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Free Lecture Atom Eve Final 1833

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I just wanna say this particular course which is coming up in tonight lecture is very important to me, very personal to me for a number of reasons I grew up in Toronto, Canada and came from a very secular family we were born Jews parents, grandparents, blah blah blah my parents sent me to Hebrew school so, after public school, in the evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays we had to go to school, like Christians often go to Sunday school we used to go on Tuesday and Thursday every single class I was known for being the one kid who kept being sent either into the corner or to the Principal´s office I hated it, I hated it because we learned the same thing every year and every time we´d ask the question why well, because it's written! or why do we do a certain ritual or why this holiday and why do we have to eat this cracker called matzah, you know, our forefathers did it and their fathers did it and their fathers did it, it was the most stupid and ridiculous thing I ever saw in my life I'm serious , and so I was literally sent into the corner because I was always starting up or sent to the Principal's office and they once told my Mom they're going to expel me and when my Mom once threatened to take me out no, no, leave him here, leave him, and leave him in, he's going to be a rabbi one day, yeah i hated it and when those holidays would come up, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, by the way if you're here for the first time, you should know this is not about judaism, the typical religion this is about the way of the laws secrets of the universe and it's called the path of Torah the Bible, the Old Testament on a spiritual, metaphysical level, so Rosh Hashanah, just so you know, it was meant for all people Jew and gentile, everybody gets judged on that day everybody can plant the seed for the following 12 months, that's what Rosh Hashanah is all about, that´s an aside but when those holidays quote, unquote arrived all my friends, all the kids in the neighborhood, they were going to the synagogue my parents were secular and I was happy about it, to a certain degree and we stayed home, and sometimes the kids would make fun of me, you know how it comes, you don't go, how it comes you don't show up and I was going to the Hebrew school, so so they knew me, and sometimes I was embarrassed by it and once, I'll never forget, it shows you what's wrong with religion I forced my parents, I wanna go, I wanna go, I was like eight, nine years old, so they put a little blazer on me and dressed me up and when I walked in, Iwas like smiling and thinking "everyone's gonna be so happy to see me" and these kids of my street who were there said: "I wouldn't be caught dead in this place with that blazer" I said: why? there was a cigarette hole burnt into it, my father used to smoke four packs of cigarettes a day, anyway, I had a big ego so I couldn't be bullied, my ego was so stupid that even after making fun of me, I still thought I was a cool dude so but I was humiliated for the moment, but I just said in my mind after you you're a bigger loser than me, so who cares what you think and you're the guy hanging around the synagogue, not getting anwers it wasn't that complicated of a response, but I mean, thank God, I i had a strong enough ego not to let people bully me around, I paid for that ego later in life, in kabbalah getting rid of it, that's where the pain came, but so, when I became older and got married i always knew there was something out there, an intelligent force, something and I wasn't afraid to call it God i just didn't know what it was, but i i knew and after getting married, I said to my wife, Marianne Do you want to try going back to the synagogue on rosh hashanah ? her parents invited us in to a small town about an hour from Toronto, called Kitchener, Ontario, so we said okay we'll go in, we went and sat down it was an orthodox synagogue and I was there with an open heart and he was a really wonderful Rabbi empty for me, he wasn't empty, he was a wonderful man but even people around, I could see they weren't really paying attention listening to a sermon, he actually gave a sermon and I was actually moved and touched by, and said " that´s pretty cool" everyone's making jokes and talking about business so i left and walked out with my brother-in-law went to dairy cream for a burger and milkshake, did the same thing again in Yom Kippur middle of a fast, walked out went for a burger and milkshake and dairy cream so, I was done with religion, i focused all my energy on business, built up a really big company, very successful, I had all the tours, i had a 100 000 dollars Mercedes Benz this I never said publicly, but I'm gonna say, I have to show you what a jerk I was, what a jerk, i used to walk into this italian clothing store in Toronto and,literally, they'd shut down the store for me and i would spend like 15, 20 grand on clothes and they'd outfit me with the nicest suits and clothes, and bring espresso coffee and pasta, and i thought i had it made... and yet i was totally empty empty not what i said, i'm looking, I feel empty it was subconscious, i just wasn't happy with the meaning of my life i got the toys, i got everything because came from... I don't say poverty but we had no money, all the people had nice fancy cars in the street, we had used cars and i was embarrassed and i'm a Jew, so i had this ambition to want to ucceed and grow and I had this drive, so i built my business and i had all these toys toys and i met a lot of powerful people, and I'm not going to go into that, but i was empty and i found myself wandering into bookstores, picking up science books to make a long story short, too late I would read those books on a Saturday night and my wife would say Are we going out? and said: no, i can't put this book down and I'm understanding, i know one percent, five percent of the book, but I knew this is truth there's answers how things work! the laws of physics, the laws of nature the second law of thermodynamics parallel universes, quantum physics, Einstein's theory of relativity, i was getting just the basic concepts not the mathematics of it, and i would there was there were times, literally i remember I saw the movie "ghost", it blew me away, that was a nice really cool metaphysical movie i took my wife before the movie was over and we went to a bookstore, I dropped 300 dollars on science books of all kinds, literally, carrying them out in bags and bags and reading and reading and reading, but there was something missing again! i could sense, and I mean this is true, I could sense the ego of these physicists who were writing these books and they were brilliant, they were truly in the subconsciously or consciously trying to disprove God that they had the answers, you didn't need God in the equation and so one reason i kept looking for more books, more books i was trying to find a physicist who could, who acknowledged and quantum physics comes pretty close to explaining how there's a metaphysical, if you want to call, supernatural aspect to reality which we go into in the course but nobody would cross the line. One day, i'm in my office, a guy walks in from the Kabbalah center of New York, i'm in Toronto, and he sits down and I start bombarding him with questions, and he begins answering the questions, everything he learned from kabbalist Rav Berg he's talking to me about this kabbalist, Rav Berg, Rav Berg, he cares about some Rav Berg, what are you talking about? why isn't it Rabbi Berg? Rav is a more human, a humble term, blah blah blah but i was blown away because he answered all the questions i bought some books, I bought the Zohar and I'm reading the Rav´s books, I'm not understanding them but I see the connections with Science and kabbalah, I'm blown away, blown away When my father passed on, they sent the rabbi, and I don't know who brought the Rabbi because we never belonged to a synagogue in our lives, but a Rabbi came, or probably from the funeral home the Rabbi came to talk to me and my sisters and I hit him with all kinds of questions he was taken aback and he didn't have an answer so here I found this wisdom called kabbalah, I love that it was a secret wisdom that turned me on completely but it was addressing science and science and judaism , if you will, science and Torah, science in the Bible but I was wary, wary and I needed a sign, and it's a