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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~16:00:58 - 16:15:58

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Which here? Need bigger. Oh yes, exactly! But, but there is no little person. Little person? Relax, there is. Find, find. There is a lot of everything there. Only one though. Oh, here! Give me. Oh, four-eyed, hate it. Let it be. Like this will do? And the bike here. OK, the bike will be here? There? But why? It will be behind the door. Let it be here. From the house it will be coming out there. Like this then you will open and that is it. And then it will fly out! Will jump. Do you want more... Here. Ilyas, look. How can I get them out? Do you want me to get them out? Can you, Zhan? What, you cannot get it out? One. Two. Yellow are hard. You know what else I wanted? ― Where is the toilet? ― Here! The toilet inside. The robot fell. We need that somehow. Take it out. Phew! Enough, enough. So that I just get it out. And this goes in here! What here? One more door where? Ah! How are you not building here? Come on, build this here, hey! How long I have been waiting for you? Look what you have built. What? Yes! What for? So that there was room. Let it be open. OK then. Where is it? Ilyas? Where should I put them? But wait you, hey! ― Let me concentrate, will you? ― I'll build. And where is the door? Oh, here! And where to put this? I will build a bathroom here in the meantime. Bathroom not needed. Very much needed! Very much needed! You want to bet I will make the bathroom. Show me how to do it? This will not do! OK, don't build the bathroom. That is it already, Zhanna. I am building it already. Ilyas, how long are you going to be there for? ― Yes. ― Yes! ― Yes, Ilyas? ― Yes! As you want, I will already play. We won't play shoots anyways. When you want to, you will, right? Yes. We will not want to for a week. Yes, Ilyas? And we will not want to. What? We will not want to for a week! You won't want to for a week, Ilyas? Yes! Another will... And will you play this? What? ― Ah? ― What? Which game will you play? ― An interesting game. ― Zhanna, that is it, no need for the bathroom. I have built it already. What? I am already done. ― And the gargoule? ― We don't need your games. Where is the gargoule? No. ― Let this... ― I am saying nothing will... ― The toilet on the other side, and the bathroom on the other side. I have come up with a very interesting game, but only like this, box and then Batman. ― Yes, Ilyas? ― Yes, yes, yes. ― Roma? ― What? Done already? Yes. And where will he sleep? True, in a bed. This is the bed. Can you build a bed? Yes, of course! I will then somehow... Like this one. Oh here this! These we need. Yes, give me! Give me! I can build it myself. And after can you... You showed me. You showed me. And is this needed? Oh no, not this. What are you doing? Where is this lego? You lost it. It got lost, yes, you think? It got lost, right? It got lost? Here is a little person. It is not here. And where to the bed? This is no problem. Right here... Ah! no. Where? I did it already. Ah, holy-smokes. Here it is, probably, put... Easy, put and that's it! Put it and that's it. I will get Vasya. I will call Vasya. Ah don't. Vasya? Vasya! Will you play the game with us? Tennis. Are you not tired of playing. Coming! Zhanna, if the camera doesn't film... It would be better if it doesn't film us. Like if it didn't film this. Why? ― It cannot film TV. ― It can. Uncle Kairat already said once OK then. Want to play? What? Just not Batman. Let's go. Coming! Tummy hurts. Not tummy. Good for you. ― We are here. ― Good, Zhanna. Maybe it is enough? ― Tired! ― Build another one you mean? Yes. There is no more Lego! Do you want to do somersaults, or play? ― Yes! ― Of course! You want? Let's go, you will play in the living room. Do somersaults. ― Yes! ― Will you put the poofs down? ― And maybe we can fight? ― You can do whatever you want. ― Wow! ― Let's go to the living room Vas? Are you coming? Let's go. Can I fight with a song? Let's go, we can play a song there. Sing? With a song... Zhanna, put your gloves on. Are you coming? Take your gloves. Take everything. Here, Zhanna, take your gloves. ― And I... ― Let's go. I will take my gloves now. I am waiting for you there. Bah-bah will do, Zhanna. Zhan, where are my gloves? Out of the way, out of the way, out of the way. I need to jump, jump. Jump here. You did good. Zhan, come on look for my gloves. What? And where is the second? Oh here. Let's go, Zhan. Only don't hit in the face and no legs. What are you? Let's put this down, this... Poof? OK? Fight! Take the poofs, put them down. Do whatever you want in the living room. We will fight. Poofs! Let's fight. No. No! Yes! Us two only will. Roma, you will not. Only us two. Vasya said. Here, play, jump. Come on, Zhanna/ But OK. ― ♪Let me down. ― What are you doing? But where are the poofs? ― Come on! ― Ouch! Don't hit hard! Hurry up anyways! Why should I be waiting for you? O! Walk there and back. Anyways we don't need the poofs. And who will take away this chair? OK, let it be here. It's OK. Let's do like this. Come on, Zhan. Yeah and if we bang heads? We won't, don't be scared, we won't hit! Come on, anyways don't be scared. ― Will you? ― Yes. Only don't hit hard! OK! But you hit me hard. Is this you hitting me? Don't hit on the heart. I'm not. ♪You belong with me. Kick, come on with your feet. And you too with your feet. And I hit you wherever I want. You can even hit in the face. I cannot hit, I will just swing near you. ― I am sorry! ― It hurts with this glove. OK, I won't anymore. You hit in the face, wherever you want. ― And in the chest too? ― Yes. Ouch! Hey, hey, hey! But my face is open. Oh dear. Get off. Hit, you can kick me with your feet. And you cannot. No, of course I cannot. Ouch, hit hard. Fight, will you! Why are you running away? Fight already. But don't walk back and forth.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 90
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 5, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 16:00-16:15 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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