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Dotsub Founder Michael Smolens and new CEO David Orban discuss Dotsub's future

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dotSUB any video any language  

MIchael Smolens: Founder & Chairman dotSUB   If a picture is worth a thousand words, it's imposible to know how many words a video is worth.

I have always been interested in understanding cultures, understanding people.

David Orban and I have finalized an agreement where David is coming onboard as dotSUB's CEO.

David Orban CEO, dotSUB dotSUB is not only a tool to translate, caption, subtitle videos, dotSUB is a platform for sharing human understanding.

It's just a great addition to our team because his technical background, global viewpoint, being European, coming at it from a different perspective, is going to add a huge amount of flexibility to the team. Over the last year or so with the increase in bandwidth, and the explosion YouTube, and people like TED and Hulu, and more online video. more and more people are beginning to utilize dotSUB.

dotSUB is in a unique postion, to be able to count on solid revenues, that are growing at a rapid level, in the enterprise space, and leverage its experience in the enterprise space to broaden its appeal, and to broaden the usability of its tools, so that it can be used by orders of magnitude more people!

It's very, very important for people in the world to be able to understand the needs and desires and feelings of people in other cultures. Our biggest challenge is using our own tools to communicate what we are, and to communicate what dotSUB offers to everybody, in the most effective way possible.

dotSUB any video any language

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Country: United States
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Producer: Dotsub
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Posted by: zad on Mar 15, 2011

Founder Michael Smolens and CEO David Orban discuss Dotsub's future

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