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Muyiwa, thank you very much for giving up time to come this afternoon. Really appreciate it. I mean your reach is extraordinary, you’re station director at Premier, you have a TV broadcast that reaches out to 70 million people. You do a bit of Songs of Praise from time to time. This enormous reach. So thank you for making time to be here. I really appreciate it. But I've got a really simple question: when we pray thy kingdom come what should happen? What do you expect to happen when you pray thy kingdom come? Thank you for having me [That's a pleasure.] I know you insisted on me calling you Justin, “Hello Your Grace”. [Laughs] If you insist. I'm called Your Grace here when I'm in trouble, so I'll just assume I'm in trouble. Come on. When. when I pray thy kingdom come there are many levels to it for me. In the first instance, honestly, I’m thinking about my home, I'm thinking about my two sons; Oluwaloni Chibueze, Oluwagbemileke Chinomso, that they will be filled with the knowledge of God. And when I say that it’s not some mystical thing. That they would know Jesus and love Him more than I do. And I’m thinking of my wife Funmilola, that she would know peace and not headache from me. [They laugh] So on the one level there. On another level, I'm thinking of the command of Jesus, saying pray the Lord of the harvest, because the field white unto harvest. And then in the next chapter He sends them out so I’m thinking Lord let your Kingdom come, but I know I’m a part of a solution. So, send me Lord, where can I go to be a solution. That is so interesting, because I keep hearing that theme coming through in these chats I’m having with people. That theme that we’re part of the answer to the prayer. I hadn't heard so much, people talking particularly about their home life. And that just strikes me as really interesting, because one of the things that’s been noticeable in some research we’ve done recently, is that of church going parents thirty five percent think it's really important that their children grow up to know and love of Jesus Christ. Thirty five percent. Sixty five percent want the church to teach their children good manners. [Muywia chuckles] Now you've turn that one round. You know your starting with that they'll know that they love Jesus and are loved by Him. Know that they are by Him more than you do... [Yes] ...and just say a bit about home life. If you're a parent, you’ve got a faith, what does thy kingdom come look like practically with your kids. How do you, how are you the answer to the prayer. I’ll tell you what. Where I come from, I'm Nigerian, it could be obvious to some people, but some may think I'm Gharnian because I'm so dark, but I'm Nigerian by origin and in Nigeria when we say “Thy kingdom come”, we’re thinking fire from heaven, thunder [Yes] from heaven… ...we're thinking some real power show. [They Laugh together] But for me, it’s a lot simpler for me. In my home, I’m thinking I want my kids not to just have good manners, but to know something of the power of God that expressed in peace when a child is being bullied at school. To know something of God's peace when there’s the turbulence they feel in education, when you as a parent are not around. And that they have enough of a knowledge of God, not how I know it, but at their level to be able to say to God “I need Your help with this piece of work that's causing me upset” and their friends can look and say “Loni why you so quiet when everyone is upset?” And he can say to them, “Actually, I prayed about my work” and the friends can say, and I know this sounds, you know, this sounds so idealistic but, and my son can then say to them “Actually I prayed about my work and Jesus help me” and then they can say “Who’s this Jesus thing?” And he can give them an understanding at his level of who Jesus is, because he will be able to communicate better to his friends than me flying in as a Sunday School teacher to say “Hello kids. Let me tell you about Jesus.” And what's so fascinating about that is actually your linking up so many different levels and layers, because it's the child with an anxiety just turning to Jesus, as any child turns to a parent, or a friend and says “Help!” But it’s also equipping us, not to be witnesses because we're great theologians, but just to be witnesses to what we know of Jesus. Is that fair? Absolutely and it’s also all in the, I guess that the depth of your knowledge, it’s what you express is governed by how deeply you know and how much conviction you have about it and the assumption is that if our world is to change and I know a lot of my people... When I say “My people” I mean Nigerians, I mean Africans, I mean Caribbeans, we’re praying for revival and I know what most people think it should look like. [Yes. So do I.] It should look like people falling out on the street, when actually it looks like, it looks like me traveling a couple of weeks ago, I was traveling through Nigeria, I'm at the airport and this guy walks up to me, big burly guy, I'm a bit quite, but he was taller than me and broader than me and he says “Oh my God! You're that guy on TV.” And I’m wondering okay and as you might know in Nigeria when you travel sometimes you have a bit of security around you. So I’ve got all these security men and so I said to them calm down. So he comes to me and he says “I watch you on TV.” So I said “What church do you go to?” and he says “I don't go to church, I don't do church” but he says “I watch your programs.” So I said “So are you a Christian?” He said “I don't do religion.” Then he has a little rant about religion. Then he said something that made me ask about his family and then he begins to open up about the divorce and being estranged from his children and I'm standing there thinking, in the airport thinking, oh Lord what on earth do I do? And just a little whisper in my heart said “Just pray”. So I said to him and when he’s talking he stops for a breath so I jump in quickly, because I'm thinking, you know, this slightly English side of me is coming out because I'm feeling embarrassed standing in the airport. Oh I know. I’m glad you feel embarrassed too. Yes, go on. Just because you couldn't see it because I'm so dark and the red isn’t coming out. So I said to him “Let's pray”. So I grabbed his hand and I put it on my chest and I begin to pray and as I am praying, I’m saying “Lord, what shall I pray about” and I here a few phrases that I pray and he burst into tears. And I keep on and he’s now sobbing and I'm thinking… This is really embarrassing. Isn’t it.. And I’m thinking you’re supposed, this is supposed to be a spiritual moment, but I'm thinking, oh my God. What's going on here. But then I finish. I said “Amen” and he couldn't stop crying. So he's waving at me, he’s waving and he walks away. And I see him later on and he said to me, this is the man who says he doesn't go to church, doesn't do church, he says “I think I saw Jesus today” and I said “What do you mean?” He says “I felt love in my heart and I don’t feel as much hate towards my wife, ex-wife, as I did”. For me that was a moment of His Kingdom coming and it wasn't, there was no thunder, there was a great deal of embarrassment in that moment. That is so helpful. Because I was thinking oh my God! What's going on. And you know two big black men, one is sobbing, one is standing there feeling embarrassed, but in there was something of God's Kingdom being expressed and for me I think, whilst we may be looking for the big signs, it's the little moments like that when you can stop long enough to talk to your neighbour and hear about the pain and offer the little you have. Which in my case was just a prayer. I mean others have much more, they have great anointing, they can do great miracles. I know exactly what you mean. I mean that is, that’s a wonderful, normal illustration. Thank you very, very much. No. Thank you.

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