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Mid-March Brochure (English)

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[Music] Hey, y’all. It’s me Cheryl, and are you ready to make a spring splash in style? Well, you’re going to be doing that at all of your Tupperware parties, when you’re showcasing our mid-March brochure. So, before we get into the brochure, what do we have going on for the hosts? Well, this amazing nine-piece vent and serve set. It continues as your host gift special, y’all. And why does every hostess need to have this in their kitchen? Well first of all, remember vent and serve it goes from the freezer, it goes in the refrigerator, it goes in the microwave, it goes in the dishwasher. It is absolutely amazing, y’all. And we also have the exclusive color, and we also have exclusive pieces. This set come with our vent and serve large, and it also comes with not one but two we’re going to double up on our vent and serve soup mugs. And make sure that when you’re demonstrating this at all of your parties, that you must have the vent raised, when you’re putting it inside the microwave because the great thing about the vent and serve is the seal is microwaveable, too. So, how awesome is that? So, are you ready to go out and have this amazing host gift special to all of your hosts because this is your last opportunity, y’all. So, now you know what’s going on for your hosts. But what do we have in your mid-March fire for all of your amazing customers. Okay, guys. Are you ready to be prep-tastic? Because you’re going to be at your Tupperware parties because we have – they are back our number one selling bowls ever, and it is our that’s-a-bowls. And you know what, y'all, we have this exclusive color and this color is only available in your mid-March brochure, y’all. So, we have our that’s-a-bowls. They’re on sale, but you know what? In the brochure, it’s showing four that’s-a-bowls ‘cause it’s a buy one, get one, better than a BOGO. Okay, and I’m only showing three. Where’s junior? What happened to junior? Well here’s junior. But you know what? Just like y’all, we’re experiencing some back orders and our juniors did not come in on time for the video. So, we have junior’s cousin, the purple. Okay guys, so here is your that’s-a-bowl tower. Buy one, get one, y’all. How great is that? Now why are all your customers going to want this? Well first of all, y’all, it’s got a great, easy, super easy tab here to open up all of those seals, makes it super easy. Second thing why everyone is going to want these bowls is don’t you love the thumb grip? It makes it so easy to grab this, hold onto it, and use your spatula to mix anything you want to inside your that’s-a-bowl. Third reason why everyone is going to want this it actually saves space ‘cause they all nest inside each other. And the fourth reason why everybody is going to want the that’s-a-bowls, is because the inside you know what guys? They are scratch resistant. You can actually use these and mix inside your that’s-a-bowls. Guys, so these are some great features you’re going to want to point out at all of your Tupperware parties. Now, I’m going to build for you right now your good, better, best set because then you’re selling the best set, you’re actually increasing the productivity, putting more money in your pocket, and helping your host qualify for one of our amazing host gift specials. So, let’s build the sets, y’all. First of all, we’re going to start with your good set. Okay, and that would actually be your buy one, get one, okay? So, here’s your good set. Now you can then add on to your better set because when they purchase the good set, it entitles them for our P with P, which is our that’s-a-bowl mini. So, you’re going to add the minis on top, y’all. But, then we also have to add to that set, our attendance offer, which is our extra minis, okay? And once again, backorders, but we have them in pink, okay, y’all. So, this now becomes your better set. How awesome is that? Every bowl for every need they have in their kitchen. But then of course we want to make the best set. And so, you’re best set, guys, is going to be, hold on. Yay. So, now your measuring spoons and measuring cups they match in this beautiful teal color y'all. So, when you make your best set, it’s all of your that’s-a-bowls, your measuring cups, your measuring spoons. And everybody wants them, y’all, because you know – remember, tell your customers Tupper offers a 2/3 measuring cup, and we also offer the 1/8 measuring spoon. How great is that? So, you’re ready to go out and be prep-tastic at your Tupperware parties, make a meal in a flash using our that’s-a-bowls and all of the great offers we have in our mid-March brochure. Say yes, say si, say oui. Okay, y’all. Guess what. Spring’s coming and we have brought back in your mid-March brochure the Art of Spring lunch bag. This was one of y’all’s favorites and your customer’s favorite. And why is this such a great bag? Well first of all it’s oversized, right y’all? It has great handles to put it on your shoulder, has this amazing inside lining. How pretty is that? And it comes with your 16 oz tumbler with the flip top seal your snack cup and your sandwich container, guys. So, you know what? They’re going to be packing their lunch in style. But we’re not done, y’all, because we also have brought back the set of four of your Art of Spring 16 oz tumblers, and we also have for the first time, selling to your customers our mini eco-clear bottles, y’all. How great is that? You saw it in December as an activity challenge. And to round it out, y’all, we have a set of our Art of Spring snack set. And you know what, y’all? When you combine this entire page, that qualifies your customers for