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Science Project

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I'm Plato. It's 360 BC. I introduced the atomic theory. All things are made of atoms There's one more thing, I created the planetary model. And that is the basis of all my innovations. It's 400 BC. I'm Democritus and humans can't sense atoms, but they're all around us. And humans can't sense atoms, but they're all around us. They're even around us in the void. Oh, there's infinite atoms in the universe. There are many varieties, they have always existed around us. I'm Antoine Lavoisier, don't you know it's 1787? And I'm sure that bodies are composed of particles. I also introduced the modern definition of the word element or the words principles of bodies. In 1803, it's John D, why can't you see? I found out what compounds are, different elements combined. Oh, I created the solid sphere model, it's invisible. I thought that all atoms are the same, and I found that they all have the same mass. I'm J.J. Thompson. 1897 is the year. And I studied canal rays, they're like the proton H+. I found the 1amu to an electron. Last thing that I did was really great. I created the plum pudding model. I'm R.A. Milikan, and I found the charge and mass of an electron. I did this using an oil drop experiment and this, experiment took place in 1909. It's 1911, and I'm Ernest R. I found out the properties of the nucleus. Electrons aren't inside of the nucleus. I said electrons aren't inside of the nucleus. I made my own nuclear model. I used alpha particles as atomic bullets. Baby can't you see, it's Niels Bohr. A guy like me is super smart. It's dangerous. I'm amazing. I created an atomic model. It had atoms built of orbital shells of electrons. Also made an explanation of atomic structure that underlies regularities of the periodic table in 1922. Oh, it's now 1924 and 1925. I proposed a quantum number for the "spin" of electrons with the "up" and "down" values. (Wolfgang Pauli). And I formulated the Pauli exclusion principle. I developed a new matrix theory of quantum mechanics. It's getting to the end, 1925. I discovered a rule of maximum multiplicity and quantum tunneling. (Fredrich Hund) Oh, it's now 1930. I'm Erwin Schrodinger. I intoduced "wave mechanicals" as an atom's mathematical model. I'm addicted to atoms, don't you know I saw electrons as continuous clouds? I'm addicted to atoms, don't you know I saw electrons as continuous clouds? It's 1932. I'm James Chadwick. I discovered a neutral atomic particle with a mass close to a proton. This led to the discovery of the neutron. I said this led to the discovery of the neutron. Oh, the atoms they have developed so much. They are so cool and amazing.

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