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The Purport to Dasavatara Stotra - Prabhupada 0380

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Then, next incarnation is Vamanadeva. This Vamanadeva, a dwarf, He went to Bali Maharaja and asked him three feet land, and his guru, Sukracarya, induced him not to promise, because He is Visnu. But Bali Maharaja was very much satisfied to offer something to Visnu, he gave up the connection of his guru, because he forbade him to serve Visnu. Therefore Bali Maharaja is one of the mahajanas. Nobody can check the worship of Visnu. If anyone checks, he may be guru, he may be father, he may be relative, he should be rejected, immediately. Therefore Bali Maharaja is a mahajana. He showed this example: because his guru put hindrances on the path of his worshiping Lord Visnu, he gave up the connection of his guru. So by this process He begged, but that was not begging, practically that was cheating. But Bali Maharaja agreed to be cheated by the Lord. That is the symptom of the devotee. The devotee agrees to any action of the Lord, and Bali Maharaja saw that the Lord wanted to be cheat. By asking three feet land, He'll take the whole universe, so he agreed. And by two feet the whole universe was covered up and down. Then Vamanadeva asked him that where is to keep the third feet? So Bali Maharaja agreed, "My Lord, you keep it on my head, I have got my body still." In this way he purchased Lord Visnu, Vamanadeva, and Vamanadeva remained as the doorkeeper of Bali Maharaja. So by giving everything, sarvatma snapane bali, he gave everything to Lord, and by that giving up, he purchased the Lord. He remained voluntarily as doorkeeper of Bali Maharaja. So, chalayasi vikramane balim adbhuta-vamana pada-nakha-nira-janita-jana-pavana, when Vamanadeva expanded His leg upwards, by His toe there was a hole in the covering of the universe, and through that hole the Ganges water came from Vaikuntha. Pada-nakha-nira-janita, and that Ganges water is flowing now in the universe, sanctifying everywhere, wherever the Ganges water is there. Pada-nakha-nira-janita-jana-pavana. Then next incarnation is Bhrgupati, Parasurama. Parasurama is a saktyavesa avatara. So He, twenty-one times, killed the ksatriyas. So out of Parasurama's fear, all the ksatriyas, they migrated towards Europe, it is said in the history, Mahabharata. So twenty-one times He attacked all the ksatriyas. They were not in order, so He killed them, and there is a big tank in Kuruksetra where all the bloods were reserved. Later on it became water. So ksatriya-rudhira, in order to pacify the aggrieved Earth, He soaked the earth with the blood of the ksatriyas, snapayasi payasi samita-bhava-tapam. Vitarasi diksu rane dik-pati-kamaniyam dasa-mukha-mauli-balim ramaniyam. Then next avatara is Ramacandra. So the Ravana, who had ten heads, he challenged the Lord, and Lord Ramacandra took up the challenge and killed him. Then vahasi vapusi visade vasanam jaladabham hala-hati-bhiti-milita-yamunabham. When Baladeva wanted Yamuna to come near Him, so she was not coming. Therefore with His plow He wanted to bifurcate the earth, and at that time Yamuna submitted, and she came near to the Lord. Hala-hati-bhiti-yamuna, hala-hati-bhiti-milita-yamunabham, Yamuna was punished by Lord Baladeva. Kesava dhrta-haladhara-rupa, hala, haladhara means plow, haladhara-rupa jaya jagadisa hare. Next, Buddha, Lord Buddha. Nindasi yajna-vidher ahaha sruti-jatam. Lord Buddha defied the Vedic injunction, because His mission was to stop animal-killing, and in the Vedas, in some of the sacrifices, animal-killing is prescribed. So those who are so-called followers of the Vedic rules, they wanted to stop Buddhadeva in His mission for stopping animal-killing, so therefore when people wanted to give evidence from the Vedas, that in the Vedas there is description, there is sanction of animal-killing in sacrifices, why you are stopping? He, nindasi, He defied. And because He defied the authority of Vedas, therefore Buddha philosophy was not accepted in India. Nastika, anyone who will deny the authority of the Veda, he'll be called a nastika, non-believer. Vedas cannot be disrespected. So in this way, Lord Buddha, to save the poor animals, He sometimes defied the injunction of the Veda. Kesava dhrta buddha-sarira jaya jagadisa. The next avatara is Kalki avatara. We are awaiting, after four hundred thousands of years from this time, the Kalki avatara will come, and He'll take a sword on the horseback, just like a king, He'll simply go on killing all these non-believers, Godless creatures. There will be no more preaching. As in other incarnation there is preaching, in Kalki avatara the population of the whole world will be so much reduced to animalism, that there will be no more power to understand what is God, or what is spiritualism. And it is already there, the Kali-yuga. It will increase. People will have no power to understand this philosophy, God consciousness. So at that time there is no other alternative than to kill them all, and usher in another Satya-yuga. That is the way of (indistinct).

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Posted by: vanimedia on Aug 20, 2013

Prabhupada speaks the purport to Dasavatara Stotra part two from Gita Govinda by Srila Jayadeva Gosvami Date and Location Unknown

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