our awesome P with P, which is our that’s-a-bowl minis in that exclusive color. So, are you ready to go out and party? Say yes, say si, say oui. Okay, y’all. You know what’s so great about your mid-March brochure? You have an extra-long tear off. It actually goes from March 10 all the way to March 30. There are some amazing offers for your customers on this tear off, starting with the front part of the cover, guys, are your spring showers. You know spring showers always bring those beautiful flowers, and we want your business to bloom the last three weeks of March. So, we have some classics on sale. They’re great for gift giving, for bridal showers, wedding showers, housewarming gifts, guys, everything that anyone might need. We have it on this brochure. And on the backside of the tear off, y’all, we have some classics. And these classics make great baby shower gifts, new mom gifts, new grandmas gifts, you know, they also make great gifts for that first birthday. It’s a got to have and you have this tear off for three weeks, so, are you ready to go out and party? Okay, y’all, are you ready to go to your Tupperware parties? And are you ready to teach your customers how they can be a master meal prep using these amazing Tupperware tools because you can do that. And we’re going to start with a callback to your catalog, and it is your say yes offer for the month of March, and it is our pressure cooker. And you know what makes this so great, guys, is there are four ways you can offer this to your customers and your hosts at your Tupperware parties. First of all, they can purchase it retail, or they can host a party and get it for half price, or they can host a party and get it for free using host credit, or up until the end of the March sales month it is their say yes offer, so, they can get this for a small co-pay. And this right here is a great addition to their opportunity kit. So, now before I get into all of the other items let me share with you some of the safety features that we have on our Tupperware stat cooker, because we actually have five, y’all. Okay? So, the very first one that we have, y’all, is your pressure indicator valve, this is going to raise up, when the pressure reaches its capacity inside the microwave, and it’s going to stay up after you take it out, until the pressure goes down. Once the indicator valve goes down it’s safe to open up your pressure cooker. Now, we also have your second safety feature, and that is your pressure regulator valve. So, if something should happen to this, this regulator valve, it will kick in, y’all, okay? And the third safety feature we have is this silicone gasket. Once again, if need be, this gasket will actually fall into the base of your stat cooker. Your fourth safety feature on our pressure cooker is your locking handle because you actually lock and load this before you put this in the microwave. And the handle must be down in order for the pressure to rise in your pressure cooker in the microwave. And last but not least, y’all, underneath your locking handle, we have this little small pinhole that will actually release pressure, if need be. And you want to make sure you’re sharing at all your parties how to put the cover on because you’re actually going to line up the arrow on the cover and the arrow on the handle of your pressure cooker, and line your two arrows up. And when it does, the cover goes down. And then you just simply turn it clockwise, y’all, okay? And then you take your handle and it’s going to go through the cover and through the base of your pressure cooker. And voila, you can have dinner in a flash. And you know the great thing, guys, is that we have this really amazing chicken parmesan recipe, that you can make at all of your Tupperware parties. And you know what you can do, y’all? You can cook one night and eat for two. How awesome is that? You got to have pasta, when you’re having meatballs. So, you know what, y’all? We also have our pasta container, and it is on sale. And a really great idea, and you can showcase this at your Tupperware parties, is when you’re mixing up your chicken parmesan meatballs, you can mix it up in your that’s-a-bowls that are on sale in that beautiful exclusive color. And you can use your ice cream scoop to scoop out your meatballs. So, now not only is it great for ice cream, it’s great for those meatball scoopers, too, y’all. And we also have, last but not least, one of my favorite products. And it is the silicone spatula, and everybody has to have it. And this is what you’re going to use, guys, inside your that’s-a-bowls, to mix up that amazing, awesome chicken parmesan meatball. You can find this under Recipes on your my.Tupperware website. So, are you ready to go party and be the master prep at your parties and teach everyone how to make family favorites in a flash? Okay y'all, shoot doggie, I almost forgot to tell you that we have created a good, better, best flyer for your to share at your Tupperware parties. So, make sure you’re checking out the My Week ‘cause that’s where you can locate this. And then last but not least, y’all, when you are offering the opportunity at your Tupperware parties, and you’re offering people to be able to take the pressure off of meal time cooking with our pressure cooker, make sure you’re tying in Sharita’s I story and how she improved her family’s life, when she said yes to the Tupperware opportunity. So, not only can this improve your quality of time in the kitchen, Tupperware can also improve your quality of life. So, until I see you next time think big, start small, but begin now. See y’all. [Music]

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Mid-March Brochure (English)

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