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Lara Aragon - Magaluf, Spain - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~16:15:00-16:44:59

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So, is Angel staying? No, he’ll probably want to go soon so... So that he’s able to bring another one What’s left? My caravan, and the yellow one Was he sleeping or what? He was laying down in the truck No, it’s too hot, let’s go and have a soda Come on, Jeni! Where is Pimpoyo? We don’t know Yes, he’s there... -He’s there… over that open side -In the caravan? With the Cuban guy Right behind that one, or in front of it Mosquitoes have bitten me up I have a wristband And where is it? In the truck And what’s it doing in the truck? I don’t know, it’s over there I have an idea Because today I’ve seen you at 9 in the morning... At 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3… And you? Oh, I’ve left it in the car Well, I don’t have it here; I’ll give it to you later You have mush all over your face! He has… who knows what. I washed his face three times He washed his teeth on his own and he’s full of… Of toothpaste So, Pimpoyo…? He was there They are hooking up the electricity -Yeah, because there will be people here today -Lara What? What’s that? A toy There comes Jeni When we were on our way here, Iker said: “Burger!” “Look, Burger King” And he said: “Mommy, I’m hungry” And he didn’t want to eat his custard, he said “put cheese on it” -How am I going to put cheese on custard, dude? -Where are we going, mom? Be quiet for a second! Let’s go and drink something cool, come on We’d only need a drugstore over here Yeah We have everything here Let’s go I’ve seen Jeni at least 15 times today, and I can’t see her now Jeni! Jeni! To “The Snuggly Duckling” Say: “Hurry up, Jeni, you slowpoke!” My caravan is too far away And we don't have any water Yes We should tell him “We don’t have any water for the show! Hurry up, go and take a couple of bottles!” Judith, we must be more careful with bikes than with cars here, huh What? Yes, but we’re going there first, and we’ll go to that place later Remember Huh? It is better going to unknown places than to well-known ones It’s incredible how people react when you go with a camera Even the bus driver stared for a while Careful But mom, Burger…? Let’s see how can I explain this Normally, when you go to a place that has a well-known brand, those places, in order to be filmed, they… offer you something in exchange You know? So, when you’re filming, you’d rather go to a common, not famous place No restaurants chains... If you want to do your hair, no hairdressers chains… Here they are Go, go trotting Come on, Fer Dad has to take another trip now And what about you? Are you going to your truck? To find your armbands? -Is his truck already here? -And my plane And your plane Tell her: "I have a plane that is also a boat, auntie Lara" You haven’t seen it yet Last year it was a car This year it’s a plane that can swim Wow, that’s so cool! And do you swim with your plane? -Lara -It's Angel No one’s listening to me… Planes Are you itchy? Because you’re scratching there, there, that's the spot Open your hand, close your hand We’re right in front of you. Turn around Oh, you’ve almost seen us. You’ve just seen us Be careful! Lara, you should sign autographs With a signal saying: "autographs signed just because they’re filming me" Where are the rest of you? Over there -"Dizzy Duck" -We’ve been over here Because there’s a lot of people at the beach and Gaby gets uncomfortable with the baby.... But you can go -No, I’m staying here -She can't, she is allergic to the sun And the sun is scorching today The baby is allergic to the sun You only have to see how red she is getting Cool, huh It's extendable -For the dogs -Their dogs’ house is larger than their own My father sold him a caravan for the dogs or something but finally they have kept it for themselves So, now we’ll look for some shade, and we’ll sit down So... Are you leaving? Gaby has stayed there Where? You had ketchup on your nose In… in “El Tragón” “El Pato Tragón” This is warm I know That’s the best I could get Fer and I are going to find some place in the shade, we’re going to sit down And when Gaby comes… Bring my caravan here now! Two what? 2 hours -2 hours -One hour outward and one hour return Then it will be here But have they left yet? Give me a kiss What’s this? Do you know what this is? A little box to keep everything that goes through the mic. Look Say hello to the mic, say “Hello, mic!” Have you seen what I use when I sing? The mic I use when I sing? This one is the same, but smaller