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2012 The Divine Feminine Doorways to Ascension the Birthing of a New Consciousness part 1 of 13

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Ok, I would just like to welcome everybody here this morning, it's a real honor to have everyone gathered here today. Our fieldwork today is to sure to share a message but it's also due to the gathering, the gathering of really beautiful souls and its obviously not about me here today. There will be two other wonderful souls that will share messages, both besides myself. A dear lady by the name of Sarah, and another dear lady by the name of Majette, they have an incredible and profound message to share as well, I was guided to ask them to get out and say a few words here today as well. Those, I've found during my travels. I'm coming across cosmic beings who... who can really have the eyes to see, so to speak, and the heart to feel and understand the birthing of the new consciousness that's taking place. Well, the talk today has been titled, "2012 the divine feminine and the doorway to ascension", and what I didn't actually add to that title was "and the birthing of the new consciousness", and because the femenine is, as the divine mother Earth, she is birthing a whole new consciousness and a whole new way of life, a whole new race of beings emanating this consciousness that is birthing in creation, and, it is such a profound time to be in this reality. when you have a lot of philosophies out there, that are going through the process and have the ideal, or for one better term, an agenda, to actually build a resemblant within oneself towards one's existence here. They are creating a paradigm here where it becomes so difficult just to exist here, where they turn us against our very own existence here. And, therefore, they are creating a division within each person, within each being. They have found a way to create that divide, 'cause it's "divide and conquer", so this birthing that's happening, is birthing inside each and everyone of us, and there is a lot of us igniting from deep within our core, it's overriding any division, it's just mending, all those holes, all these hairs of the fabric within our own being, its reuniting all the parts of us that been fragmented internally, and this is what I'm experiencing, this is what I wish to share with you here today. The other two beautiful people that are gonna speak have a unique understanding as well, and everybody is experiencing it, we are all experiencing it, it is just some of us are a bit more aware of that process that's taking place internally than some others are, that's all there is, but we are all actually experiencing it. So to get to that level of "feeling it" of recognition, of awareness, is the key, -is- I wish to share with you my experiences through this journey in this area, so hopefully what I've gone through personally will help you work out and find a way to get in touch with that within yourselves as well. I'm going for this to have every single answer, but all I can share with you is my experiences, cause I believe all I know, that's what wisdom is, wisdom comes from our experiences. We don't read it, any good to tell it, that's not wisdom. That's just literally sharing literary information, which is important too, 'cause we are actually reading other people's experiences, I'm not devaluating it in any way, but is important not to put too much emphasis of your personal existence on written words, because your very own experiences are far more valuable than anything outside of you, and what I wish everyone to understand is to reorganize your thought patterns, to reorganize the way you function as a being, and put more emphasis and acknowledment towards your own sovereignty, towards your own spirit, towards your own experiences, and understand the value of those experiences. It doesn't matter what journey you are on, your individual journey and the experiences you have within that journey are priceless, and they are just as valuable as anybody else on the planet, anybody else, even the people in the Public Arena, in the media, doing their rounds and the circle gurus, and all this kind of area, or paradigm. Your own individual experience, -doesn't matter who you are, where you are in life- it is just as important and valuable, because every incarnated soul here on Earth, this planet is the melting prob of the universe, so each person that is a soul incarnation, not a "walk in", not a shape-shifted ET, but a soul incarnation, an organic being that's organically part of this universe, the profundity of the energy that we carry, 'cause we are a fractal of the universe, this is the microcosm of the macrocosm, and the experiences that I've had of light, is, I've been able to look at a being and I've have been able to look at the structure of an organic incarnated soul, and to understand how every incarnation has thousands, literally thousands of colors and energy strings coming-in into that being, because they have literally thousands of soul contracts with life out there, thousands of planetary races of different life-forms, of different races of beings, on many different levels, and you represent them, so in a way we are all emissaries and ambassador of life! Please don't underestimate your value and your worth, OK? The Divine Feminine, the forgotten hero, I've spoken about this many times, now, I've put this picture up, 'cause I like to use it, 'cause it really symbolizes, it's top notch, it's a really simple picture but it really symbolizes a lot. That represents the womb of the mother, and played by side to create what we call the two intersecting circles of the "Vescica Piscis", if you take that line and you spot it here, and you take that line and spot it there, it creates the fish of Christianity, these pictures that you see on cars, that symbol originally means the womb of the mother, that's it's highest meaning, and primary, and principle symbolism. Everything is multi-dimensional, OK? The fish also represents the Christ because he's the "Fisher of Men", you have to understand that too. Like I said, everything has a multi-dimensional understanding, different layers, and it represents those doorways, it's a symbolic representation of the doorways that will open up, and what you will physically see may be two stone pillars with a beautiful feel around them, that might be for some people, everybody is gonna experience them in a different way, some people might see a waterfall and I walk through the waterfall, it's not one size fits all, OK? People will experience these doorways in their own way, and the guidance that will come to people to wanna walk through these doorways when the time is right for them will come from inside of them!

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Georges last talk '2012 The Divine Feminine Doorways to Ascension the Birthing of a New Consciousness' that took place at Quantum Bookshop in Adelaide, This talk from July 12, 2009 also includes Sarah and Majette.

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