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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~06:15:50 - 06:30:51

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Edith, did you take the photo? -Where's the comb? -What? On the plate. Pass me the plate. Scrub please. Edith, don't forget when you get there. Forget what? Oh, I have it with me. I already put it in my pocket. I... I already put it in my jacket pocket. 2 little monkeys, 5... How do you... How? Where is it, Aunt? What Lindi? I've already found it for her. Go call Simeon. Tell him we're leaving. He should have come here. Fine, I'll call him. This one has holes. This has holes here. This one has holes through it. Lindi, can you hurry up? Did I give you that money? Check in your pocket. That's silly. You want to buy doughnuts on the way. Aunt, what about Lindiwe? Give her 5 kwacha. Are you done? Then go. Let's go. Edith, I gave it to Memory. Let's go. Please go. Get your backpack and go. Hurry up. Memory! I'm going! Let's go. Go ahead of me. -Edith! -Yes! Now we can pass more often. -It's very cold. -Is it very cold? You didn't wear a jersey? You don't have a jersey. I'll just call her, "Gladys! Gladys!" Has she already passed? Don't you have a jersey? Gosh, as if she doesn't have a jersey. Jumping up and down... Go, go, go! Let's go! You may even be jumping in class while the teacher is there. Hey, your teacher will come. We're late for school today. I'll pretend I'm sick. We're not late. Is Noel waiting to eat? Ok, hurry up. That's what I'm talking about! Ok, umm, just keep talking. Only those in class 4 can use this shortcut. Get this. Edith? You're disturbing them. Hurry up. Let's go. They can't get lost. You're not going to school Rebecca? -I'm going to wash up. -Let's go. -Edith, you're off to school? -Yep. How are you guys doing? What about you, Rebecca? Hello. Edith, has Simeon already left for school? No, not yet. -Edith! -What? Memory, could you put her on your back? Who's going to carry me? What? Then hurry up, ok? Otherwise, she'll put you on her back. Come and hold my hand. Put it on! Please, let's go. Memory! Come and carry my bag. I should carry her. Where am I going to take it from? They'll do it themselves. I'll just be borrowing. Sometimes I just get it from other people. I'll give it to you. Go and draw water. We have a Chichewa test today. I did well not to use the middle pages. I left the middle pages. I skipped those pages and went to the end.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
Views: 194
Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 24, 2008

The girls set off for school, with Memory joining Edith and Lindiwe along the path after checking in on their neighbor, Simeon. The sisters cross paths with Rebecca who's returning home with a bucket of water and won't be attending school. Lindiwe proves too slow, so Edith carries her the rest of the way. The girls are late and Edith wonders if she should play sick. Memory has a Chichewa test at school today.

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