It’s like a baby mic That’s why it has its baby box A baby like you He pulls really weird faces to the camera Jeni has already left; to find her caravan, I guess Cool! Give me a kiss, Iker, see you tomorrow -Are you coming to the beach with me tomorrow? -What about Fer? Tomorrow we’re going to spend the day laying down like lizards I’m leaving, I have some advertising to do now -I’m taking him with me -I'm leaving you the… I can rent it to you Yeah, they could sit at the back while she pedals -And you can go on a tour -Sure Beep, beep, beep. Go, bye, have a nice trip -Good idea -Stop goofing around. When you’re back, in two hours, I’ll be here Probably melted down, but I’ll be here No, you keep it and throw it away You can stay around here and see how the circus is set up... Have you seen it? They have set it up... If we sit around here We’ll end up roasted Bossy! You go: “boom!” Mom, I’m going to see my caravan There it is You know when you’re sitting at the table, you feel sleepy? And you close your eyes? -That’s how I feel now -We’ll sit down next to Jeni’s caravan We can see the circus setting up from there, and it’s in the shade No, look where Mr. Pompoyo has left my caravan! -Oh, but is not parked, right? -Hi Are you leaving now? I don't know Are you going to hand these out? Could you give me one? Oh… is it broken? The easiest way to make everyone show up when they’re called is keeping honking a horn Where is the car? Here It seems the one they were looking for has shown up Beautiful, isn’t it? The front of the truck Please, get that ready to move Which part of the truck do they live in? That small part Oh, really? That's why... No It must be this side, okay? It takes up... From here to the first section of… We talked about this yesterday, people often, gets angry because of animals working at the circus, but some of them live in better conditions than their owners They have more space Look, we have some shade here This place is nice, huh Yes Lara's hair Let’s tell everyone we’re already here That way they'll know we are... I think we’re going to tell your brother to go and buy... something cooler Let’s text Punchy You sleepyhead If I lean a little back, you can lie down Like when you were a baby Come on Look at the train! We should go for a walk -over there -We can go today... No, not today Okay Only resting and watching today Is that OK? Well, I can do the monkey with you Would you like that? All of you have your heads full of sand… Quicksand Everywhere sand So, tell me, why did you want to fall asleep listening to your grandpa? Because... there was a song I liked “Try to remember” No No? Which one? Let’s see… what was its name? I ended up listening that one of… I have them here. Let’s see if you can tell which one was it If I say you the name do you recognize it? "Bluesette" Yes This one Yes, that one Why do you like it? I don’t know, I just like it It’s grandpa playing xylophone He played this one with his sax too I couldn’t tell which version is more impressive You have such a beautiful face, and you spoil it with scratches and bruises everywhere Oops! What happened? Dicky has sprained his ankle That means I should be careful on this floor, I already have a broken foot Hi, Jeni! Mom Hello Oh, OK OK Yes. But... from... 8:30 – 9 on Yes. No problem, bye! All the caravans, trucks and everything are coming because there’s electricity now You’re all coming today, Sonia I think so, I think I have to go. Maybe you could stay here with Iker… I wouldn’t mind to I was telling Dicky now… I don’t know... where she’s gone? She went that way One more of us must go, because I think we need one more person So, If we need the seat, then I’ll leave Iker here and take the other boy with us Alright, I’ll tell Dicky Where is she? She’s wandering over there Dicky Let’s see… Bite, mosquitoes bite ♫ Look I don’t want to see it. I got bitten up yesterday... Even with my clothes on, sweating and everything… So, someone must go with Angel right? Yes, I’ll leave Iker here and that person will come with us Hey! I’m staying with Iker so one of you guys can go with Angel As you wish... just wanted you to know that Angel has a free seat because I’m staying with Iker OK, bye! I think Claudio is going with you Claudio I think Claudio Claudio what? I think he’s going with you I don't know Unbelievable... Each of my children like a totally different music style totally different He’s staying here, not in the caravan? Yes, yes, he... Can you put it like this? Lower Like this I can’t believe it! Here is my softy baby There's the guy coming with Dicky Come here, you softy baby! Oh, softy baby! Here, just