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So when Olumiant came on the market in Germany, it was really a success story and I think this was because of two different columns. On the first side, we have robust and really clear clinical data and I think this is very important because all of these physicians are data-driven and we need this data to be sure that the drug is working very good. On the other hand it was quickly the good experience of the physicians and of the rheumatologists meaning that this high efficacy and the safety data we already observed in the clinical data was also true in our daily clinical practice. So I think this is one of the parts or two of the different parts of the success story of Olumiant and as you know it is really successful in Germany and it's used not only in patients with refractory diseases, but also with early stages of the disease. So and I think we need both columns really to be sure that the drug is working. So actually I can be sure that our experiences from the clinical trials are really true in our daily clinical practice. So let me tell you two different patient stories. First of all, I will tell you about a patient who already received a lot of different biological treatments in our department suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. And she came to us for a second opinion, we prescribed Baricitinib and we saw that not only the tender and swollen joint count is decreased very quickly, but on the other hand, especially the worse and the severe pain of the patient is getting better. On the other hand I can tell you something about our early patients who received the drug in label after failing methotrexate but not just receiving a typical biological treatment, but a JAK inhibitor and even in these patients we can say that they decrease very, very quickly, the high tender and swollen joints. So my own experience is really true, we didn't see some new safety issues in daily clinical practice and we see the high efficacy we already observed in the clinical trials. So first of all, I think we should be sure that the rheumatologist is a data-driven physician meaning that we are sticking to the data we just published and we want to see them once again. And when we look at the new EULAR Recommendation which has been introduced at the EULAR Congress by professor Smolen a lot of the things that we just recommended a couple of years ago are still true, but on the other hand, there are some very important new issues especially regarding JAK inhibition. As you maybe know, up until now JAK inhibition was recommended after csDMARD failure, but on the other hand it was said that mainly the biological treatments are used in daily clinical practice. And this is not true any longer for the new EULAR Recommendations because it is really on the same level like the biological treatments we use in our daily clinical practice. And I think this is a very important message for you outside to just be sure that you can use the drugs not only from labeling but also from our recommendations as for patients who just failed methotrexate for example or other conventional systemic DMARD. So first of all, we have to consider that we should use methotrexate or a combination therapy if it's possible. Regarding my clinical daily practice I really can confirm that data because Olumiant is working in the patients who really need a monotherapy, very good. So I can really underline the recommendations to use these drugs and monotherapy but please keep in mind that you should stick on the combination therapy when it's possible.

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