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Edurne Pasaban - Liderando equipos de alto rendimiento

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Edurne Pasaban First woman to climb the world's 14 highest summits. During the 10 years climbing in those mountains, in those places of uncertainty, of change, and difficulties... I carried a series of ingredients in my backpack that I think could help you. The first ingredient I carried in my backpack during that time has been this, ambition. I think it's important to be ambitious in life. Sometimes the word ambition can have a negative connotation, or, at least, not just for me, in the place where I grew up, here in Spain, north of Spain, in my place, it seemed that being ambitious was not well perceived. Those of us who wanted to achieve more were told: "Well, it seems you are too ambitious." Do you know how many times I have heard that? Many. And I believe I would never have achieved the 14 Eight Thousanders without ambition. And I believe that without ambition we will hardly achieve our goals and what we pursue in the future. So, I believe ambition is important. The second ingredient that we should carry in our backpacks is this: the urge for improvement. And even more now in the time we are living. And what does the urge for improvement mean? It means we are able to learn. And that we are able to do it every time better. I think we have to believe in ourselves to overcome those challenges. I've always said that my backpack was full of those ingredients, but there's one that has a special place. For me, the one that occupies most of the backpack's space is this: passion. Without passion, it would've been unlikely that I completed the 14 Eight Thousanders. I believe it's hardly possible to overcome big challenges without passion. I always say and use this phrase: "When you have to choose between 2 paths, always choose that of the heart." I think it's important to listen to what this here tells us. Because no matter what we do in this life, which path we follow, none will be easy. It isn't easy to climb mountains 8000 meters high and focus on it professionally, but neither is working at a family business. I think decisions have to be taken from here. And when decisions are taken from here, this truly is passion. That's why I believe the most important ingredient in my backpack has been passion. And thanks to it, I was able to overcome my life's biggest challenge. I had passion, but as I told you, I had ambition, too. We'll all agree that in the situation and time we are living we have to be ambitious. We have to look into the future with ambition and think big. I believe, and have learned, that facing mountains such as K2 we can adopt either of these 2 roles. The first one is the role of victim. It's what, during these times, we often want to be: victims. Saying: "I won't be able. How am I climbing the K2? When out of 5 people that climb to the summit only 3 return to the base camp alive. I'm not prepared to go there. How am I climbing the K2? When I'm joining a team with the best climbers in Spain and worldwide. How could I climb the K2 with them? They'll leave me at the drop of a hat. I don't think that's the role we should adopt when facing the K2 we have in front of us right now. The role we have to adopt is that of protagonists. Saying like me in 2004: "Why not? I'll give it a try. I'll go to the K2. I know it won't be easy, I'll prepare better than the previous years, but I am going." What do you think a person facing the K2, when they have it in front of them, and then return, what do they win? They win confidence. In saying, sure, life will no doubt put other K2s in front of me, but I have overcome this one. And next time will be easier. We win confidence. I'd never completed the 14 Eight Thousanders without the team I've had. Without the people around me. Without those people who've formed a team around the 14 Eight Thousanders. They obviously were great professionals. I have no doubt you will all be surrounded by teams with great professionals, I had the best climbers of Spain. But do you know what else I had? The best people. I believe that great teams consist of good people. Kind people. One of the most important things in the team I led during those 10 years is this: having a shared vision, a common goal. It seems simple, but it isn't when we're building a team. A team consists of people with a common goal. A group consists of people with individual goals. For that goal to be shared and that vision to be shared, I've always said this is the most important thing: communication. Being transparent. Being transparent as leaders and now more than ever. But there is one thing that is essential when you work as a team, it's confidence, for things to work well. Confidence in your people, in your team, confidence is a value that we struggle to find in people, but we lose with no struggle at all. I'll tell you something simple that I believe has worked for me to restore confidence in a team when we have lost it. One of the things that've worked a lot to restore confidence in the team, and for it to keep moving forward, is having those pending talks that we need to have with people. With the people from our team. How many of us more than once go to bed with a thought running through our heads? "How will I tell them? How could I...?" It is also difficult for us to have that pending talk with that person. And I'll tell you, even if it's difficult because they're colleagues, friends, because they're important people in our lives, it's important to sit in front of that person and have those pending talks with them. To finish talking with the team and sincerely one of the things I consider to be most important is this: to know how to manage our weaknesses to add talent. What does that mean? That we learn to ask. To ask for help. To ask when we don't know how to do it. What I've learned and now more than ever because of the times we're living in, is that we have to be able to reinvent ourselves. Reinvent ourselves, fearlessly. Reinvent ourselves adding talent. Listening and obviously thinking big. Being ambitious. Learning from what we've lived. From the experiences we've had, but we have to be able to reinvent ourselves, and we will have to do it until the end of our careers. That's how my life has been, a constant reinvention.

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Edurne Pasaban - Liderando equipos de alto rendimiento

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