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The Venus Project - Baker Museum Update - Dec, 2016 (Repository)

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The Venus Project December, 2016 Venus, Florida November concluded a busy period as the Venus Project prepared for an exhibition of Jacque’s work at the Baker Museum in Naples, Florida. The exhibit, titled ‘Jacque Fresco, 100 Years of Vision,’ opened in November and runs through April of 2017. The show includes over 50 scale models of architecture, cars, boats, planes and more. In addition to the models the curator of the exhibit, Silvia Perea, put together a timeline of Jacque’s life by decades with many supportive materials from The Venus Project archives. All of these collectively illustrate the aspects of his social designs and proposals that make his vision of a sustainable future more accessible. Cleaning and reconditioning the models to a like-new state posed challenges, but all were well worth it as the results were visible. Everything needed a thorough cleaning but many also had minor damages over the years and three large aircraft were completely resurfaced, painted and detailed. Working on handmade models like these offers a glimpse into the dedication it must take to design and build it from scratch. A special thanks to Silvia and everyone else at the Baker Museum for assembling such a great show that goes beyond art and architecture to include the social ideas behind the designs. [Jacque Fresco] Socialism starts as an idea. The concept of democracy starts as a small group, and eventually when there's a large enough group the system is either instituted or the men are hung that tried to start a new system. [Roxanne Meadows] You're looking at the world at a certain point in history and evolution, and all through history there's always been scarcity. If you make a society that does not have scarcity, if everybody had access to goods and services, nobody would hit you over the head for what you have when they can get it. If people fought wars to bring democracy, there'd have been democracy all over the world. We do feel that when social and economic conditions arrive at a certain point, we can affect an easier transition if people are aware of the probable dangers of continuing along these lines. I am proposing a new way of thinking about society. A totally different system as far as I know. If you like it, if you feel it's a closer approximation to a better kind of society, come in and study more about it so that you get a good grasp of what it is we're trying to do. The Venus Project Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay posted on current activities for The Venus Project. Video edit, photography & Narration by Joel Holt

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Posted by: ltiofficial on Dec 5, 2016

November 19, 2016 marked the opening of the “Jacque Fresco 100 Years of Vision” exhibit at the Baker Museum in Naples, Florida. The exhibit's four walls are devoted to a timeline of Jacque’s life’s work, presented through blueprints, drawings, patents, photos and a video.

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