true story, it was around midnight my wife was asleep upstairs and I put in a video of Rav Berg and I didn't really feel anything he doesn´t look a charlatan, he looks like a Rabbi but not a typical holy sage Rabbi looks like a cool dude from Brooklyn, from Queens so i went out to my front lawn, i leaned against my wife's car it was an Audi, I leaned back on it and I looked up and i said: God, I need a sign that this man is the guy for me i don't have time to waste, I went to a thousand books i went to different synagogues i walked out of the mall i need to know is this man for me so i'm going to ask for the sign and i'm going to tell you the sign that i need because it's got to be so blatant and so obvious I don't need, I don´t want to be open for interpretation and I said: I'm prepared to sit here for an hour leaning on my wife's car, I want to see a falling star, I haven't seen a falling star literally searching, since I was a kid at a camp so it was like already like 15 years, so I leaned back in the car within five seconds the sky lit up and and a shooting star went right across our house and neighborhood I swear to you, I had an anxiety attack like I never had before, I couldn't breathe, i ran to the house i woke up my wife I was having a panic attack, i couldn't breathe! i was hyperventilating and I'm saying: no more signs no more signs and I woke up my wife, I told her what happened had the worst sleep out of my life but I knew he was the real deal, then came 25 years, 30 years in kabbalah, but 25, 26 years with Rav Berg a lot of you who know me know my story, I lost everything best thing ever happened to me, but you know, studying with the Rav three weeks, three weeks, I'm sorry , three months before kabbalist Rav berg had a stroke, he called me every morning to come learn with him his new book he was writing called Nano, and he called it Nano because it's about the most fundamental level of reality subatomic particles, particles, atoms and we learned every morning, and it was insane and then he had the stroke, and like Karen said, also my teacher, Rav Berg´s wife, she said: we're doing rework on a lot of projects to really accelerate the arrival of the Messiah , projects I don't want to go into it now, but we were really close to the dark side, to really take them out, and Karen said the Rav got too close and the world didn't have the merit and the stroke came, but I needed a sign because when the ref came home from the hospital, his whole brain by the way was blown out and I was at that, I was at the hospital, and the doctor said to Karen: you're gonna have to make a decision if you want to pull the plug or not, because he's a vegetable, there's no brain left and Karen said: you don´t know who you're dealing with bottom line, the Rav woke up from the coma, and he was home now about four, five, six weeks later after being in the hospital and he was always sleeping because it takes months and months and months to really come out of a coma come out of the the stroke, so he was out of it Karen Berg calls me up one night and says: you wanna come study the Zohar you know with the Rav, bring some healing I ran over to the house with my wife, and I was sitting there, and the Rav was literally just sitting there asleep, like this you know and Karen was shoving him in the back, wake up! wake up! he wasn't waking up, he was out of it he was this way everyday, so I said: Rav do you want to study the Zohar? so with his eyes closed, he pushed the Zohar in front of me, I said: the Rav wants me to read? he just nodded his head like this and that's the way he communicated, okay? so i started to read i open it up and read it, the Rav turns around which is in itself crazy, there's a big "credenza" behind him and he picks up a phone and he puts the phone on the table and then he shoves it in front of me. i pick up the receiver, it goes like this i went hello? no, the Rav reached over and started pushing random buttons then i went, hello? and it was me answering back reading the zohar that I´d just read I screamed but that wasn't the bizarre part the Rav woke up, clear as day, and said: what's the matter, Billy, you don't believe? and went right back into the coma. i got goosebumps now as i'm telling you the story it's even more crazier than i'm telling you now i hope it sounds crazy. So i saw this is a man who understood the laws of physics and science, the brain, the metaphysical reality, who had control, had power, so why didn't Jesus bring the messiah? what if he is the Messiah, why didn´t he bring world peace? why didn't the Rav get it done? why didn't Moses get it done? why didn't it happen? because though they have the power if the people don't change and don't have the merit it's not going to get done, so the Zohar teaches the Messiah will die in every generation. he's here always in potential, but i got the sign that the love was in control and so it took about two months later until the Rav was then taken to the center We're sitting in the conference room, where we used to learn together. It's now like three, four months later and the Rav is still not really with it and, all of a sudden, he gives me another sign. He comes back down to his body, the old Rav and we're literally learning science, where we picked off, where we picked up exactly where we left off before the stroke. and I´m starting not hyperventilating, but i'm going, oh God, don't say, my mind, don't say "it's too good to be true" don't say" it's too good to be true", and we're talking, it went on for about two minutes and then he left. And a year later, I would go to the basketball game, at the Laker game with the Rav, we do spend a lot of time together but it was a different Rav at that point, now. But when i needed him, I said: Rav, I got a question, he would come back but the way he came back each time, was less and less and less. And then one day I said, Rav, Rav, he says, I can´t do it anymore. so after he passed on, I´m not going to tell that story now, it's also a great story not that he passed on but my connection, I came back from Israel, now at this point in my life I stopped reading kabbalah books, i always spent 10, 15 years devouring all the kabbalah books, all the science books I was now working on different projects, with the Rav and so it wasn't about reading, reading, reading day and night. So it was years since I really dived into books i come home from Israel, from the funeral come home, the next day two books show up at my house, the books were about the great kabbalist Rabbi Elijah, known as the genius of Vilna, Lithuania. in Hebrew called the Gaon, the Vilna Gaon, which means the genius of Vilna, Lithuania, great kabbalist, and I open the book, literally, and it says how the secret to bringing, this is a lot of things but the secret to bringing the redemption of the Messiah. The final arrival of the kingdom of heaven on Earth is to unify Science and kabbalah. He wrote this in the 1700s, 1800s and he was saying how instructed his students to learn the seven sciences. And then he says things that described the Rav I don't want to go into it now, it's not the place for it but it was about the Rav so for these reasons and more, this lecture tonight, this upcoming course has both personal and cosmic importance to me, in my life, and this world, because I believe this is what the Rav did, this is what the Vilna Gaon said he said: the messiah, son of joseph will write books and unify science and kabbalah. and if you read all of the Rav Berg's earliest books they're all about science and kabbalah. No kabbalist in History writes that way. So, to be able to share the Rav´s teachings tonight and in this upcoming course, and when I shared it at Nasa, I don´t believe, I know we're accelerating the process of bringing the redemption bringing the Messiah, and that's one of the reasons why this world is such a freeking turmoil. Because it says, the Vilna Gaon says it´s going to get crazier and crazier, and more chaotic and you're going to think it's more hopeless as you get closer to the end. So that's where we are. let me now walk you through some of the highlights I did at Nasa and what we're really going to get from this course called Atom , a-t-o-m, and Eve So, the first lecture I did was the at Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center which is just outside of Washington DC. When i arrived there i was kind of shocked to see this sign welcoming me, people asked me Were you intimidated lecturing in front of an auditorium full of physicists and