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Aramitan WOW-Day_SubDE

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Hello everyone! ...Hello Tati! I am making a video for the students at the Rudolf Steiner school in Switzerland They are holding a Day of Work to support Aramitan and some of its projects Perhaps each of you could quickly say who you are, so that they get an idea Of the variety of people and nationalities that are here. Say your name, what you are doing here and why you have come Can you start, Rudolfo I am Rudolfo and live here in Sao Paulo I am 22 and study International Relations I am here to work on cultural events particularly with the children and young people That’s it, thanks Hi, I am Chiara and I live in Sao Paulo I have been a volunteer here for a year, and am just saying goodbye I am Juliana and have worked here for 3 years I work with the children in the after-care program My name is Fransisko and I have been here for a month I am 24 and come from Bünos Aires My idea is to give instruction in Music for the people here in Embu Guacu Hallo, my name is Alif. I am 18 and come from Sao Paulo Ich beteilige mich am Englisch-Unterricht I am Monique, come from Rio de Janiero and am at this workcamp for the first time I have fallen in love with the project I work in the cultural sphere and would like to share my experiences here. My name is Andreza and I have taken part since 2007 I organise the workcamps and other events together with the others I thank you in advance for your engagement. It is much appreciated My name is Guido and I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina I took part in the last workcamp for a month. I help with the music and theatre classes And in order to assist Aramitan in growing. Thank you. Now there is only Juan to go My name is Juan, I come from Argentina and have just arrived here from Switzerland My first contact with Aramitan was at the beginning of this year, and like Monique I fell in love with the project It is an experience that changes you for life. You cannot ever forget it again I find it very nice to have contact with you at the school, and to connect these two areas Many thanks to all of you Ok, Juan, can you come with me? We are going to have a tour of the building and show people what we are going to do with their support With pleasure This is our organic garden, using no chemicals It was the initiative of a young man, Eduardo The idea was to awaken a consciousness here of how important it is to eat food that we plant ourselves so that we can live more sustainably day by day And this is the long-awaited house for volunteers This is where volunteers who come here for 3 months to a year can live The house has been built by a large number of young people who have passed through here We have not been able to finish it yet for lack of funds As you can see, there is still a lot missing, and we plan To finish the house as quickly as possible So that we have a place that is just for the volunteers Here we are on the top floor. Like many things in Aramitan, there is still a lot to be done. The floor is not finished, nor the electricity And here we have to strengthen the structure itself – very expensive The house is very big, and this part needs to be undertaken urgently In this room we hold our movie shows for the children and younsters We have no sound system or projector and have to improvise We just have to borrow things This is our future library. A lot has been done here already The shelves were built by Jan, a volunteer from the Netherlands It is in process and soon there will be more volunteers to continue This is the room where the children come three times a week Morning and evening there are groups here As you see, it is very small Because that part over there is not complete, there is no other space at present At the moment the children are on holiday And the teachers are moving everything around And here you see that the windows don’t close properly. It can get very cold The money is also to be used for repairing the doors and widows My name is Tatjane and have been with Aramitan since 2007 I was often here as a voltunteer and attended many workcamps organised by others It is a very special place which really grips you Since that time I have myself organised many workcamps For the last 2 years I have been working here every day Aramitan is a cultural and educational centre and open to everyone Young or old people, whoever wants to become active and realise their dreams So as to leave something behind for Society, to bring about some change in the world Everyone is welcome here Aramitan has been in existence for 7 years there have been many workcamps These are the high points of life here There are so many people that come here because of this Most certainly the strength of many people has gone into what has been built here There will be more workcamps. Last week the last one finished We built a great deal We began to build a house for a neighbouring family That must still be completed We shall continue as soon as the funds become available The workcamps take place sporadically and depend on the strength and will of the young people Besides these workcamps we work here from Monday to Friday We have meetings with the volunteers who run the children’s programs There is English teaching, Capoiera, and it is a place where anything can take place It depends on who is here at the moment and what that person wants to do It is important to say that everyone here works on a voluntary basis That is wonderful on the one hand, but is also difficult for us We have been born and raised in a quite different reality And we never had many privileges To live in such a rough environment is hard We need to eat, to pay our rent and so on And so the many Brazilians here come and go, come back and go again Because they have to work somewhere outside in order to earn money Unfortunately Aramitan has no means of supporting its workers here financially In their initiatives and dreams Otherwise there would always be many people here And they would not have to earn money elsewhere We thank you all very much for your support, which is very important to us For we have no regular income, no fixed sum every month For example, in some months we can do many projects These you can then follow on our Blog But when there are no donations, there is not much that can happen We then do as much as we can Our focus is no on money, but, naturally, it helps with everything As you can see, a lot remains to be done here and there are many ideas We shall see – step by step we will realise our dreams Juan, do you still have any questions? Perhaps you want to invite them here so that they can experience it themselves Aramitan is an open space volunteers from all over the world are welcomed to realise their initiatives That which they want to do at a given moment Also people who arrive here with open arms, work in the garden, the kitchen Or with the children Everyone is very welcome Even if you want to organise a workcamp somewhere here in Brazil We can support you in the process And, naturally you are invited to take part in all our workcamps You will experience it with your own body, what happens here To just look at it on the surface like this is really nothing You need to feel what is really going on here

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Duration: 14 minutes and 33 seconds
Country: Switzerland
Producer: Aramitan
Director: Juan Bottero and Tatjane Andrade
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Posted by: eric1945 on Sep 24, 2012

Created at the Aramitan workcamp August 2012, Embu Guaçu, Brazil, for the WOW-Day of the Rudolf Steiner School, Basel.

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