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Britain's cultural problem

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When people come together for a common purpose, so to speak, it can make a big difference to community cohesion. And recently in several English towns we've seen particular cohesion (if we can call it that) between members of the Pakistani Muslim adult male community and the white female child community, thanks largely to the cooperation of the police and social services (and especially the Labour Party) who have been very proactive in helping to facilitate this cultural connection. Safe to say that without their vital contribution it simply couldn't have happened. I guess that's what comes from having a clearly focussed common purpose. But people keep saying that this epidemic of child rape by Pakistani Muslim gangs has nothing to do with religion, and that it's actually a cultural problem. And that's partly true. It has everything to do with Islamic misogyny, of course, without which it wouldn't be happening, but also it does at least originate in a cultural problem. Specifically, a self-hating relativist anti-western anti-British culture of politically correct denial, "progressive" double standards, eviscerated language, and sanitised lies. A culture of stubbornly ignoring the truth when it's screaming into your face because if the truth reflects badly on the religion of peace (and sad to say, invariably it does) then the truth is incorrect and it must be hygienically replaced with a more inclusive truth, a prejudice-free artificial truth that everyone is comfortable with, and then nobody's feelings will be hurt. Well, nobody important, anyway. That's the cultural problem we have. It's a culture of being paralysed by Islam. We censor ourselves, and others, over Islam in a way we would never do with any other religion, any other culture, or any other political ideology, when, on all three of those counts, Islam is uglier and more dangerous than all of them. We're terrified of saying anything judgmental about the most judgmental ideology on the planet, yet we're more than happy to judge anyone who does say something about it in the harshest possible terms, falsely, as a racist, as far-right, like Mussolini's black shirts, happy to deal in falsehood and slander just to shut these people up, so terrified are we of offending Muslims. Now that is what you call a phobia. If you desecrate a copy of the Koran in Britain you'll be prosecuted as a criminal. You might even go to prison. Not because you've done any real damage, but because you have offended certain people, certain privileged people who must never be offended. Had you done the same thing with a Bible, you'd be fine. You could put it in an art gallery for people to admire. But in Britain today, some people's feelings are more important than others. The law says so. Or rather it does so, which amounts to the same thing. It hasn't alwasys been this way, of course. We used to have a very healthy culture of free speech until Islam came along and put a stop to it - with the enthusiastic help of the police, I can't help but notice. Just a few weeks ago a Christian street preacher publicly and accurately contrasted Jesus with Mohammed, and he was charged as a criminal because some passer-by chose to be offended by the inevitably unflattering comparison, so it became a police matter. It's well known that Mohammed married a 9 year-old child which is why so many Muslims in the world today regard child marriage as perfectly acceptable. But if you say this publicly on the streets of Britain you're liable to be arrested. The police and prosecution service, who for years conspired to ignore organised gangs of Muslim child rapists will be all over you like mustard on a hot dog. They can't wait for you to say the wrong thing about Islam. They're hovering over your birthright like the Witchfinder General while a gang rape is going on right behind them. That is the cultural problem we have in Britain. We've been hypnotised and paralysed by Islam. Earlier this year a political candidate was arrested for publicly quoting Churchill's critical opinon of Islam because, again, a passer-by chose to be offended. A whole van load of police arrived, because they had nothing better to do, and took him into custody for quoting Winston Churchill, which is no longer allowed on the streets of Britain because it might offend... guess who. Meanwhile, Islamic hate monger and professional parasite Andy Choudary is free to speak his mind any time he likes through a loudspeaker, and it wouldn't matter if a hundred passers-by complained to the police, he could keep on talking, even enjoying police protection. That's the cultural problem we have, and our public institutions are so riddled with this double standard it has seriously shaken our confidence that we can trust them to deliver justice. Who now trusts the police to do their job impartially when dealing with what's euphemistically known as other cultures, meaning Muslims? Nobody. And who can be surprised when in Rotherham in particular they appear to have gone out of their way to destroy that trust. As with social services, it wasn't just a one-off lapse of judgment, but a clear deliberate long term policy that might have been purposely designed to cause division in society, and it was pursued with such blind determination that evidence against it was deliberately suppressed. So fourteen hundred children were repeatedly raped by Muslims, and nothing was done about it to avoid offending Muslims. That is the cultural problem we have in Britain. And it's more than a problem. It's a sickness. It's a whole different kind of "progressive" disease. And what the police and social services and Labour politicians need to do is not to apologise yet again and to say that lessons will be learned, but to reacquaint themselves with the people and the values they are supposed to be serving, to take their racist PC common purpose and shove it right back up the orifice they pulled it from, and to start engaging in some badly needed remedial cultural awareness training.

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Posted by: patcondell on Nov 7, 2014

We're paralysed by Islam.

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