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♫♪♫♪ It is a really good way to socialize. And you get to talk to loads of people and It is escapism as well Just kind of to get out of your box. You know it's something different from your everyday life. I think that clubs are one of the only places where I can let myself completely go and yeah, free my mind from over thinking and everyday stress. We always do it again even though last weekend I was crying on the bathroom floor. So the first thing that you do is you queue and wait to get searched. I've heard the things that bouncers have said to my friends, Like very kind of intrusive and objectifying You look a bit gay, you look too short, you're too fat. Or you're too wasted and you're not dressed right. You can't wear a certain thing or you can't be a certain gender There's sort of a uniform being repeated over and over and over again. Seems kind of like you have to conform in order to participate in the collective experience. All these people, hundreds of strangers and they all might be looking at me. Surrounded by people who are expecting me to dance and I'm just standing there just moving my hands about. The pressure of conforming and being judged by strangers, umm.. Yeah it can cause you anxiety. But ah, once you let go... ♫♪♫♪ The energy... What really does it for me is the music. Yeah, that's the main thing I go to hear to dance. I'm so filled with love that I want to share it with other people and since there's a huge crowd I feel like we're all sharing that energy, and that euphoria, and that love. and that's what makes this experience so special for me. I think the fundmental reason why we go out is ultimately because we want to participate, and just take part in something that is bigger than ourselves. Because no matter how the night ends It's always an experience. ♫♪♫♪

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Duration: 2 minutes and 45 seconds
Language: English
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Posted by: marlenadoughtyfilm on Sep 1, 2017

Animation by Marlena Doughty, Isabel Wharton, Laura Pol, Jak Matthias
Music By Dan H.
Done at Goldsmith UoL

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