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Ian Up For Whatever Film

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All right he is alone, send her in. Hey. Hello. How are you? I’m very well. How are you? I’m Kelly. Ian. Ean?... Iannn... Pleasure to meet you. If I give this to you, are you up for whatever happens next? Three seconds ago, we gave Ian Rapoport a Bud Light and a choice. Ian is not an actor. He has no idea what’s going to happen next. I think I can do that. All right, he is in the limo, ready? How are you? What’s your name? Ian Rapoport.... A bachelorette party… This is #@*!! great! The limo is pulling up. Minka, can you hear me? Hope I don’t mess it up. Hey… Hey. Ian, Minka I definitely know who you are. We need…a coat for Ian. Okay. It’s pretty awesome; being styled by Minka Kelly tonight. I wish I could come with you. I know I wish you can too. Bye guys. Minka that was awesome. Go Ian! Go Ian! They are coming in now guys. Now open these doors. Joe? Good evening. Hello. Lilly Hey this is fuckin great! Come on it’s Lilly, Lilly. Hey, Don. How are you? Hey, how are you? Nice to see you. Are we wearing the same coat? I guess. Standby, open the door, door, door, door, door, door… Twins? Yes. This is a bizarre night. Take care dude. Everyone here is a twin. My mind is blown. Stay, the are on there way down. Prepared to be crushed in the tiny tennis Okay, let’s see the arms. You all look all warmed up very good. So just give me five push ups. One, two… Three I knew it. Bring it up... They are beautiful girls, huh. Yes. Arnold! Don’t be shy when it comes to counting for me. You got to be better than that. Ready my little man here. It’s not that bad shot for my little princess. If he gets one more coin he wins! I won... BUD LIGHT, THE PERFECT BEER FOR WHEN YOU SOMEHOW FIND YOURSELF IN A LIMO WITH REGGIE WATTS AND SOME BACHELORETTES, THEN GET STYLED BY MINKA KELLY BEFORE DON CHEADLE, A LLAMA NAMED LILLY, AND THE IDENTICAL TWIN OF THE GIRL YOU JUST MET TAKE YOU TO A PARTY, WHERE YOU DEFEAT ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER IN A SUDDEN-DEATH PING PONG MATCH THAT PUTS YOU ONSTAGE WITH ONEREPUBLIC. BUD LIGHT THE PERFECT BEER FOR WHATEVER HAPPENS... The best day of my lifee...

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Posted by: chingatumadre on Mar 11, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII commercial following one guy who was truly #UpForWhatever

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