scientists? I said, on one hand you're nervous especially when I saw that sign now they're really expecting something from me i'm not a scientist, I'm not a physicist I didn't even study uh in College, I dropped all my science courses couldn't stand it. so i was a little nervous um but by the same token there's a certainty you have in a confidence I'm sharing my teacher's wisdom I know what I'm talking about because he told me what to say this is the Kennedy the John F Kennedy Space Center which is where I went for my second lecture which was a year later. I was invited back this time to Cape Canaveral. When I came in, I saw these posters that we put up in the lobby and some different sections of Nasa so that was really cool, we did a whole marketing campaign to fill up the auditorium, that's me and my wife in front of a satellite so that we were filming it we were supposed to film this to make a course out of the filming but both locations, the Goddard space Flight Center and the Kennedy Space Flight Center I brought in a film crew they were volunteers. They were great people, they screwed it up on both occasions. So, that's what took so many years to get this on, Ii had to build the course from scratch so I was intimidated in that room, it was a lot of people but I had again that certainty and so when you know kabbalah, when you have that Light flowing through you I've stood in front and I had conversations with Donald Trump i had conversations with Bill Clinton, I had conversations with Nobel Prize-winning physicists and when you're sharing the wisdom of kabbalah, it's a piece of cake because this wisdom and the light flows through you, you just got to get yourself out of the way, but there was one question at the end of my lecture and it led to a debate at the Goddard Space Flight Center. In front of everybody, with this one Nasa scientist. and he said to me: you are wrong. you are mistaken about something that I said. I'll go into it in detail in the course, that was about an atom and immortality and the the life of an atom etc. He said: you're wrong. And the sweat starting to drip down the side of my temple. And i'm thinking no! No! I'm not wrong and so i said no i'm not wrong, you're wrong nicely I explained, and he said i'm gonna call any .... some name, i'm gonna call him blah blah blah, he's the senior director of the physics department he'll prove you wrong, I said: bring him in and we're debating back and forth, hang on one second and someone raises your hand and says Could we move on from this debate? We have other questions we want to ask, and they start asking questions about life needless to say, a week later I get a call from the person who arranged a lecture at Nasa and he said: Billy, you're going to freak out, I said: why? that guy came into my office, he told me you were right I said, Thank you, I knew was right, because my teacher taught me not because I'm smart. So that was kind of a hairy moment when I was at Nasa where I kind of got nervous for a little bit. So what I´d like to do, especially go to some place like Nasa , or even for this lecture coming up, this course coming up instead of just quoting from our Zohar which is the most comprehensive Zohar in human History from the Kabbalah Center, I went to the Vatican and I brought out some not printed Zohars like our Zohar, but the original manuscripts. Because what if you have an ancient manuscript in the Vatican archives that revealed the secrets of evolution the Big Bang in quantum physics. So here is a picture of the Zohar that we pulled from the Vatican. and we took copies and more pictures of it which i will present all of them in the Atom and eve course, and you'll see the paragraphs in the original aramaic, explaining haha, how the Earth works, i don't wanna give any surprises away but it's amazing . here's something very important, there are two, this is critical write this down mentally or literally, there are two aspects to the power of the Zohar, you get the text and you have the telecast, I call it the text in the telecast. what does that mean? The text isn't going to show you the text in the course you'll see the text, you'll read it for yourself will translate from the aramaic to the English and you'll see the Zohar is reconciling science and kabbalah, but there's another power called the telecast. so what i'm going to do is share with you a two-minute clip from the movie "2001, a space odyssey" based on the book by Arthur c Clarke. Watch this scene carefully. it's about two minutes and then we're gonna follow with another scene from the movie that's also two minutes, here we go. (sounds) (music) the monolith, that scene we watched is supposedly from the the book, in the movie it's like some allien intelligences put that monolith there in the early years of life on Earth and that somehow emitted a wave or a signal that gave them the inspiration to take their hands and pick up a weapon and that's what led to them ruling over the animal kingdom killing animals, knowing how to feed weapons, tool design, and that's what led to the evolution from ape to man, that's the mythology of the book "2001 a space odyssey". But the Zohar works the exact same way, the kabbalists teach that there is an intelligent force of energy called a telecast or a signal, or a broadcaster in the word of the Zohar radiance that permeates the universe and, at certain times, it increases its intensity the telecast gets louder and that is what inspires us, we draw down from what's called the 99 per cent reality ideas, knowledge, inspiration and that's how we come to new discoveries. so the zohar not only is what we're going to learn in the course has actual texts that have been read throughout History which we'll see that told you how the world works, but its mere presence amplifies that signal, that telecast called the radiance and inspired the greatest minds in History. Throughout history . [Music] This is Arthur C Clarke who wrote the book "2001's the Space Odyssey". I'm going to give an example of how he tapped into that broadcast that telecast before he even wrote that book to show how it was already in the cosmos. Arthur C Clarke is not a scientist, he's a writer, but he wrote something in a book that ended up to be proven true in science. He somehow knew that if you put a satellite 22 000 miles in space, it'll orbit the planet at the same rotation speed as the Earth itself. It's called the geosynchronous orbit. In the old days in the 60s and the 50s, when you're watching tv by a satellite, they couldn't keep the signal, you only could watch an hour at a time because the satellite went out of view. But if you move that satellite, instead of just hovering above the Earth at a low altitude, if you put a 22 000 plus miles, it rotated the exact speed as the Earth´s rotation, and , therefore, a satellite linked on Earth can be locked into that satellite 24 hours a day. Welcome to our world. And he wrote that in the book of fiction, and end up being true. So, it's not just a physicist using his brain and the signals out there to tap into. Why does this phenomenon happen? if you read the Zohar, the portion of Vayera, which we discovered in another lecture but for those who weren't there, there's a section called the reckoning of the messianic era and it says, in that section, in the hebrew calendar "In the year 600 of the sixth millennium "The gates of wisdom above and the fountains of wisdom below shall be opened". If wisdom above is that telecast at the 99 per cent reality with infinite wisdom and the fountains of wisdom below is science, the wisdom of nature. The year 5600 in the hebrew calendar is 1840 in our calendar. And then, the Zohar says every 60 years you will see a greater opening of light. so that the monolith effect of the Zohar, like we saw in the movie "2001 a space odyssey" it's going to intensify, every 60 years, to advance our spiritual evolution, our consciousness to bring more technology innovation, love, kindness, the transformation of ourselves and of this world. The first 60 years were from 1840 to 1900 and then from 1900 to 1960, we'll focus on that for a moment, those 60 years, some more scientific progress in six decades than all of human history combined, right? I always say we went from stagecoach to rocketship, from a candlelit world to electronic lights, from 1960 to 2020, which is the next 60 years, what do we really see in terms of science? Instant global communication between people through social media and all these technologies. In those 60 years, all of human history combined now, it began in 1840, that's when the major shift occurred. with that monolith effect, that telecast was being broadcast at a much higher signal strength. Edgar Allan Poe wrote the book The Raven, other books, horror books, great poetry, Before Albert Einstein, he wrote in his book in 1848, only eight years after 1840 arrive, he said "time and space are one". He preceded Einstein's concept of the space-time continuum where space and time are two sides of one coin. He wrote that in a book. H. G. Wells, also in the late 1800s, he wrote the book "The invisible man" and he wrote the book you're all i'm sure familiar with, "The time machine". He wrote, before Einstein quote there is no difference between time and any of the three dimensions of space, except that our consciousness moves along it. So, already when 1840 came and the signal strength increased, even writers were picking up the laws of the universe. How can a simple writer realize space and time are one concept? When Einstein was a freaking genius and came up with E equal mc squared , that's how that was his pathway, a much more intellectual complex pathway Well, a writer simply channeled it. This is Elias Howe and he had a dream. 