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If a dream comes true as foreseen is everything predetermined? Sadhguru

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so you sound income so as you saw it does it mean everything is predetermined description it the but now suppose I had to land a man was he and for a planned a man was he can they keep playing options open and expect maybe it will commence the fallout of history minneapolis think a lot of the steam in the two days we've come out of this to the are possibilities of the Clintons and did he's wrong could you come from come from the land or and part of something if you kind of man was he only men mostly calm that means is dependent isn't it how good the man was going to be how many members were missing on this to me I really was the manner that are are subjected to routine stinks this and that to all those things that in our hands webber and steven a good man goes the best harmony to what extent how long are these things are in our hands but with the this produce memorable quote on its that is not in your hands but also can be taken into your hands if you dig deep enough into line but you can't simply living a normal life you can take chides off hundred nine votes but you've got to each other the man was about something else if you want to take it out of the other man mentioned then you have to dig deep enough and too black right now you're not thinking that the interesting how to produce more memos but now this program is focused on how to produce my mind works we're not talking about can we could use some of that group and this man guilty they're not looking in the direction of that here but these bit of a to build that yes if you don't give enough but isn't so a possibility so anything to be determined a lot of it is determined has been determined by you unconscious nobody else he's be determining anything for you you I'm going to stimulate himself to that to look out of the process according to your life options much of the europeans office that is the wrong thing that's the do you feel the pulse of the that that's working like and don't like so I don't think that it's time to change now case depending upon what kind of come on you create and genetic continue it is that kind of scrutiny that's the to trial depending upon what kind of freedom to talk and to the world that is the kind of things you know what for the good life some people seem to be constantly making pleasant things some people seem to be making constantly unpleasant things in that light do you see this happening what the US have absolute confidence in your life somehow it is like one after another one after rates coming sometimes one after another beautiful things have gone so this is simply it depends today at what you have in your garbage bin to do you have a lot in place it's a daunting scott tomorrow of flowers so the other things calm so it all depends what kind of stuff from now so right now the comedienne under and a strong yen he's focused on this but you create a certain class of this of hearing that energies so that naturally what comes to your piece of glass and nature and he was unpleasantness happens to come for some reason you have a pleasant enough to go to a pleasant week that's what makes the difference isn't it Steve moore you're walking what you're talking to me is not important I'm you know talking to voters well makes a difference isn't it suppose you had to walk to head for five years now what we're totally untrue to me it is primarily those who would expedience the symptom only do so if it immensely had a terrible thing times so right now we have focusing on that past to fly to bring this circumstance of pleasant mess it cannot be decent they still come outside and to make sure this doesn't that it wasn't mess that meant to be bloodshed pleasant things in the world to which you harry's it doesn't matter what we do with the world good will be pleasant and they'll be unpleasant in the world what you're going to meet on a daily basis it let's make the difference for you not all of us meet the same level of pleasant miss in the world malval all of us make the same level of unpleasantness in the world isn't it the bill now goes to see anything different but aids of how much you get this largely depends on what you truly not at a moment of his life this is not just talk an emotion this is much deeper than that so that is what we're looking at here so usually get them and definitely not determined I put that on consciousness if you make a self-conscious all those things can be about but

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks, if a dream comes true as foreseen does it mean everything is predetermined? Sadhguru answers that whatever has been determined has been determined by you unconsciously. (AO73)

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