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Verification in the real ear is acknowledged as an important step in successful fitting. It helps contribute to more satisfied customers and less returns for credit. A necessary element of real ear measurements is the use of the probe tube. The probe tube must be placed close to the tympanic membrane. This is to avoid incorrect measurements in the important high frequencies where matching the target can be difficult enough. Many hearing care professionals refrain from doing real ear verification because they are afraid of placing the probe tube in the clients’ ear canals. Others place the probe tube in the ear canal, but too far from the tympanic membrane. Clients are left either without a verified hearing instrument or with one that is poorly verified - most likely with too much output in the high frequencies. In both cases, the fitting quality suffers and there is a greater chance that the next visit is unplanned and your time is spent addressing client complaints instead of fine-tuning the hearing instrument. And if you don’t convince your client that the fitting is back on track, there is a significant risk that your client will want to return the hearing instrument. The new ProbeTube Assistant addresses this challenge, and can be accessed from any step in OTOsuite PMM. A simple, clear and intuitive user interface tells you where to place the probe tube, how to adjust the insertion depth and alerts you when the probe tube is in the correct position. To ensure stability of the probe, we introduce 3 new items – a new earhook to replace the blue rubberband, a new probe tube holder to ensure that the probe tube stays in place and new probe tubes with a millimeter scale for accurate measurements of the insertion depth of the probe tube. All in all, the ProbeTube Assistant is about making accurate probe tube placement carefree so that your customers realize real benefit from their more accurately fitted hearing instruments. AURICAL – your way to fitting excellence

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Posted by: lpagola on Oct 12, 2016

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