1800s. In his dream he was being chased by cannibals carrying spears. On September 10th 1846, he received a patent why? or what? how? in his dream, the cannibals were throwing spears at him, and they were puncturing him bam bam bam bam bam bam non-stop. He invented the sewing machine using the same technology from his dream. That's a true story. So this con in 1840 innovation, technology, the secrets and laws of physics were in the air. Meet Roger Penrose. Penrose won the nobel prize for showing the connections between black holes and Einstein's Theory of Relativity. The guy's a genius, he said he was fascinated how Mozart claimed he could hear a one-hour symphony in a second transcending time and space. So, Penrose became intrigued by that because how was he transcending time and space? So Penrose came to the conclusion that the platonic world, Plato's world, if you don't know about Plato's world, Plato, 2500 years ago, said: There's a hidden reality where true reality exists in all wisdom and beauty and mathematical truth is everything exists there he got that from the kabbalists and we will prove it in the course. but that corresponds to the capitalistic concept of the 99 per cent reality, where true reality exists, and all the wisdom exists, so even Roger Penrose Nobel prize-winning physicist said: We're not discovering when we learn the laws of physics when Newton invents the law of gravity., when Edison invents the light bulb. You're not discovering, you're seeing what already exists there is nothing new under the sun. "I imagine that whenever the mind perceives a mathematical idea, it makes contact with plato's world of Mathematical concepts." "I believe consciousness to be closely associated with the sensing of truths, truths already exist. Math already exists, we're not inventing Mathematics. it's a reality, it already exists and, thereby, we achieve a direct contact with Plato's world of mathematical concepts. This is totally kabbalah. We talk about connecting to the 99 per cent reality. If you want the light on in your room, you must connect your lamp to the source, the electricity. Even Einstein said the same thing He said: Mozart's music was so pure that it seemed to have been ever-present in the universe , just waiting to be discovered by the Master. It already exists, everything, including the future world, with all the technologies and consciousness that we need., to have heaven on Earth. so why isn't it here yet? Why is it we're going through evolution why slowly we make discovery, slowly there are new inventions and the world changes through trial and error but yet writers of fictional novels, in one second channel an idea that's pure, that's just as valuable as Einstein's space-time continuum. A writer of fictional books comes up with the same concept. Einstein believed the laws of nature such as those of relativity theory, are just waiting to be plucked out of the cosmos. It already exists. We just have to connect, so, what we covered in the course, we're going to examine how this telecast affected all of History, not just from 1840 onward. So we will explore how Pythagoras was versed in the wisdom of Zohar and Kabbalah. (silence) Plato versed in the wisdom of Kabbalah and Zohar. Columbus, Abraham Zacuto who was his navigational consultant and has a crater in the new, a crater on the moon named after him. Isaac Newton will examine his notes and his zohar. Leibniz, without this guy there's no modern day computer. He also invented calculus, he was up to his ears in the study of the kabbalah. We'll explore that in the course and we'll show how many of the world's most renowned scholars agree now, somehow they think it's textual, I say it's also the telecast, right? it's reading the actual text of Zohar. but it's also the Zohar's presence is like a broadcast, the entire scientific revolution of the 17th century has been attributed by scholars to the Zohar. We'll see the details why the father of Quantum Physics in the 20th century, Wolfgang Pali, was mesmerized by Kabbalah. This is one of the coolest things, just google the number 137 , google Wolfgang Pauli 137 and you'll learn about the most important number in Physics and why Pauli studied kabbalah, and you'll see the entire 20th century, the whole revolution in Quantum Physics is owed to the presence of that monolith, that signal, that telecast that metaphysical radiance from the Zohar, that transformed the 20th century with more progress than all of History combined. So, with that explosion of technology, science and progress in the last 180 years , there came paradoxes that have left the Physics , the physicists of our century scratching their heads. Einstein's theory of relativity which we will make super simple in the course and quantum physics, which will make even more simpler in terms of getting the essence they don't reconcile it's two realities, they don't make sense. Einstein's theory of relativity says time goes one way. In Quantum Physics, time goes both ways. Einstein's theory of relativity says everything's made of particles. Quantum Physics says everything's made of waves. There's more paradoxes, those paradoxes concern the macroscopic world, that's the code for the big world around us and the microscopic world the world of atoms. We will do something never done in History before, we will reconcile, unify, harmonize those two worlds. but the unification of signs did not occur yet. How it comes, right? The Vilna Gaon, the genius of the Lithuania said: When you unify them, we're going to have peace on Earth. Science hasn't been reconciled because we know with the macroscopic- microscopic theory of relativity, quantum physics, those two realms that haven't been reconciled because science and kabbalah have not been reconciled. we must come to discover what mind-blowing kabbalistic secrets are encoded inside E equal mc squared. This equation means nothing to our lives. when you look at it on a blackboard and if you learned about it in school it means nothing, yet kabbalistically when you understand it it's the meaning of human existence and the pathway to paradise. How can this formula help us ignite the final redemption and arrival of the Messiah? by reconciling science and kabbalah, that answer becomes clear. We have a formula we will come away with an equation on how to achieve it. Here's just one simple example of how Einstein's theory of space time is made practical by the Zohar. There's just one example how we take a lot of science and make it simple. I presented this to physicist Brian Green, very famous dude, on TV, a lot of best-selling books, brilliant guy and I asked him and he knows a lot about the physics of time, and I asked him: is there a definition of time? he said: no, we don't know what it is. I said: may I share with you a definition of time that the wisdom of kabbalah teaches? we had a two-hour phone call, he said sure, I told him time is simply the distance between cause and effect. He went: wow, that works. I asked him: why does time exist? why was it created? and he said to me: "science can tell you how, but science cannot tell you why." We don't deal with the why questions, and that's why just like how and why are not reconciled. That's why Einstein's theory of relativity and Quantum Physics aren't reconciled, and