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Konstantin Kirsch - Naturbauten 2001

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Thunderbolt; Astonishing made in Germany Houses which grow into the sky. Good things take time, we know that. Exactly this is the way of a unique housebuilder from Kassel. Nentershausen in Hessen and it's 600 year old lime tree. Not far away the lime tree of Konstantin Kirsch is growing. On a huge grasland in the village 'Bauhaus' the 35 year old realizes his visions: Growing homes! Building time of the biggest house till now: 8 years! So let us be fascinated by the permaculturist's prototyp house. Welcome home, at my ashtree house.. It has about 100 square yard as living space, and inside I will explain you the details. Yes, here you are in the first big room. It's a 5 meter diameter circle. The whole house is made out of 1350 ash trees, which I planted 8 years ago in about this size. Now they have the size of 5 to 6 meter, later on they will be formed as a dome. And here I can show how the wall will close. The single trees grow as a screen. On touching they melt together. In time, on growing thicker, the holes will grow smaller, and I get a complete closed wall. In this area of the house a window is on the way. The future position is marked with a line. Here the trees will melt. In about 3 years I can cut free the window. And the wall will need about 20 years from now, to be a completely closed grown wall. In winter the house should be relatively warm, for that I have planted a second wall to the outside. This room can be used as a store room, same time it's a buffer to the cold north side. Lot of this house had to be made years ahead of time. For example here I had to imagine that the wall will be closed later on. If I want to bring phone or electricity wires through the wall I should have to use a driller, which I don't want to do, so I have placed a tube through, that will grow into the wall. Later I can push the wires through this. Here another trelli is growing. This is an edible dome, out of haselnuts! This will be my bathroom. In the beginning (1993) it took a lot of phantasy, to believe in a date for moving in. But patience and his pro-life-view of nature let the project of Konstantin Kirsch grow into something unique. Advantage of a grown tree-home: It needs no paint, and stands, good rooted, about 500 years. Yes, permaculture is, as the name suggests, the design of permanent cultures, of sustainability. So the design and building of very long funktioning ecosystems. I came to this during alternative service in nature conservation. I found and read books about it, and it deeply touched me. This was 15 years ago, and I felt inside me: "Thats my thing!" And in the years I liked it more and more. The building process is quite simple. Weave treespecies with thin bark and screw them at the crossings. The resulting woundwater will build new bark and will join together to a strong fence. Here for example for a warehouse. Is Konstantin Kirsch architect or gardener? Architect or gardener? I'm both! The mix is called 'Biotect'. And he is also writer. In his book 'Naturbauten' you find impulses to avoid eyesores like this. Motivaten for ecologicaly design of you life. I'm in the living room! The visions of Konstantin Kirsch: He wants a lifestile, where nature is happy that humans are here!

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Duration: 5 minutes and 1 second
Year: 2001
Country: Germany
Language: German
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Posted by: koki on Dec 5, 2008

Naturbauten von Konstantin Kirsch, wachsende Häuser (growing homes), Permakultur (permaculture), Film ausgestrahlt am 27.11.2001,

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