like your cousin Fer Both softy boys So softy! Are you sleepy? Yes? Aw, poor him Why are you sleepy? Jeni, do we have the keys to the truck? Look what mommy has brought She’s brought you your sleeping chair Is that mommy your mommy? Shall I leave it inside? No, leave it here and we’ll put it inside when you’re back Wow, would you like to sit on your amazing chair? Come on You’re so comfy there! -No, I was thinking… -These ones, right? Yes. I was thinking if we had something to… To what? … but we have not bought them. Angel and I wanted to buy some deck chairs But we haven’t Because… Look Mr. Foin there If we had the keys of his caravan, we could open the windows But the keys are in the… What’s wrong with Sonia? She’s wandering up and down all the time What’s that? A pair of sunglasses Mine? They are yours, aren’t they? Yes They were in the car So, where’s Gaby? What to you need from him? Nothing… I was thinking that he could lie on his... I have my stuff all over my bed No, he won't lay down in Gaby’s, because it smells like tobacco and he doesn’t like it The little thing is falling asleep So… -From 18th to 29th… a whole lifetime we are gonna stay here -Lara Yes, sweetheart? Take your pacifier out, I can’t understand you. Tell me I’ve got my toys Where are they? In the truck The truck will be here in a while In an hour and a half Hey, who are those ugly guys on your T-shirt? Why are they? You gave me I gave it to you? And who are them? Who is this? You And this? Gaby And this? -Pimpoyo -Pimpoyo! How’s mom doing? Good, I’m talking to her on… Your mom is getting so hip lately! Where’s Gaby? -Gaby came here and disappeared -He got lost ♫ Gaby is in… Thank you, is that Punch’s? In some bar In that one your father-in-law told him about Oh, okay I’ll call him now and... Lara Yes, sweetheart? Look Hold this for me Would you like some? It seems that we have taken sleeping pills We got up very early today I was in the car, and my eyes were closing Would you like some? Here, no No? Hello! You see? We’re already here! Will you come and see us? When? You’re already starting? We are starting on Thursday From Thursday to…? Not next Monday, but the one after that Two weeks Where will you go then? Where will you go then? Then… I don’t know, they haven’t told us No? Oh, yes, Can Picafort Can Picafort It’s not far from here Lara Yes, sweetie -The shoe -What happened? I put it like this, and my shoe was like this… Oh, your shoe! Give me your foot. Sir, give me your foot And we’ll get your shoe back on You can find cool things in that shop, huh Yeah. And dirty cheap Wow! -We’ll all go -Wow! What’s that? It’s a horse Oh, oh! What do we do with this? We can’t wash it now Well, it’s OK, they’ll do some magic now and it will get cleaned What’s that? You can’t have this, you are a baby You can go and get another juice when Punch comes, is that OK? I’ve had another juice Well, what would you like now? I have a mini ice-cream You are going to have an ice-cream? Yes, the tiny one The tiny one, when the truck comes back? Yes, but that is the other town Huh? It’s in another town Yes, it is really nice Wow! Look Lara Another horse Look, Jeni. You see the hamburgers place right in front of us? Yes Then you go straight ahead for a while Instead of crossing, you continue, and there is the kebab It’s really good They serve big portions and… very good I’ve eaten there with Pimpoyo All right Hey, you have never told me a story, do you know any? Yes Which one? Hum… Do you know Little Red Riding Hood? That one... Let’s go to the beach It’s right next to here And there is another waterpark -It’s very nice, and cheaper than the… -Really? Yes, much cheaper It’s smaller, too; I liked it Dicky has gone to get her caravan and everything I think he’s not here, huh Wait She was in front of Pimpoyo’s car Wait, we’ll ask Sonia She says that... My caravan is coming tomorrow Which one? They are all coming tonight Really? Aw, poor thing!

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Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: globallives on Oct 29, 2013

Lara, her family, her friend Sonia and her godson go to a bar to get cold drinks. When they return to the area where they set up their circus, they are told that all caravans and trucks are traveling that day. Lara finds a spot in the shade and waits with Fernando for her husband.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Lara Aragon.

This video was produced by Mara Pérez, Chino Saavedra, Pablo Barrientos, Paromita Dhar, and Carlos Rodriguez.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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