that's why science and kabbalah have not been reconciled. We must know why these laws of physics exist, as it relates to your life. Most of us who have studied kabbalah already know why time was created. For those of you who are here for the first time, i'll tell you very simply if you re engaged in negative behavior, and you abuse somebody, you insult somebody, There's payback, karmic payback, but yet it doesn't happen, how come we react rude we get away with our crimes? because time was created to separate cause and effect. It creates a distance between cause and effect, crime and consequence, our reactions and the repercussions of our reactions. Time exists to separate the cause from the effect. If you commit a crime, the consequence is delayed, sometimes for months, years, decades or lifetimes. Our reactions when we hurt people, the repercussions of our negative actions, reactive actions are delayed likewise our positive deeds, our positive actions, the rewards are delayed and this is all for free will purposes, you wouldn't have free will if every time you did something negative, you got a smack on the head. Same way, when you want to house train your dog, you punish him every time he pees in the carpet, but we're not dogs, though sometimes we behave like dogs. So, there's no instant feedback, it's delayed so that we go we're not like the apes, the early men that we saw in the 2001 clip, we´re human beings and you only become human when you exercise free will. and you can only become human if you separate cause and effect. and one last reason why time is also defined as mercy, because if we commit a crime and there is a consequence due to us, if we truly transform ourselves, make amends and fix things in our lives, you become a new person, and therefore you avoid the consequence. it's not just an apology that'll never work, it's going to be a true uprooting of the negative trait that caused that crime to begin with but once you pull that purge that trait from your consciousness, you're no longer the same person, voom! The karmic boomerang goes right over your head, so this is just one little simple example of why we care that Einstein's theory of relativity says time is relative to each person, for some people cause and effect are delayed for a month. Other people cause and effect are delayed by time for 10 years, so when chaos strikes in your life, you're going to say: where the hell did that come from? why this happened to me? it's 10 years later, you forgot about the incident that you did that cause it. So, it's relative to each person's individual transformational process. The big bang, the expansion of the universe, what does that tell us? (explosion) Here's a clip from the movie Annie Hall , this is a young Woody Allen, in a psychiatrist's hospital, a psychiatrist's office with his mother, Woody Allen as a kid playing a character called Alvi Singer. "He's been depressed, all of a sudden he can't do anything". Why are you depressed, Alvi? "Tell dr Flicker"'s something he read, "Something you read, huh? "The universe is expanding" "The universe is expanding", "well, the universe is everything and if it's expanding, someday it will break apart and that will be the end of everything." "What is that your business? He stopped doing his homework, "What's the point?' "what has the universe got to do with it? you're here in Brooklyn, Brooklyn is not expanding, "it won't be expanding for billions of years yet, Alvi and we've got to try to enjoy ourselves, while we're here huh huh [Laughter] So, what is the point? who cares there's a Big Bang ? who cares if it's expanding? part of the unification of science and kabbalah is understanding why the laws of physics have been chosen to operate this universe. And how it relates to me personally? So, I can get control over my life and achieve fulfillment and contact with what Penrose calls Plato's world, which kabbalah calls the 99 per cent reality of light, to remove all darkness from my life. Why is there evidence of evolution ? What does evolution mean? we'll answer that question. we'll know why, how old is the universe and why?. The bible says God created the universe in seven days, well, God's about to whip it up in one second, yet science says the universe is 13.7 billion years, how old is it? how do you reconcile it and why is it the age that it is? what mind-blowing mysteries lurk beneath the speed of light? Why does light have the speed that it has? Why does light behave that way it does? how do we record? how to resolve and reconcile the paradoxes of modern day physics? Why do these paradoxes even exist? why was life created with paradoxes? a microscopic world, a macroscopic world, the laws of physics work differently in the microscopic, the world works completely opposite in the macroscopic, making our lives feel like chaos why does the second law of thermodynamics exist? you know what the second law of thermodynamics is? basically, if you have a puzzle and you put it in a box, the more you shake it, the more disordered it becomes. The second law of termodynamics is about how life keeps becoming more chaotic, more chaos. Why does this universe tend towards chaos? because time only goes one way. If you could reverse time you could put the puzzle back together again. So why does the second law of thermodynamics exist? how do we get control over time? Why should we even care about the second law? So, here's the trailer that we presented before I came to lecture at Nasa, we sent the trailer all the scientists physicist personnally looked at it and this will give you a little taste of what we'll find in the course that I shared at Nasa. 2000 years ago it was said: A dig explosion birthed time and space into existence. Sound and light travel in waves. Time is relative. The universe has 10 dimensions. Light does not experience time and space. The Science of Kabbalah A Lecture with Billy Phillips This is the second lecture. Newton learned it. So did Leibniz. And Wolfgang Pauli. Even Plato & Pythagoras studied it. The Ancient Science of Kabbalah The Big Bang Evolution The Mystery of Consciousness Time reversibility paradox Secrets of time, space and motion. The meaning of Human existence. The Cosmology of Kabbalah Nasa training aduitorium with Billy Phillips This is a video we played to introduce some of the scientists at Nasa who are going to be in our lecture and these will appear in our course Adam and Eve. Atom and Eve The Cosmology of Kabbalah Professor Michio Kaku Theoretical Physicist Dr. Amir Aczel Mathematician and Best Selling author Dr. Bernard Haisch Astrophysicist Dr. Arthur Spokojni Harvard Trained Cardiologist Dr. Sandford Drob Clinical Psychologist Arno Penzias Nobel Laureate Dr. Stuart Hammeroff Anesthesiologist Once upon a time in the universe... As we physicists begin to piece together a standard model of cosmology, one that takes us from the instant of creation to the expanding universe of today. It's really uncanny. It's uncanny that it seems to mirror many of the kabbalistic mystical beliefs, and it seems to say to us that perhaps there's more to these beliefs than many scientists give credit for. BONUS CLASS We're also going to have a bonus class which is supposed to be another lecture, another seminar which we're going to launch, but we're going to include it in this course Adam and Eve for everybody that signs up. It started from a question I got from a Nasa scientist who put me on the spot and said: Look, you just showed us a great lecture how Zohar spoke about all these concepts that we now know about in science, tell me something that Zohar says that hasn't happened yet. Predictions from The Zorah What's coming? We're going to have a bonus topic predictions from the Zohar. What's coming? What are the news discoveries? What kind of new particles are they going to discover in these atom smashers? Remember they found the God Particle? okay here's something. It's not the God Particle that they found, In truth it was the Satan Particle. And for those who are here for the first time Satan is the Hebrew word for Satan and it means you know a reactive consciousness, opposite consciousness of our soul. So why do I call the God Particle that was discovered, why do I call the Satan Particle because that particle is what creates matter. It creates friction and so that Particle is what's responsible for the mass of our universe. And scientists of course give us the opposite, you know, a definition for the God Particle. So in this topic we're going to explore what are they really