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Integrate Buyer School CPIC pt 1

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Good morning everyone and welcome to Integrate's first Buyer School session I'm Jason Gain, Corporate Trainer slash Integrate Guru In this first session we're going to be going over the process to set up your first Inbound Call Campaign. I just want to take some time before we get started to go over what an Inbound Call Campaign is and how it can be used. An Inbound Call Campaign is just what it sounds like. Lead sellers are going to be driving calls to your call center or to your business You'll be able to let the sellers know how long the calls will need to be in order to be valid This will allow you to talk to caller and qualify them for your product or service rather than paying for every call that comes in no matter how long it costs. Inbound call campaigns can be used in a number of different ways. Let's say for example that you're an insurance company. We can help you set up a campaign to drive calls to every single branch or individual insurance agents. Let's say for another example that you're in a home improvement company and you're looking for business in certain areas on the West Coast. We can target a campaign specific to those areas that you're located in and even set up individual phone numbers to be called depending on the location of the caller. The example that I'm going to use today is for a university The inbound call campaigns are becoming very popular in the education sector Schools are able to get potential students to call them directly And they send them right to an enrollment adviser. So let me switch over here to a demo account, I'm going to show you how we can set this up So this is a Buyer demo account here and basically if you haven't seen this before this is your main dashboard. It'll kind of give you some quick stats for the day, the month, everything like that. What we're going to do is go to Campaigns, we're going to go to Create New Campaign And as you can see we have the 4 types of campaigns. Cost per inbound call, cost per lead, cost per acquisition, and live transfer. So we're going to go ahead and click on Create New for Cost Per Inbound Call campaign Alright, so what we're going to go ahead and do is select a vertical for this offer So sense this is for a university we're going to select Education for the vertical And we're going to give this a name, we're going to call this Devry Inbound Calls. And for the description we're going to put Driving Student Enrollments with Inbound Calls. Now the campaign name and campaign description are going to be specific to the sellers you're working with so this will give them some insight as to what it is you're looking for. If your campaign has any geo-targeting, or if you have anything you want to not target you can let them know here and that's a good way to use the description. And then as we're going through the campaign set-up you'll see how to actually set those things up to the account. For the lead caps we're going to start with 100 a day and, let's do 3,000 a month. What our system will do is it will divy this total cap up between a number of different sellers So for this particular example it may actually split it up between 10 different sellers at 10 per day and 300 per month. It will basically give you a way to start out a task with each individual seller and build up from there, so if the quality is great you can increase that, if the quality is not so great, they're just doing a small test, you can take them off the campaign. So you'll be able to have full control over all the sellers that are running this campaign for you. For the allowed marketing methods, we have a number of different marketing methods here for the inbound call campaigns The first ones up top here are all the types of online and mobile marketing methods here. The ones below are going to be more offline, billboard, print, radio, TV. And the reason we have these split up is basically on estimated price per call that you're actually going to be spending. So we have everything split up by that. So what we're going to do with this campaign is choose display, email mobile, SEM, and SMS. For mobile and SMS we actually have a lot of quality sellers that are able to drive inbound calls using mobile and SMS. So I'm going to go ahead and go and open that up especially because I know that we have those sellers for it. For the cost per inbound call price, this is whatever price per call you want to set up for this campaign. I'm just going to go ahead and put $25 in here for it. And for the campaign start date I'm going to say that we're going to get started immediately.

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