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CSU Professional Science Certificate and Masters Degree Programs

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Something is on the way that could make a dramatic difference in the lives of veterans, active duty military, and their families. An opportunity to set their course for a meaningful and rewarding future. Professional Science Programs that would prepare them for excellent and well paying jobs that are in high demand and critical to this region's work force needs. People who have served in the military will now have a chance to continue serving this nation by filling important positions in critical fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and computational and computer sciences. These are challenging jobs that pay well and offer exciting opportunities to continue contributing in significant ways. These extraordinary men and women have served us well and now it is time for us to honor, recognize, and serve them well. The Professional Science program being implemented in the San Diego region present a model for the state and the nation. These programs build upon the excellent foundation of knowledge, skills, and experience our military men and women develop while on active duty. With that solid foundation they prepare our veterans, retiring military, and active duty personnel, for jobs that are in extremely high demand. These programs can be completed entirely online, 24-7, in face-to-face classrooms or in a combination of these two approaches. Depending on location and assignment. Whether taken in the field, or in a classroom, these courses deliver the rigorous training necessary to succeed in the biomedical and computer oriented jobs, leading California employers need to fill. The California State University is fully committed to delivering excellent higher education programs to active duty service members and veterans who have served our country Through our troops to college partnership, veterans have access to the largest and most successful professional science master's initiative in the United States. Which includes programs in high demand fields delivered at the majority of our 23 university campuses in California. The programs are designed to prepare the science and technology professionals needed by California's leading growth industries including biotechnology, bioinformatics, medical informatics, biostatistics, genetic counseling, environmental science, computer sciences, and information technologies. A unique feature of these programs at the California State University is that we pair the science and math disciplines with business fundamentals so that students who graduate with this degree are well prepared to lead and compete in California's business and industry work force. The Professional Science programs for veterans and military personnel are being made available in San Diego through a partnership of military leaders throughout the San Diego region, San Diego State University, California State University San Marcos, and southern California employers. San Diego State is offering certificate and master's degree programs that have been carefully chosen. These programs contribute to a highly trained workforce and is essential to economic growth and prosperity. These programs provide a rigorous education in the sciences and strategically incorporate business and management skills to fill positions critical to San Diego's economy and to the state of California. California State University San Marcos, San Diego State University, and CSU campuses across the state are collaborating in this significant effort. These programs will enable veterans and military personnel to transfer course credit easily at our campuses. At CSU San Marcos, we have also created opportunities for veterans that prepare them for these prestigious programs in biotechnology and life sciences. They can complete a bachelor's degree that includes an industry intership and then pursue a master's degree in these fields. The pathway reflects the commitment of CSU San Marcos to serving veterans, working closely with our neighbor, Camp Pendleton, and other bases throughout the San Diego region. Biocom is the largest region life science association in the world. Our membership represents the industry and academic research Many of our members are located not only in San Diego but also elsewhere in California. Typical jobs focus on the development of lifesaving therapies, advanced medical devices and innovative applications of biomedical engineering. I can tell you that our members seek professional science masters graduates, because they have the key professional skills needed for business success. Our members are also keen to our military veterans. The life-sciences industry very much values the kind of commitment, discipline, and ingenuity veterans bring to the workplace. As the executive Vice President of Sony Electronics I am very concerned about meeting the workforce needs of the information technology and home-entertaining industries. The science and business skills that graduates of these professional science master's programs gain, are essential to the sustain growth of Sony and other companies in these industrial sectors. We are very pleased that this initiative has been launched in the San Diego region. We look forward to a significant outcome particularly the new group of well-qualified employees trained through it. They are an absolute necessity for the continued growth and prosperity of the region. At Qualcomm we are very serious about developing the next generation of technology workers. Our success and the success of our industry depends on hiring and developing exceptional talents. We've been offering on-site educational opportunities for many years and have partnered with the nation's best universities to develop our employees. We are proud of the partnership we have with the California State University and are very impressed with their programs. They are offering education that can directly be applied to various professions across a wide range of industries. Education from the California State University will prepare graduates to obtain the top jobs in San Diego. Professional programs for veterans and military personnel is a partnership between the military, education, and industry. Its purpose is to help these talented men and women enter the workforce and high-quality positions in critically needed areas. where they will be appreciated, valued, and well-paid, and where they will help to maintain this nation's global competitiveness.

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CSU Professional Science Certificate and Masters Degree Programs

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