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The Mess

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"The Mess" by Michael Wagner & Gaston Vanzet Mom wanted me to clean up my room. She wanted me to clean it NOW! But how do you clean a room? Mom was not happy. She was not happy at all. "No going out!" she said. "No friends over! No TV! No fishing! Not until you have cleaned up this mess!" Mom wanted me to clean up my room. She wanted me to clean it up NOW! But how do you clean a room? First you get a broom! Chapter 2 The Broom I got the broom. I looked for some floor to sweep. I looked all around. Where was the floor? My floor was not there. It was lost under... The MESS! There was no floor to sweep, so I did not need the broom. I had to get rid of the broom. I went to my closet. It was hard to open since the mess was in the way. I put the broom in the closet since it was empty. Now what do I do? "That's it!" I said. "The closet is empty. That is where the mess can go!" In went a hat, some old toys... and my lunch. I was happy to see some of the floor again. The closet was a big help. I put some more things in the closet. In went a shoe, some books, and my shorts. I did not stop there. In went more shoes, my TV, and the cat -- maybe not the cat. In went all of my things! It was good to be clean. Then the mess was gone. All I had to do now was shut the closet doors. Chapter 4 Not a Good Idea I leaned on the doors. I leaned back hard. I could not shut them. Mom came in. She looked around my room. "Jack!" she said. "What a good cleanup!" Now all you have to do is sweep the floor. "I can do that, Mom," I said. "I will just get the broom out of the closet." That was not a good idea.

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Posted by: daltonj on Dec 7, 2009

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