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SpaceVidcast 2.23

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♪ SpaceVidcast Music ♪ (Ben) Welcome to SpaceVidcast for July 24th, 2009. My name is Benjamin Higginbotham, with me is the beautiful, lovely, wonderful, talented, and incredibly intelligent Cariann Higginbotham and we are you SpaceVidcasters! We have got an awesome-packed epic-sode for you tonight. We've got Michael Potter, the director and producer of "Orphans of Apollo", who will be on in just a second. Yeah, check that out, and halfway thorough the show, before we go to break, we've got a twitter trivia. You can win this signed copy this signed DVD of Orphans of Apollo, so stay with us and check that out in the middle of the show. (Cariann) Awesome! (Ben) Um, right before we do that, a couple house-cleaning items: We have grown to be quite a large community, which is both good, (Cariann) We're fat. (Ben) Yeah, we're fat ... that's, it's good, but it comes with um, you know, some side effects. That is, we're starting to get quite a few trolls and we need to do a little bit more moderation in out live chatroom. And as such, we are having our first ever elections for SpaceVidcast! We're electing 3 IRC operators. They will serve a 6 month term, and if you would like to be an IRC operator, you will need to e-mail me: [email protected] before the 31st. (Cariann) Yes, July 31st. (Ben) Before July 31st, get your name in there, and then we will start the election process on August 1st. And we will give you all the details on how you can vote for someone. You can vote for 3 people. Preferably not the same person 3 times, but we really don't have any way to prevent you from doing that. So you can vote for whomever you want! (Cariann) That's good, why don't you tell them that. Game the system everybody! (Ben) Exactly, here's how you can game it! So yup, we'll get those details for you

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Duration: 35 minutes and 17 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Benjamin Higginbotham
Director: Adam Jochum
Views: 81
Posted by: spacevidcaster on Aug 2, 2009

The producer and director of “Orphans of Apollo”, Michael Potter joins us for this live epicsode of Spacevidcast. No news as we wanted to spend as much time with Michael as we could.

Pick up your copy of Orphans of Apollo here:

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