going to fund when they keep smashing atoms and they go deeper and deeper into part into a protons and electrons and neutrons what are they going to find? What new discoveries will be made? What will the future look like? What would the Messianic World look like? What would it look like as we switch and cross over? 1 more BONUS TOPIC And then one more bonus topic that was it's going to be its own seminar but we're going to include it in this lecture in this course rather. Pentagon finally admits it investigates UFOs UFO BREAKthrough: Pentagon admits it DID investigate aliens - bombshell details REVEALED Well for many decades the US Government has dismissed out-of-hand UFO sightings as crank stuff, things that lunatics babble about. Now, suddenly they're taking a different approach they are telling the truth. My personal belief is that uh there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone. Whatever that means. That's not an (inaudible) though, is it? That is an (inaudible) ... Well, if there's a ... Look at that thing! It's rotating! The truth will be landing The Ancient Zohar revealed the planet inhabited by Aliens Discover how many worlds are inhabited... Discover how the ancient Kabbalists describe the aliens Learn why this is happening now! And what it means And how they travel And they technology Close encounters of the Zohar kind Bonus Class For People Enrolled in ... Atom & EVE The Nasa Lectures Seating Limited First come, First Serve. Okay! So, we can open it up for questions. All right, Joshua shared on the chat a question I’ll start off with this one and you guys you can write on the chat I have a question raise your hands digitally, so we can take this time and ask Billy a question. Billy Joshua is asking the following question: What is the station frequency of the endless world and how to stay tuned in? Love. And how can we stay tuned in? That's what the path of Kabbalah is all about. How do we reprogram our consciousness so that we're in a not with that we're out of a reactive state, where you can only love yourself, into a proactive state we have a very simple love for the universe for all people. That frequency is what establishes a full-time connection to the 99% reality the endless but you just can't think your way there thinking is not consciousness. Thinking is just intellect, right? A serial killer can be a brilliant person intellectually but consciousness is our ability how much of our reactive nature have we diminished, the more we reduce our reactive nature, the higher are our consciousness. That could be a three week class in itself just on reactive versus proactive. It's very deep. And Joshua again later on ask this following question: If perfection is all that exists, how can I accept responsibility for all the distress I know that I have caused others. It's time travel erasing mistakes a real possibility? Not only is it a possibility, it's our duty, and our destiny and our God-given right to do it every year, and this course will give you I mean you should ask this question again if you're taking the course, it will give you the tools and technology how to do it. Because time is an illusion and so we are able to go back and fix things from the present moment but there's a methodology. You have to know how to time travel. On the metaphysical realm of consciousness and you need tools to do it you have to know how the universe is built, to construct it so it doesn't sound like stupid metaphysics new age spooky you know, it's serious technology. So the answer is yes, we can do it we have the technology all we're missing is a critical mass of people. I can share a lot of stories, my teacher just waking up from the coma putting my voice into that phone when I was reading the Zohar and waking up and just I have a billion stories like that, but not just really cool things that are very deep and profound, you know, that really altered my life. Aly, Aly is asking what are good sources of meditation techniques or books that you recommend. I recommend the book the power of Kabbalah, I would buy it on amazon and get an old version because there's different editions, I believe the older version is the better version to get, not for this reason, but I’m going to help you identify it has the quote from Madonna on it, a testimonial. If you get that older version that's a great starting place the Power of Kabbalah start there, and then keep you know stop to my newsletters and we'll get you up to speed on everything. But how about some questions from people live I want to see some video it's been like a one-way conversation No, definitely. Francisco just raised here I, just, ok I’ll ask him Hazel, just one last question I’ll read out loud, my orthodox friend says I shouldn't study Kabbalah and I have to wait until 40. That was true 500 years ago. But the Kabbalist, because it's very, very powerful wisdom, but the kabbalist said beginning in the year 1541 you must open the doors of Kabbalah. Because that begins the age of Aquarius in the Hebrew calendar. It took until 1922 for it to happen 500 years because the orthodox were so opposed to it there was a war against it. So the founder of the Kabbalah Center, his name is Rabbi Rav Yehuda Ashag said: It's absolutely time to tear down what he calls the iron curtain to open those doors of Kabbalah because we're in a realm now, we're in a world, where those with ego who will not change they're just so embedded in their narcissism and nothing will change them, they'll run away from Kabbalah. So you don't have to worry. There'll be so much temptation in the physical reality they're not going to want to even look at something that deals with, you know, a more metaphysical aspect. So, he says don't worry negative people will run away from it and Kabbalah chooses you, you don't choose Kabbalah. That's the age we're in now. So if some orthodox is totally against it, he thinks that's his decision it's not. He doesn't have the merit, Kabbalah didn't choose him. If you hear it tonight it means you've been chosen sounds a little hokey, I’m telling you dude that's how it works. But don't believe me. Test it see what happens, ask for sign, ask for proof. Never, ever believe. Test everything. Ellie would like to ask a question by audio but I’d like to let people here on the chat are crazy to know when the course will be launched should we continue the questions or tell them like well, we gave you a peek in the UFO trailer we said the truth will be landing January 24th, Moshe wanna hear just yes exactly, so let me break the news to you guys and then you can continue with the Q&A Adam and Eve is here so you can sign up today with a super special early bird price effective now in for the next 24 hours. the link will be sent by email but right now you can type on your browser: atomeve Okay, I’ll write here on the chat for you guys. If you are curious to know more about that, and the course, the classes will be live broadcast live twice a week, Sundays early in the morning, so many people in all different time zones can connect 8 30am, pacific time we are live and Wednesdays we are live at 5 p.m but you can catch the replays and recordings that will be posted 24 hours right after the live classes. You can go there right now and check it but we are going to continue here. We have the bonus class, the bonus lecture about UFO and what do you call it again? The predictions of the Zohar, what's next. The Predictions of the Zohar, yes exactly Closed Encounters of the Zohar Kind. So we have this bonus class and in the landing page you'll see everything. There is to know about the course, if you have any questions you can email us. Elie would like to ask a question by audio so please Yes, hello Billy how are you? good, how are you? Yeah good, great, excellent. Billy I have a I have actually two questions The first one is uh like in sufi and sufi circles uh where they discuss the Quran and they link verses of the Quran, to quantum physics or to modern science. So and now you are mentioning that Kabbalah is actually the source or the Zohar is the source of all the books, so is it correct that, you know you, understand what I'm saying? Yes, so that's a beautiful question. So if you look in the Quran, I don't have the the verses here, I’m not versed in the Quran, but if you look in the Quran there's two references, two references to Zohar wisdom, kabbalistic wisdom. One, the Quran speaks about the book of Abraham. OK. Abraham wrote the first book of Kabbalah, 4 000 years ago. It's called the Book of