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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi speaking about His pictures of Moon, Black Stone

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People say that Gohar Shahi claimed to have his images on the moon and the Black Stone. I have not made this claim. This claim is from God, for which I am testifying and asking people to you investigate/research as well If this is from God, negation of these signs is infidelity and if we are unable to provide evidence of these signs, then I am ready for any punishment. After investigating out the matter people say that if image of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cannot appear how can anyone else’s (image) can appear? Maybe that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself put the image of any of His son so that people may learn the knowledge of Ishq (passionate love) and Love through him as Prophet Muhammad himself after teaching this knowledge, appointed Him for whole world and all religions. Some people say that images are forbidden. Just like anger is forbidden for ordinary people but when a saint, Prophet or Allah gets angry we cannot call it forbidden instead of that it is called “Jalal” Similarly pictures made by ordinary people may be forbidden but picture made with the hands of Prophet Salomon, which are kept in (taboot-e-Sakina) Ark of the Covenant, you even cannot declare them forbidden then, if God make someone’s image it is foolishness to have objection on it. Whereas, He is also (Al-Mussawir) Fashioner of Form and (Al-Qadir) capable of doing everything It is also mentioned in Prophetic traditions that image of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will be shown in grave Whereas image is second name of picture.

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Posted by: theallfaith on Dec 29, 2009 Syedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi explaining about pictures of Moon, Black Stone to a large gathering in Pakistan.

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