increase your sales, and money, money, money, yeah, putting money in your pocket, folks. That's it. So exceed the customer expectations, be knowledgeable about pest and their behaviors, and do the right thing, it's going to help you. It's helped us from 1901, from the days of Otto Orkin started selling rodenticides door to door, up to 2016. When we commit to customer driven service, and professionalism, and work ethic, and integrity, it's going to help you. And ultimately, we want you to be successful because if you're successful, your branch manager is successful, your branch is successful, your branch manager is successful, the region is successful, the division is successful, the company is successful. It starts with you. So when you put on that uniform tomorrow, be proud that you're working for a company that has been around, can trace its history back to 1901. Be proud that this company has its ethic and customer driven service. Take care of it, the other stuff tends to follow behind. Okay, I think, enough anticipation. Let me tell you what's going to happen tomorrow. Okay, tomorrow at 10 o'clock Eastern Time, Shane will be back with you. Shane will be back with you. He'll be with you, talking to you from 10:00 to 12:00 about laws and rules and regulations. Then he'll continue on with hazard communication. Now I have a quick question before I tell you the rest of the day. What schedule are we on? Are we on Schedule A, B, C, or D? Use your tablet to answer that question. Which schedule are we on? - Is it schedule A, B, C, or D? - E. - What? What? - Schedule E. E. Stormy said it's schedule E. Stormy, there is no schedule E. You were so close though. Okay, it looks like looks like I have 8 people A, 3 people B, 87 C, and 1 D, and one vote for E by Stormy. Okay, we are on Schedule C, folks, C as in Charlie. C as in Charlie, okay. Yes, that was the melodious voice of Stormy, okay. So everyone is back here tomorrow according to schedule C, 10 o'clock Eastern Time. Then at noon, Shane will continue his discussions with you on hazard communication. Now I will be back with you at 2 o'clock Eastern Time with my pest control folks. Termite, I'll get to you in just a second. My pest control folks, I will be with you tomorrow at 2 o'clock to talk about cockroaches. And I have some good news. I'm going to have a special guest with me. The special guest is one of the... - Yay! - Yay! Stormy says yay. I have one of the foremost experts on cockroaches in the world will be with me tomorrow as a special guest. - Absolutely. - Yay! One of the foremost experts on, yes, everyone is showing up from 10 until 1 o'clock tomorrow, Eastern Time, everybody. Then my pest control folks are back at 2 o'clock from 2:00 to 4:00, cockroaches with the world's foremost expert on cockroach and cockroach biology. I think you're going to enjoy meeting him. Then my termite folks, I'm not done with you yet tomorrow, you'll be back with me from 4:00 to 5:00 Eastern Time, and we're going to be discussing equipment and safety in termite treatments. So to review, everybody, everybody dance now. No, that's the wrong thing. Everybody back here 10 o'clock, law and rules, noon, hazard communication. 2 o'clock, my pest control folks are back with me for cockroaches along with my special guest. And then at 4 o'clock Eastern, back with me again for my termite folks for equipment safety. So thank you, folks. Good first day, I'm looking forward to working with you over the next couple of weeks. We'll see you tomorrow. Now go out and solve somebody's problems. That's your job. Do it.

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NHT Day 01 04 History and Culture

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