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Anjali from Neighbourhood Diaries

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Title in English Hi I am Anjali, There is a program running here called Neighborhood Diaries Bishan told us that there is a similar project going on at your end Sister Bina also told us So we are sending you a message The message is not that formal, I mean when the project started here we were shown two Photographs at first One was a picture of a foreign place, the other one was of Kolkata The photograph of Kolkata was of buildings, nice surroundings Its hard to imagine seeing that picture that Kolkata can be like this And the other picture was from a foreign place One can think that it is of a street from Kolkata We were told about the pictures that you try to yourself.. what do you think.. But we eventually could figure out which picture was from Kolkata And which is not So our project was started to look at these aspects.. Every person tries to see nice things always.. The society always try to portray nice things.. But we won't see that way, we will try to see.. those things people don't see..they neglect.. belittle.. they ignore... We try to see those things.. So this project has been started.. Most of the students of our project are from the red light area So because of this they have a grudge in their mind That we live in a place that everybody despises Nobody bothers about us But when this project started, then our own thoughts, stories started to come out in the open We were told to interview different people We went to them talked with them and interviewed them, took pictures of them This was an experience, an exciting one When I first went for an interview I was thrilled I was assigned.. to take an interview of a prostitute in the red light area, a real one.. When I went for the interview then.. I felt very uneasy.. so to say.. But I took the interview.. So our project was made to highlight these people those who sleep on the street Who live in the streets or in slums.. or those who are of a low caste about the society can learn about them.. The project was made for them.. We went to them and asked.. what do they want.. What are their thoughts.. Then when we talked with them We learned that even if they live in a small boudary whether its a red light area or a slum.. their thoughts are much higher and greater than that.. They can do a lot of things So we tell from that experience that you also try out For those people in your locality whom the society ignores Or belittle them Work for them.. Work with them in a way that they also enjoy it.. They feel very excited that they can do something like this.. tell that they like it..The feel excited to give interview to you.. to talk with you.. Try to work with them..and From your hearts.. I mean from your inside try to tell about them.. write about them.. Write freely ... this is my message. Before coming to the 'Neighborhood Diaries' program to tell the truth I was afraid of writing I mean when I sat with pen and paper it seemed that they were going to hit me. or something like it..from that situation..when I started this program.. I was told to write about the most memorable day of my life about the most nice day or moment in my life.. I write about it.. everybody liked it very much.. That was the first, I mean.. the joy I cherished on the first day of 'Neighborhood Diaries' program I mean everybody appreciated my writing Then my life changed totally I was afraid of writing but I am not now.. Now I very much like to write I can put my thoughts in pen and paper I mean I can write my thoughts in paper with pen So this is a great thing if you can't tell anyone about your thoughts.. You can write it in paper and share.. So thank you 'Neighborhood Diaries' Program Because without this program my thoughts would remain inside me And I couldn't express them in writing as I do now So I tell you if you are afraid of studying You don't have serious in your program You will feel that you would like to share your thoughts with pen and paper So just do it..

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Duration: 4 minutes and 47 seconds
Country: India
Language: Bengali
Producer: David Sasaki
Director: David Sasaki
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Posted by: oso on Aug 14, 2008

Anjali describers her experience as a citizen journalist for the Neighbourhood Diaries project in the Bowbazaar neighbourhood of Kolkata, India.

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