Formation. okay. In Hebrew it's called Sefer Yetzirah. But the Quran speaks about an even Holier Book than the Quran, now that may sound blasphemous, but it's in the Quran so prophet Muhammad said it. And he speaks about the Mother Book look up the Mother Book in the Quran. That's the Zohar. The Zohar itself calls itself the Mother. Okay. Okay, excellent. And I have a question for you. What do you call the noon time prayer in Islam? The noon time prayer in Islam ... Zohar. When the sun is shining at its brightest, it's called Zohar. Second what's the Holiest place in Mecca? The Kaaba. The Kaaba, ok. Kaaba is the house of Allah. Yes. Take Kaaba and Allah, what do you get? Kabbalah! Okay, okay. The Zohar speaks about Allah. It says: Allah is a true sacred name of God, the Zohar speaks about it. And it says those people who think that the Ishmaelite are worshiping the sun, they are not. They're worshiping the name Allah, and accusing of that so there's it's a whole it's a five hour lecture I did on NASA, Kabbalah and Islam. So that's not for this topic but so it's not surprising that the Quran has profound a connection to quantum physics. Okay and I knew that because the guy that was in charge of this particular group that I was a part of it, he's a nuclear physicist. So he is well he mastered let's say the quantum physics and he linked and he was asufi initiate at the beginning and he was lucky. So his sufi master started to link for him the ideas together and later on he continued the path alone and he got those revelations so this is very nice what you are saying, you know, the sufi masters and kabbalists got along together in history beautifully. oh yeah. Beautifully. okay. Especially in Spain. In the middle ages. in the middle ages okay, beautiful. Thank you for your question. My second question, if you allow me, just please, okay Now we see in the Christian and the Christian orthodoxy and the Christian like Catholics, the schism that happened in the year 1043, when the one church, the orthodox church said that the Holy Spirit is drawn from is issued from the father and the Catholics said that it is issued from the father and the son. So I and the last lecture he said that it's not a big issue to say to from the perspective of God if we say that or believe that or which if we believe that or believe that but it seems that the orthodox is fathers and the church fathers like for example the fathers that are in the Mount Athos. if you heard about the Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain of Greece and so they insist that it is not of question to deviate from the teachings of the church, okay so this they say that this is the original teaching of the church and you have to did you take my course Unredacting Jesus? yeah I took it of course. Everything pretty much is explained there. It's all explained and now it's worthy of a further discussion, because it's a lot of information in that course, that reminds me Moshe we should set up a Q&A for Unredacting Jesus, for current students, past students, everybody. So we can address these questions. So that's beyond the scope of today but I will explain to you keep that question how how to get a higher perspective and don't worry, it's about the dignity between people and you're not deviating when you understand what I’m going to say. okay. There's no deviation. okay, perfect. I’ll give you one last point: oh yeah no please do, please do. If you call a lamp electricity okay you know and you thank the electricity you thank the lamp the electrical light the lamp is just a vessel. okay. They're not okay not electricity you call electricity, electricity. but if someone just is not aware of the invisible electricity and all they see is the physical lamp, lamp and they call it electricity, they're not wrong. because it is electricity that's shining. So for a temporary purpose as this transformation unfolds, because of the negativity of the Jews we're all in exile, if that's going to keep them connected, let them call the lamp electricity not a big deal. that's okay so when it's time for the truth at least you're close to the lamp they're close to the real truth electricity. It's interesting because when you read books about spiritual fathers they seem to be like very confident, like they to the point of giving the impression that they are like they have the truth and they are protecting the truth, so, nothing's changed nothing's changed. okay next question. Thank you, thank you Ellie. I'm gonna ask Joyce and then Ric. So we all know what's lying next. Joy okay you're on. okay, hi Billy how are you? good, how are you? I’m fine thanks. Good to hear your voice. Yeah just an amazing lecture, one more lecture. Very nice. So Billy recently That's a small issue. Recently I heard that the set the full set of the Zohar has a very high frequency in hertz, but the person was not able to tell me the amount of frequency, do you know have ever heard about it? Yeah I did hear about it, but I’m not familiar with it. Send me an email I’ll try and look into it. I heard about it but I forget. like six seven eight months ago, may or maybe before COVID I forget but I did hear about it and I was going to explore it and I just didn't get around to it and thank you for reminding me. I heard it I can't remember where but send me a reminder. Okay. And if I find something I’ll share with you. okay thank you. Thank you Joyce good to see your face too. good to see you. Thank you, Joyce. Now Rick tell us where you're connecting from, and you can ask your question. Just one second. Now it's technical difficulties on my end okay I'm unmuting you Okay. Well that was a process, thank you Moshe. what is in the process? Good evening everybody especially Billy thank you very much, Hey Rick how are you? Well I’m good, I’m good, thank you. I'm well. I guess my question is more along the lines of your definition of time being the distance between cause and effect, and you don't have a cause until you have a desire, a desire, you know, Psalms 133 says: "by the word of the Lord are the heavens made and all that in there more so there had to be a desire then words expressed thought as a product of the mind. So where then does this desire that precedes the cause where does that dwell is that? Cabalistically that statement don't agree. The Light of the Creator is the cause of all causes. And the Light came first there was no desire. So there's no desire to bestow there's no desire to receive? There was nothing. There was only the Light. Well, I was putting it in the context of your crime and your punishment and the delay between the two. So before the crime was committed there had to be a desire then to but commit you're right, but you're already your context in your context you're correct but you're already in the realm of the physical world. I’m saying what came first, it's a funny statement what came first is the cause that's why it's called cause, there's only cause. Okay. Cause wanted to cause happiness. Cause wanted to extend and share pleasure but there's no one to share with. Cause has no desire. Because it has everything. There's nothing to desire because it is everything. So the Kabbalists taught cause created the only thing that was ever created out of nothing, something from nothing, is when cause the Light created the desire to receive the Vessel. Now, the process that happens that's the Kabbalah one class, not I Kabbalah one course not you know what I’m saying so, and then everything else after there's no new creations. I see. So the cause always came first. All right. Let me give you an example, I’m going to give you an example that Rav Berg always gave: you walk into a car dealership, you see amazing car you want to buy it you love it, you buy it. The Rav teaches us: The car bought you. You didn't buy the car because the car ignited your desire because the car and the pleasure that it emanates already existed in the endless world. Everything already existed in the realm of cause, in the Light. So that's why we have to resist our desire because then we remain the effect if I just buy the car and don't think and I think I’m the cause of buying the car I’m a fool. And that's why the pleasure wears off. Because we're not the cause we're the effect. Now, if we say stop I don't want the car making me happy I’m going to make me happy and the moment you stop you just created your desire. Now you are the cause of your desire not the car, as soon as you resisted that Light of pleasure, you're empty but now I created my