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The solution as: Oneness as Self Realization

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Oneness - The Solution for Oneness This is the solution of oneness. Communicating..about..the solution for oneness in..each one's individual process.. and application and expression..of..once amalgamation with Life.. as Life..of oneness and equality and the solution of oneness for..and so.. each and every single individual human being, is..fascinating. I say fascinating because.. one's mind..cannot the manifested expression, application as the living manifestation of who we are, as all as one as equal as Life. could, or would be. So, what is oneness? in practical placement of expression, as self. It is..rather simple, really. simple. (hmm) who..and what makes Life.. or the experience, of ourselves so..complex? so..hard, so..difficult, so..tiring, why? Why is, why is my Life..the way it is? what have I deserve this? These..are the words, within, many..human beings. When the asked, the answer..must be realized, that it is i..who am responsible.. for an experience of myself within myself, reflected, as the manifested placement of myself, within my world.. which I 'design'. and i..understand, is..difficult, to realize, to come to 'terms with' thought you have to see this for yourself..that you are individually responsible, for what exist within you and within your the experience of yourself. 'You', must stop. the..yearning in you, of when will this end? when will this stop? I cannot continue anymore. i'hv had enough, I am tired, I am done, someone..hear me, someone help me, someone out there..I need someone, I need something. It is yourself. and I am have heard, these words, or such words spoken before, but you haven't 'heard it', you haven't realized it, as a manifested..placement of expression.. as yourself which you 'live' - - where you actually realize that you are responsible for yourself. Because if you would have actually realized it, you would've already 'done' something about it. Human beings..what is the solution of oneness. it is when you realize: that you are one with 'every single thing, every single point', you experience in your world. it is all 'you'. it is all 'yourself'. Inside you what you have experienced, outside would experienced the experience of yourself. 'Every single point'..placements, persons..scenarios, circumstance, situation.. it's is 'all you'. It is..manifesting a reflection..a mirror, of what is going on..Here inside you as you. The solution..of oneness, of self as self here. Realize, I am one as other words.. I am responsible, for what I have accepted and allowed to manifest, and design within me, as my world. Then what? human beings, once that realization..that knowing, that understanding is so a certainty of you, that I see, I realize, I understand..that I am responsible for me, and unless I stop, nothing will stop. nothing will change, nothing will happen. and then, when you realize that as the actuality of yourself, when you see that, you 'will' stand up. as you will yourself. within and as oneness as you, because that's that moment of yourself. When you see..I 'affect'..and influence, everything within me and my world.. through my attention, and participation..of the mind. and then, human realize, your self-responsibility. to stand, as one as self.. as the breathe (breathe in), Here as the moment of self-honesty.. then you direct you, then you direct your world in 'every single moment of specificity'.. in application, of expression as who you are. you as one as you. and then, the expression of you, as your 'world'.. becomes the expression of 'one as you as who you are', within and as self-honesty as the moment as the breathe. The process of the almalgamation..of Life start..Here. When you realize: 'I am self responsible', I am one, as me, as all of me..within me and within my world. and then you stand. you stand up. Thank you very much. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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