emptiness I’m the cause! Now you can have the car. That's how you must live our lives. (...............) Yeah, what is the perspective? Thank you , Rick. Thank you so much. Yes we have, I would like to address a quick question here If you allow me, Hazel is asking if there is a group for these discussions and for all the discussions and in our Adam and Eve course in every class Billy will be presenting and sharing the points of the lecture on that day and we have time to discuss live but you also have inside the platform the chance to leave a comment and we can continue sharing and discussing there. And we're touring with the idea, just early, but tell me if you would be interested, if there's an interest, where we there is a meeting going on, as we try and put this into a movement to bring this Light and wisdom to the world, to have these discussions, ask questions, explore topics of the day, things we've already studied etc. If there's interest you know fire off an email. to [email protected] and if the interest is great, you know, we'll explore that. Okay. is that what was sort of talking about? Yes exactly Because it takes too long in between these big courses and it's just you know and we got to pick up the pace. The world is off the rails, the world is insane, it's only going to get more insane because we're getting closer, and so we need to start arming people with weapons of battle. And I use that term because it comes from Andre Chouraqui who in 1966 wrote a book called East West. He's the Former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem. And Andre Chouraqui wrote a book called East wWest where he said the Moroccan Sephardic Jews used the Zohar as their "weapon of battle against the Nazis". So if the Zohar could so profoundly, miraculously, mind-blowingly, protect the Moroccan Sephardic Jews during the greatest genocide in human history, I think we'll do okay with it arming up Americans, Canadians, people from all over the world, Latin America, Europe, Brazil, North, everywhere, with the Zohar and the Zohar doesn't just mean the physical book though that's the key but to give them the wisdom. Each piece of wisdom that just goes in your head is Light that's the Telecast. And each person will bring their own unique little discoveries of love and Light and insight whether in business, relationship, into this world. We've got to blanket the world with the Zohar. So I want to build a freaking army. For 2000 years people didn't get off their behinds. Because we're still here. So we can't just be excited, if we are excited by what I’m saying now, it takes follow-through and commitment. So I want to hear from people write me directly, in fact write me a [email protected] If you really want to get involved I need both a close elite unit around me to work that we can, you know, really strategise to do outreach to Christian groups, Scientific groups, Islamic groups, around the world to bring it and then we need you know soldiers out there who will keep coming and talking and spreading the word. So I didn't plan on going here tonight but I did, let's see what happens. And is it correct to say Billy that for example Adam and Eve, the NASA lectures it's not only and it's not simply acquiring knowledge correct? It's more than that, it's part of the Zohar Light that is bringing and speaking up the process yeah you're not taking the course to become smarter, like I told you there's very smart brilliant serial killers, brilliant child molesters, brilliant thieves and philanderers, we want consciousness, dignity between two people on opposite sides of the political, religious, social, spectrums. I don't have to change to be somebody else what we need to change is the ability to have dignity and connection to other people because then we all benefit. No morals, no ethics. Greed if you heard my last lecture greed because my life will be better, that's why I don't want to hurt somebody else. So when you learn Adam and Eve, when you learn Unredacting Jesus, when you learn a Kabbalah one course, or anything from the Kabbalah Center. Anything you learn it's Light it elevates your consciousness it transforms you, the words, the voice, the vibrations, it's all the transference of consciousness, hope that helps. Okay we have time for one or two more questions. Okay let me see if Alina can ask the question by audio, Alina, could you ask by audio, please. Billy is tired of my voice. Yes hello Billy, Hi how are you? Hi doing awesome it's always my great pleasure to hear your voice and join your courses thank you sir. Thank you. My question is and I kind of love and of course not little green aliens but I love the thought that there's other life out there, yet I’ve read comments in many posts and articles that I’ve read that some people think that they're evil spirits, the Nefilim that they're the dark forces, is there a way or are we going to find out your course if there really is other life a galactic force out there that maybe wants reunite? We're going to learn that. We're going to learn that 1000% How awesome. It's not about angels and other forces this bonus topic is about Do Alien Beings Exist? Are there planets, where they live? We will go into the grave and all that awesome thank you I look forward to it thank you. and by the way there's going to be no theorizing on my part, no speculation. I'm only going to quote the Zohar, quote the kabbalists, quote other texts and the teachings of Rav Berg in terms of understanding it on a deeper level. the Rav studied for many years, Yeah, the Rav studied for many years just one text that, you know, we will be drawing upon he was fascinated by it. Thank you, Sir. If I may my favorite story that you've always shared of the Rav that I recall is After he fell sick that he had asked you to read a portion of Zohar and at that point he wasn't speaking and just to summarise the story, I shared it tonight. I meant the first part because I was handling my four kids and dinner and all that. but yeah and then the phone rang that one? yeah and you went to get okay thank you thank you I missed it I’m sorry. No problem I'm glad you brought it up watch the replay I shared that story. I will thank you and God bless. Thank you god bless. One last question. That story is a great reminder. Okay, just wrap it up Elli is asking what's the difference between resisting desire and psychological limitation. So how I would say resisting and what's the other word we can use restricting and resisting are they the same thing? Same thing. Same thing, okay. I like the word resisting better like because the filament resists not suppress, resist. not surprising. Restriction is very clever, the Rav used restriction both the Rav use restriction and resistance but restriction is very clever for another reason I don't want to go into it. Well because the Light restricted mean restriction mean you pull back. Resistance means an outward push of the you know but restriction restrict that when the Light withdrew for the Tzim Tzum for those who study kabbalah, so it means both restrict your desire and you know. So it's but yeah resistance is more practical. Because the Rav once yelled at everybody and said stop philosophizing, and, you know, waxing poetic on kabbalah, it's very simple stop reacting. That's it. When you stop reacting you proact. Forget everything else all this Kabbalah technology 10 Luminous Emanations, and all this technology, stops your reaction. That's 99% of Kabbalah. Now, why and how that's the study but just stop the reaction. That's why I like resist. I think it's a great takeaway to wrap today up. Okay. Let me just say I’ll hand over to you thank you for coming tonight, I appreciate it and hope to hear from everybody and stay strong read that Zohar every night, if you don't read it just scan it meditate upon it, and I look forward to seeing you at Adam and Eve we go deep, we go deep, we reconcile paradoxes we that physicists do not, new stuff that came, insane. So just it's amazing thank you I appreciate it and we'll talk soon. All right guys so thank you so much for joining us live and again the doors are open now for the super special early bird prize for the Adam and Eve looking forward to seeing you all there very soon. 24 is our class one a two hour class on a Sunday 8.30 am we start off and that's it let's start this journey. It's gonna be really exciting. Bye guys take care thank you all for joining who is watching the replay thank you all for being with us.

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